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johnny yellow pants


Sep 07

Posts: 15

Which Tourer Would you Buy

I`m sure this question must have been asked before but anyway!!!

Which tourer would you buy?

Today I have test ridden a New Pan European, I was very impressed on the whole, I currently ride a Fazer 1000 mk 1,

Is the FJR 1300 a better bike, I think it is better looking?

What do you think?





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  • Posted 5 years ago (18 July 2010 19:50)

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Aug 02

Posts: 3285

eatcs01 says:


I'd buy a BMW R1200GS :biggrin:

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Aug 02

Posts: 468


I'm with him ^^^
Ticks all the boxes for me - good tourer, good tank range, superb handling, swallows luggage and pillions without affecting the handling.

And the best bit is that when you get to your destination, you ditch the superbly well-designed, expandable, waterproof, quick-release luggage (unlike a PanHandle) and have a nimble 190kg bike to hoon around on. Better still if you can leave the Doris at a shopping centre for a couple of hours too!!

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Aug 08

Posts: 586

LEO61 says:


Personally I would go for the FJR 1300. It may be slightly longer in the tooth than some of the more recent tourers on the market, but it does'nt alter the fact it's still a solid and dependable motorcycle. I think it's still the best looking tourer available !! :biggrin:

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Jun 10

Posts: 846

3pipes says:


Most comfy thing I've ever had,(2) all the whistles n' bells,

But if you are 'The long way 'round types, maybe, not for you. (R/H waves too)  Gotta be careful that pillion dosen't go to sleep, my wife did on one trip:shock:

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Jul 05

Posts: 3

DeveDave says:

Pan European

:biggrin: Mine is an old one, but just eats the miles and can and has ground our boots on some of the twisty difficult turn on Gorge de Verdan....

Yep my wife often falls asleep on the back...bless her!!

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Jan 04

Posts: 333

wynner says:


I'm on my 2nd FJR since 2004 and my brother's just bought a Pan (1300)

It's a personal thing.

Make up your own mind and try both.

The Pan feels lighter at lowish speeds and comfort ( I think) is slightly better.

FJR 5mpg better when travelling together, quite a surprise.

Can't agree that the Honda is better built.

My 2003 FJR had less corrosion than the 2006 Honda, the paint is even blistering on the rear sub frame under the seat of the Pan.

I think the early FJRs were better built than 2006 on but the later bikes are more comfortable to ride in hot weather. Roast chestnuts  on my old bike!

They are both great bikes.

Let us know what you decide and have fun......Oh yes, the Yam does that best!:biggrin:

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Feb 08

Posts: 4572


Any RS model.  Better than both:wink:

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Jan 10

Posts: 89

bsogri says:


I have a BMW GS 1200 which has done 107,000 mikes in five years,

It offers great handling, good panniers and top box, it is comfortable ,does 200 plus on a tank, and has a bit of grunt,

Taking a pillion doesn't make much difference to all the above,and touch wood has been pretty reliable,

It can go offroad a bit but it's a lump to pick up


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Feb 08

Posts: 817

Andy949494 says:

Big Question...

Hi Johnny,

Hope you don;'t feel its rude but you are attempting to solve a similar puzzle to me although from a different perspective so I thought I would jump in here as well:-)

I'm looking at buying a new bike fairly soon really as a commuter but I am only short-listing bikes with a shaft drive or belt and need high service intervals  (I know I should buy a scooter but I can't) On my list is:
Yamaha FJR1300
Honda NT700 (yeah I know)
Honda VFR1200 (I'm a bit scared of this one but the service interval is 8000 miles)
Honda Pan European (Service interval is very low and mpg bad but I think they are pretty special)
Moto Guzzi 750 Breva (Seems a bit slow and 4000 mile service intervals)
Moto Guzzi 1200 Sport (hmm 6000 mile service intervals and large tank and I like it in Black)
You will see there are no Kawasakis. I have no dealer any more but otherwise the GTR would be here too...
I'm still negotiating funding with the exchequer so don't know if I am buying new or second hand.

I like the Yamaha but finding one under seven years old with a moderate mileage second hand is difficult and the new price is astronomical.
BMW wise I prefer the R but the mirrors are titchy and the tank is a bit small. The GS is nice but without a low seat I can't touch the ground with both feet. I have a problem with the looks of the RT although its quite tempting otherwise :-) Chasing the forums seems to suggest that some people think reliability of BMWs isn't too good but then you get others that say its fine. Its good to hear others say its fine (thanks bsogri). Just hope its not a lottery as to if you get a good bike...
Between the BMW R and the Sport 1200 I prefer the idea of the Moto Guzzi but am still cautious about reliability and the fact that I only have one dealer nearby (I'm thinking 2 dealers nearby is useful since if there is only one and they go out of business you are left like I am with the kawa). The general comment on Moto Guzzi is that reliability is much better than it was but the base was so low to start with that I'm not sure what that really means...
The Honda Deauville isn't my favourite bike but is fairly cheap and I expect its improved since my old NT650V. Unfortunately it needs too since I didn't like it much and the new one deoesn't feel that great in the showroom. I don't like the service interval (4000 miles) since it means it sees the garage every 2 months...
The VFR seems like much too much bike for me but I admire its construction and it feels okay (albeit quite large) in the showroom. Not keen on range etc but service interval of 8000 miles is very attractive and the price compared to the FJR & R1200SE isn't outrageous.
Pan Europeans are beautifully made but probably too big for me and the service interval is 4000 miles and servicing is pricy.
The BMW F800ST forums seem quite positive about the bike and belt drives seem to last >30K but I'm looking to keep the bike for ages and I think the other bikes are less of a "cheap bike" too me. From the Forums some of the early bikes seem a bit of a risk but the later bikes are sorted...

I admit I need to start having test rides soon to see how first impressions last when the wheels roll...

Any other thoughts for a guy who doesn't scream around at 100mph but doesn't like too much weight up high (I want to enjoy roundabouts)?

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johnny yellow pants


Sep 07

Posts: 15

Still pondering

I`ve test ridden both bikes and probebly need a hybred of the two.

The Fjr had a great motor but weak brakes, remember I have R1 brakes at the moment.

The Pan had the better screen and good handling. It was windy the day I rode the Pan and the wind did seem to grab hold of it a bit.

I could live with either, but think the FJR is better value when buying a 5 year old example.

As for you BMW fans out there, be serious.
Why would i want to be seen on something as ugly as my own arse?

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