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Steve Farrell  says:

Camera bosses’ anger over sneaky speed trap shots

Speed camera bosses are refusing to speak to MCN after we printed pictures of an unmarked motorcycle used in covert operations. They insist we should have shown them the shots of the sneaky speed trap before publishing them. The pictures show a BMWR1200GS, registration number LD08GHA, with a speed detector mounted on the back.  Wales’ speed camera partnership, called GoSafe,...

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  • Posted 5 years ago (30 July 2010 17:12)

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Aug 02

Posts: 20

knowlep says:

Camera bosses’ anger over sneaky speed trap shots

Just another example of the authorities doing their own thing regardless of the cost or effectiveness in order to justify their own existence and fat pension pots provided by the very people they are targeting.

For :-  “What you need to do, mate, is go through Quadrant, our publicity people,” :-  F off nosey bas**d who do you think you aare poking you nose in to our cash injection funding and project management.
Makes me sick!



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Jul 10

Posts: 23

scottyblade says:

if only the police and enforcment groups put as much effort into making the streets safe to walk at night as they do going out to catch someone 3 mph over the limit then we would have a great country!!!! ......................  sadly they dont and hence we have the worst rate of violent crime per head going!!!!!!!  .......................... last to leave the country .. please turn the lights out!!! 

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Nov 03

Posts: 471

kl595 says:

Kettle and Pot

Caught in the act of deception. I think it's poetic justice that someone with a speed camera has taken offence to being photographed :lol:

My use of the phrase "speed camera" was entirely incorrect and I should realise that the safety recording device is there to protect people's safety...................yeah b8ll8cks!

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Sep 09

Posts: 3

Dogbyte says:

Scum Speed Traps

When I saw a camera van in Buckingham he was illegally parked half in a private drive and half on the pavement, on a bend with yellow line. He was aiming at traffic entering the town from a 40 to a 30 limit from half way arounf the bend and across both lane of traffic.

Parking down the road so he could not get my reg details I went to his van and stood in fron of his camera whilst I pointed out he was illegally parked. He threatened to have me arrested as I was obructing him in carryig out his duty!

I suggested he do that if he felt he was in the right, after about 5 minutes of me refusing to move he gave in, packed up and moved elsewhere, result. If only for him to get other unsuspecting folk at a different location but at least I had made my point, which made me feel good.

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Feb 10

Posts: 47

stevekwak says:


If I was the owner of that house behind him I woulda told him where to go, for one he is no longer on public land but is in fact off the pavement and on that persons land. Did that officer ask permission to be there? I doubt it.

And the officer should of been in plain sight of the oncoming vehicles not hiding like a THEIF! Of which they are because this type of policing is just theft from other road users who are being caught illegally by that speed trap

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Sep 09

Posts: 406



You know they can`t stand to be caught out lying, cheating or scamming ?

Thats how they earned their name.....THE FILTH

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Jan 05

Posts: 165

nigel100 says:

it is not about taxing us

the sad thing about all this , is that these guys who operate these speed traps are so brainwashed that they honestly believe that they are doing a good job on behalf of the general public, they are trained to believe that the heinous crime of speeding is on a par with being an escaped multiple murderer, because in their eyes speed is the greatest killer on the roads, despite masses of well documented proof by august safety groups proving otherwise.

It is this unlistening, unrepenting attitude which is bringing the police into more and more conflict with the public that they are supposedly "protecting" and before long the public who pays their salary will cry time on their actions as they are now doing with speed cameras.

Why do the police find it necessary to lie about the dissolution of the traffic  departments when they so clearly still exist albeit under at times a new name "safety group" or similar the top fuzz have got to rethink their whole attitude of how they interact with the public because right now I find most of them less desireable than a rash on my balls.

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Aug 02

Posts: 20

knowlep says:


Well done mate moving that Ars*h**e on. I had one camera van parked in a bus stop near me and took a photo and sent it to the force in question asking why he was in a Bus stop. I had a reply saying they worked closely with the Bus firm in question - what a load of sh*t.

Anyway he hasn't been seen there since.

We should all stand up to these pri**ks and complain.:-)


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Sep 05

Posts: 17

diverbob says:

have a closer look

Regarding the pictures of the officer checking road safety ??

It's not as though i want to get anyone into trouble BUT

Have a look in the last picture where the officer is setting up the camera, over the officers left shoulder at all thoses gas bottles stored there.

Now theres a potential hazard if ever i saw on.

 I bet fcuk all has been said about that potential bomb, or maybe if you let us setup our camera here we will over look that little indiscretion.

Thoses gas bottles are not stored correctly, they should be in a secure cage locked and at least 5 metres from any property.

Now if they go up i am certain there will be more people killed than ever on that section of road.

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Jan 10

Posts: 201

nickyb65 says:


Should have had a sidecar on the bike then the rider, can pop off the saddle into the Sidecar and have all those gizmos inside. Then no one would be the wiser of what the bike was! More cheese Gromit!

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