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Apr 08

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AdieR says:

China's new transport

Solar powered buses that can drive over cars less than 2 metres high, and carries 1200 - 1400 passengers.

solar buses

Construction due to start "late 2010" in Beijing.

Can't see it coming here anytime soon...

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  • Posted 5 years ago (16 August 2010 01:16)

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Feb 10

Posts: 1953

SlowLearner says:

They're eating our lunch

... trouble is, we think we're being smart by buying all this cheap crap from China and saving ourselves a few bucks.  In the meantime, we wonder why we don't have any manufacturing jobs anymore, and why our economy is swirling the pan.   

And the filthy dictatorship in China is saying, "Sure guys!  Send your industry here and give us all your money!  We'll make a few of your sell-outs rich (the "investor" class), and when you're a a third world country, we'll say - Goodbye!  We don't need you guys any more!"  

Then they'll sell to the emerging economies in India, Brazil etc. while we sink to the floor.

China was a primitive country 20 years ago.  They all had rickshaws and bicycles.   Thanks to Thatchernomics and Reaganomics, we've given them so much of our money WE are now becoming a third world country (only with the highest prices in the world for transport!), and they invest in their infrastructure, while we cut, cut cut.  

If there is to be any hope, we have to stop sending jobs and money to China.  But that doesn't make the investor class rich so fast, so it ain't gonna happen.

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Aug 08

Posts: 721

Mjollnir says:


I really don't think they have thought that one threw properly.

Bikes filtering, lane changes, cyclists against kerb, all of which could be possible disasters, and all happen daily.

Not to mention how do you turn that beamoth when you have half a dozen cars underneath you wanting to go straight on lol. not to mention the turning circle would be huge. 

That is the most ridiculous idea I have heard since Cambridge's "wonderful" guided bus fiasco.

Maybe they should build a monorail, simpsons' styley :lol:

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Mar 06

Posts: 2505

MadKwakaMax says:

sorry for hijack

but bloody hell another 'oldbie' shows their face!

how ya doing MJ ?,good to see ya back :smile

Maxie x

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Mar 09

Posts: 937

RoadieRoger says:

Chinese Manufacturing

Slow Learner you can blame the greedy Management of lots of British Companies too .Several years ago Burberry closed their Factory in the S.Wales Valleys because the T shirts cost about £15 to make there , even though they sold for £40 plus .They transferred production to China where they cost £5 to make and probably sell for £40 plus still . Airbus and Boeing Aircraft manufacture complete aircraft there now . Dow are also building a works there 100 miles from Shanghai , an exact replica of their Barry Plant , which produces silicones . How do I know , my son is in China training the production people , with Yanks as well . Everything is made there and it`s not all crap as you make out , I`m typing this on my 17" Acer Laptop made in China .

There are snags for them, as in the recent depression all their markets suffered as their Manufacturers lost their customers . They are very dependent on Manufacturing as we were on Finance .The trick is to diversify .

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Feb 10

Posts: 1953

SlowLearner says:


Yes, I'm aware of the outsourcing of jobs from South Wales in all sorts of ways.  Clothing, vacuum cleaners, you name it - the big employers here are going.  You won't see the price of anything coming down, though.  When Phil Nike outsourced the production of his trainers, the price didn't go down one cent.  Profits were well up, of course.  

I may have worded the original post a little clumsily - it's not all 'crap' as in rubbish certainly.  After all, they've got our technology for producing them now, something they insist upon and on which Germany has recently started pushing back.

Diversifying is fine, but unless we make things, as in adding value to something, we're not generating any real wealth for the ourselves and the country.  We need to make the things we use, we can't generate wealth for the UK by selling each other things, cutting each others' hair, or passing bits of paper with figures around (which is at least one of the less harmful things they do in the financial services industry).

By training staff over in India to do back office jobs, or China, Vietnam etc. to toil in production sweatshops, we're cutting our own throats.  What do you suggest we diversify into, if not manufacturing, that can provide a healthy income for the country?

The main reason China is seeing a decline in markets is because a sizeable proportion here and the US etc. doesn't have a job anymore, because the manufacturing base is decimated several times over.

I would suggest import tariffs, but avoiding Chinese goods as a priority would be a good start for us as individuals, wherever possible.

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Sep 09

Posts: 712

England V. China.... Why Are We Loosing???

Cos brits are whining cunts who do what idiot CEO's tell them then blame everything else but the real reasons... A) there not educated enough B) they dont work enough C) they sack it off too much D) Britain is ran by people who know nothing of "industry" so E) why are we even having this convo???

next argument :tongue::tongue: ... The Honda NR500 was a shite bike lol :lol:


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Feb 10

Posts: 1953

SlowLearner says:

SiegerMotorsports :

Well, it strikes me more than our investor class are a bunch of traitorous dogs who hate our country, and hate the working man (or woman).  Manufacturing goes to China because we don't like working a 120 hour week for a couple of bowls of rice, and don't like dying on the job much either.

But your right about one thing - management in this country sucks really hard, and they've no idea how to run an industry.

Next thing we know, we'll have no more Euro or Jap or Brit bikes, and the Chinese will be walking all over us as we beg them for spare change as they take a third world holiday _here_.   Better learn how to ask "Spare change, sir?" in Cantonese.  

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