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Jul 10

Posts: 1

korma007 says:

GSX-R750 V R6


Just in the process of getting first bike - 30, 6ft4.

I am used to sports cars - been down the 911 routes for a few years now and very comfortable on track but totally appreciate that bikes are very different. Obviously planning on additional training ASAP, money, although not limitless, is not a major factor in my decision making process.

I have tried the Street triple and monster but they are far too small. Looking for something larger and ideally I want a sports bike.
I went and test rode a 2010 gsx750 and 2009 r6 at a dealer today - both blew my mind although something about the r6 (maybe the noise?) made me prefer it.

I have been reading the reviews of both all evening and one thing keeps popping up - that the r6 is horrid on the road. Now I dont really know what they are "meant to feel like" and both seeme fine - make that awesome.
Can someone please explain what they mean by this?

I know the GSX750 has more torque, and you have to rev the r6 more to access the same performance, but I kind of think that it (the r6) may suit a novice like me better  - if I am revving to access that power then it is a concious decision rather than an accidental one?!?!?

Also, does anyone have any other views worth sharing about the suitability of these?

Finally, if anyone can advise a better option for someone my size, then I would love to hear it.

thanks in advance


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  • Posted 5 years ago (17 July 2010 22:30)

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May 09

Posts: 2538

ally600 says:


i'd have the gixer 750, though you didnt mention the daytona 675 yet:wink:

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Nov 08

Posts: 878

I'd get something sensible...

...for a year or two, then think Daytona / Gixxer etc...

You say "first bike" - would a 911 be an ideal "first car"?  There are important biking skills that are harder to learn on a sports bike, not impossible, but the danger is you might not learn them until it's too late.

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Mar 09

Posts: 56

ibike says:


What about a z1k or z750?

I agree re's getting an easier bike to learn on. Also I think it's wise to go for unfaired, because you'll likely drop it, or have a minor off on a corner in your 1st year.  

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Feb 10

Posts: 292

downshift says:

Super sports

It's a lot easier to drive a car fast than it is a bike. You need a lot more confidence and skill to manage 2 wheels. It''ll probably take you longer to get that if you're on a brutal 150hp supersport with no previous experience, and it might just put you off altogether, and you'll be another bloke selling a 3-4 year old bike they bought new, but only did 2000 miles on!

Start off sensible, get the feel and confidence you need to really enjoy it, and develop a lasting relationship with 2 wheels. A 95hp cbr600f, hornet600, fazer600 etc, will have more than enough power to scare you, and do 0-60 in under 4 secs once you can handle it, but you'll gain a better/quicker understanding between power and grip on something that doesn't reach 3 figure speeds before you can think about it.

I think the R6 is harsh on the roads because it's light and has hard suspension. The GSXR750 is probably more forgiving. I'm thinking about one myself.

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Sep 06

Posts: 8572

fuzzrr says:

R6 v's 750

I aint going to go into the dont buy these bikes cause your new malarky, your old enough to make your own choices.

Ok, having ridden the R6 and having owned 3 7506 (K6 & K7's). I can honestly say they are basically two different bikes.

The R6 as you found, delivers all its power in one short burst right at the top of the rev range. This is expected with the 600 class, but the R6 is a bit extreme. Do not think, that as this power is all high up it is going to make it safer for you and flatter your riding. It wont.  To get the best out of the R6 you have to be 'on it' all the time. If you dont find yourself progressing to that level in a short period of time you will find this bike a right pain in the arse. Not only will you get frustrated by the power delivery (flat low down), you will also get pissed off with having to ring its neck every where to make any sort of progress. The suspension is set up very hard for a road bike, and you probably find that a bit tedious also on our shitty roads.  The R6 was designed for one perpose really, and that was to clean up on the track. I have never ridden one on the track so cant comment, but by all accounts that is where they come alive, and make more sense.

The GSXR is a different kettle of worms.

It has been described as the perfect road bike. The handling of the 600's with the not far off power of the thous.

They are a much better road bike. Thats all I can say really. If money aint much of an issue, price in for an aftermarket can, a power comander and some dyno time...... Mine (on closed roads) would hit the 186mph on the clock, and would still be pulling.

Only downside with the Gixer is the build quality is suffering on the newer models. Things are being made to a budget, and the Suzukis seem to be showing the worst of it compared to others. Shoody electrics coupled with corroding items means a relatively new bike can look a bit rough in no time at all unless it is looked after meticulously.

Dont buy a 675... I got one. They blow engines like fook, have issues with rectifiers. And are made by a company full of fuktards.

Only other option are then Honda CBR600rr or the Kawasakis.

I cant comment on the CBR. I did own a 2003 one, but they have changed so much as of late. But Honda very rarely get it wrong, and they can be a good bike to start getting your teeth in.

Kawasaki do the ZX, which I am in the prosses of getting now. Nice neutral handling with a monster kick in the arse up in the rev range..... Im getting one, cause Ive never had a Kwak before. Nawt like a change eh?

Anyways... Its your choice.

But do us a favour. Use your head and be carefull.... Yes cars are easier to drive fast. Cause you got all the metal around you to give the confidence to push it..... You come off one of these mate, its gonna smart more often then not.

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Mar 07

Posts: 72

Cubikrube says:

Don't buy new

I've got a K5 750 and i love it, i'm 6ft 3 and there is loads of room on it for me, my missus can even sit on the back with luggage. We recently did about 700 miles over the weekend on it with no aches or pains. The newer sports bikes tend to be less roomy and for someone of your size that will have a huge impact on how long you can sit on it for without needing to stretch your legs.

There are some awesome older bikes out there with really low mileage and i'm in the process of going through a few :)

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Sep 08

Posts: 5197

Jeni4 says:


What's your thoughts between the ninja 6 and the gixxer 750?

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Nov 08

Posts: 878

I'm not fuzz but

GSX-R750 is awesome, weight and handling are identical to the 600, but with significantly more grunt and top end - maybe too "good", goading you to use all 150bhp and corner right off the edges of your tyres. 

I can't comment on the R6 because it's simply too tall for road use by short a$$es, but if I wanted a track bike I'd take one for a spin.

While talking tall bikes for small people with long legs, shame about the Daytona 675 quality/build issues, it's a totally stunning ride, gorgeous to look at, and British.

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Sep 08

Posts: 5197

Jeni4 says:


I sat on one on Saturday but it is just too tall, barely on tiptoes and £400 for a lowering kit - no thanks!


Same for R6, not the kinda bike I'm after... but the GSXR750, hmmm lol  I did see a black ZX6R which has now kinda thrown me and I can't decide between the 2.

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