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James Sharpe  says:

Speed camera on road with no serious injuries in 10 years takes £1.3m

A speed camera nets around £1.3million a year in fines on a road that boasts only one serious injury in 11 years. The camera is cynically placed at a spot where the dual-carriageway speed limit reduces to 30mph, in Poole, Dorset. It catches over 1,800 motorists on average a month, despite official accident figures that show there have been no fatalities...

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  • Posted 5 years ago (08 July 2010 12:14)

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may c


Aug 02

Posts: 171

may c says:


personaly id like to see speed cameras on all residential housing be honest they dont bother me if it calms things down and stops the muppets who think its ok to drive ride 20mph over the limit perticularly in built up areas.if you cant spot a big yellow box at side of the road  then you shouldnt be driving or riding.

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Jan 10

Posts: 201

nickyb65 says:

I agree with MAY C

Totally agree. These cameras should be in built-up/residential areas. Bikers that I know obey the speed limits, but car drivers are a totally different story. Living on a 30MPH road, the vast majority of drivers easily exceed 30MPH and what gets me is a lot of them are on phones. They should have front facing cameras to take a picture of the bastards on there phone and get them done for both speed and using a phone while driving....6 points and a £1000 fine...that will do nicely. It will also probably cut down the number of bike collisions because of these car driving arseholes.

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Sep 09

Posts: 400


Anyone caught speeing in a 20, 30 or 40 limit has no excuses.

Golden rule : Never speed in 20s/ 30s/40s, built up areas or roadworks.



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Sep 09

Posts: 400


The only drivers I see speeding  like total nutters near schools is the school run mumsies.

Lethal they are !



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Feb 09

Posts: 515

cash cow camera

"Safety" cameras are not, generally, placed in locations where they are effective, such as outside schools, hospitals etc. They are merley a sop to the members of society who belive that speed kills. Speed itself won't kill you, it's the other traffic, roadside clutter, myopic drivers and myriad other hazards we ALL face while enjoying our choice of road usage. Now that we have a new gummint, lobby them, nag them, get things changed.  We all have a voice, no matter how large or small, so SHOUT AT THE NANNY STATE ADMINISTRATORS!!!!!!!! Let them know WE exist, or legislation will kill off our passion, our freedom, our choices. I don't want to live in a society with no bikes in it, because it means that we can ALL be controlled. No apologies for the rant, we all need to get together and fight for that which we love so dearly.

Thanks for listening.  

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Jul 07

Posts: 36

seabeeahh600 says:


I agree with cameras in the right area near schools and in fact would like one down my road, as it has too many speeders, but I ride past this camera and you spend so much time checking your speed its easy to miss when the lights change. This is not at a danger spot and its taking advantage of holiday makers who come to the area and dont realise the camera checks speed not just running on a red. There is a camera on both side of the road and both sides have two into three or three into two lanes, the fact it makes so much money sums up why its been put there... Its the same for most of Dorset, the mobile cameras place themselves not in danger spots, but areas where you cant see where they are... I dont agree with these types of cameras, it gives the impression that these arent for safety, but money makers ....I dont see how they promote safe driving,  everyone just feels p*ssed off with them

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Aug 02

Posts: 104

tl1000kid says:

Tear them all down and weigh them in for scrap.

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Aug 06

Posts: 22

nickmas says:

Local says

There is another good reason why this camera was placed there, every summer on Tuesdays if it's nice weather 3000 bikes descend upon Poole Quay and guess what, that is pretty much the only way in! Watch out for Full article states FOI act declared ZERO speeders northbound. Wtf. Siemens Plessey have a r and d factory half a mile away and trial all their new cameras around the nearby roads, which is exactly what these cameras were, put up for a year before being taken over by the scamera partnership. Full article

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Jun 10

Posts: 46


This has recently happened up my way!


The red light cameras have been replaced with 'dual cameras' to catch both those jumping the lights on red and also those speeding through on green.


It feels dirty but I can kind of see the reasoning behind it.


I just don't agree with cameras full stop!


Give us more sticky bun traffic coppers!

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Apr 10

Posts: 198

arryace says:

Which is it?

c'mon MCN stop with the attention grabbing tabloid style headlines.

the headline say's 'no serious injuries'


you say and you quote Mr. Bellchamber as saying 'No fatalaties'

so which is it?

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