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Aug 10

Posts: 5

majestyc says:

Got a NIP what do you suggest

got told i was doing 58 in a 40 zone, by a fixed camera?

I remember this day, i was doing about 40 mph when the car in front slowed big style, and i had to swerve round to miss going in the back, at the same time i gunned the engine to stop myself from falling over. Still as two vehicle where on the timing lines on the road at the time how can either of us be singled out for speeding?

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  • Posted 5 years ago (13 August 2010 15:06)

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Apr 07

Posts: 1554

shuggie1 says:

Scamera takes 2 pictures

they look at both and how many lines you've covered in x bits of a second....

Probably find the car braked as he saw the lines or camera...

Looks like you did the full test manouvre but in reverse, swerve and gas it rather than swerve and brake:ph43r:


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Jan 09

Posts: 109

Mikeinho says:

The Stangest Thing...

Apologies in advance, as I know it's not the answer you were hoping for...

Sounds like the same thing happened to me, only the camera was pointed at me, so all they would have got was a lovely picture of my bike with a guy giving it "YOU F*CKING KNOB" written on his face.

The things is, it wasn't the driver's fault... I was (obviously) following too closely. It's not like they were about to hit a brick wall... just wiping off a bit of speed.

Suggest you take the penalty this time, and you will avoid an actual hit next time becuase you won't forget the street lesson.

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Jun 06

Posts: 303

mrh3369 says:


I agree with Mikeinho its kind of your own fault and there is very very limited scope for any defence so probably best to take the hit and keep your fingers crossed for a speed awareness course instead of points.

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May 06

Posts: 788

Sorry, got to agree....

..... the photo will show you overtaking the car, So for obvious reasons (white line counting) you will get the NIP, not him. Think you'll have to swallow it this time :upset:

Not the answer you were looking for, I'm sure.

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Aug 10

Posts: 5

majestyc says:


:hmmm: i was driving a bit close to rear of car as i was late for hospital appointment. Adriving awareness course, is that not for serious offences or accident cawsers? These courses cost 350 quid i think i thought i would be inline for a 30 quid fixed penalty as this is first offence since banned 12 years ago

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Apr 10

Posts: 59

Gixxer1000L0 says:

sorry but....

Speeding is whats known as an absolute offence.  You're either doing it or you're not.  There is no excuse for it therefore you are guilty.

You should be offered a £60 fixed penalty at that speed.

You may decide to chance it at court explaining why you happened to be speeding however I imagine it will fall on deaf ears.

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Aug 10

Posts: 67

dcjmac says:

Ignore it

These guys that send out the letters are so busy that I've heard if you don't send the letter back it sometimes doesn't get chased.

If they do remember believe you get a reminder.

Up to you.


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Sep 10

Posts: 5

Got a NIP what do you suggest

I may be a little late to help with this one but according to the ACPOS Road Traffic Speed etc Guidelines a photo from a GATSO is not to be used where more than one vehicle is in the picture and in the distance marking lines. The camera cannot be relied upon to have taken an accurate reading in these circumstances. If you want to discuss this further then please get in touch.


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Oct 10

Posts: 3


 in a 40 is in the summonsable area of speed. Take the FPN or risk it a court - your choice!

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