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MCN  says:

Video: First big bikes test - SV650S v ER-6n v GT650

Suzuki's hugely popular SV650S is light, masses of fun and comes with a tempting £4999 price tag. Now re-released, could this be the ultimate first big bike? MCN 1000 - help save motorcycling and win a disc lock! MCN New rider - info & advice To find out we took two new big bike riders and put it up against two of it's...

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  • Posted 5 years ago (20 August 2010 08:59)

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Sep 09

Posts: 712

Im Amazed

How much the SV650s has gone up in price in the 3 years I've owned one. IMO best of the 3 because i went for the "Sport" which included fitted fairing lowers and a rear seat cowl, which the others lack. I was surprised they didnt compare against the ER-6f and the Hyosung 650 sports but oh well. But yeah... The standard SV costs 4999.00 otr yet my SV650s Sport cost $599.99 otr with the extra bits. The Hyosung looks like the bike you might consider if you want to "sports" up a damage-repair bike TBH, it has a lot of potential and with 80bhp it would be enough to put it in line with some low-power custom bikes like olde worlde ducati's and triumphs. SV all the way tho!

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Nov 03

Posts: 470

kl595 says:

I haven't ridden either the Hyosung or the ER6 but I will say the SV650, which I currently own as a second bike, has bags of character and soul for a Japanese bike made to a budget. When you're pottering through the countryside on the little V-twin, it's almost magical. Having a narrow rear end makes using panniers easy as you won't be taking up two lanes of the carriageway and little things like the lever span is great for smallish gloved hands and the clutch and gearbox are typical Suzuki perfection - smooth and light.. The top fairing does a good job of not only keeping the windblast off but keeps your hands dry in the rain and even the headlights give a good spread of light. My only gripe is the front suspension. It's pretty obvious Showa or Ohlins didn't get the gig for the SV650 and Suzuki decided to use Haribo, who probably used springs made form jelly sweets and put water in the forks instead of oil.

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Aug 10

Posts: 26

Krisrexter says:

I owed an sv650s as my main bike for about 1 year, used the gt650 as an instructor and trainee bike for about year and a half, currently use the er6n as everyday instructing.

Gt650 was a great bike let down buy its looks but in your test you  are using the facelifted model which has a new seat unit and does look much better. The gt also doesnt fair well in slow speed drops as in u-turns or just loss of balance when stopping, the footpegs, rearsets, rear brake and gear lever are quite brittle and tend to break where the jap bikes would just bend. Also managed to burn out the clutch on two GTs but that was practicing for mod1 test.

Incomparison he kwack takes the punishment in its stride my only complaint with the er is the handlebars are very narrow and makes it difficult to see anything in the mirrors, unless you are a short slender woman, but nothing a set of renthals wouldnt sort. As for looks dont get the silver with red framed er as it looks awful once it gets a bit tatty all other colours seem fine.

Comfort on all 3 are ok the hoyosung seat is hard when you get on it but doesnt get much worse over time the er is good to start with but after a long day is very stiff i dont remember ever moaning about the sv seat.

 But the sv is the only one i would and did part with my money for, it could do with the option of upright  bars on the faired sv too (after market kit for £400). Mine was only sold to get a big traillie.

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Jul 09

Posts: 19

Dan09 says:

SV upright bars...

Upright bars on the SV650S, I would have bought one. (Half) fairing was a must for me to make long fast miles a realistic option, but I didn't want to be hunched over like a wannabe day in day out/round town/for more than an hour... I bought a Bandit S in the end. Don't regret it for a moment. Feels like a proper grown up big bike...

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Dec 05

Posts: 39

owensj says:


Had an ER6f for a couple of years. Fab bike, good engine. The one thing that I didn't like was the crampt leg position. My old knees began to hurt after an hour. Other than that not much wrong with it.

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Jan 08

Posts: 877

KimLondon says:

Nice piece

Good stuff. Just want to add that I really enjoyed the SV650s I had as a loan bike when sorting out an insurance claim. Lovely bike, total blast. However, the naked version was a helluva lot easier to get on with day-to-day. Shame they've not brought that back too, but then I guess the Gladius is that bike now.

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Sep 08

Posts: 498

I knew immediatley that the er6 would win, I have owned an sv650s and i loved it very much a quality bike, but the finish was terrible, but it is definitly one of those bikes you will always look back fondly on, suzuki just really desperately need to update it, haven been on an er6 (although was only for a quick 10 mins) I was extremely impressed that kawasaki could sell it so cheap and still turn a profit, if it was my money it would be ther er6 every time

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Aug 10

Posts: 1

nakisv says:

SV 650

I bought my SV naked at 7,000km. Its done nearly 40k now and I've loved every minute of it. I've thought about moving up to something bigger, but the SV is so easy and so much fun, until I try something that does all that, sounds better and performs twice as good, I'll stick with it. Good luck to Suzuki with the re-release. I think the Gladius is not a good replacement for the naked (our local dealer won't even stock it!) and maybe they should do the SV naked re-release as well. Thanks for the video - good to hear others' views.

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Nov 03

Posts: 29

marval says:

Real world observations

Came across this test today, thought I might impart my observations about it. My credentials are 40+ years none stop riding experience. Funny how magazine road testers view these bikes as a stepping stone, quite often they are all you will ever need. There is absolutely no reason to assume that everyone will want to "progress" to a superbike. Strangely enough I have owned each of these bikes albiet for a short while, so I speak from a strong position. I currently have a 2010 ER6N and whilst the engine and chassis are excellent, I do miss some wind protection. In respect of my actual bike I did have the benefit of a road test on a demo bike first and felt the poor tiny analogue speedo and rev counter might be a minor irritation. However if you are unlucky enough to need specs for reading (not for distance) DO NOT BUY THIS BIKE!!  Crazily the earlier bikes 2006/7/8 had an LCD Speedo.

The irritation has developed into a major gripe, first ever speeding ticket!! My bike also came with an annoying vibe/buzz at about 4000 rpm, which I traced to the afore mentioned speedo pod. Reported this to my otherwise helpful dealer, who said "they all do it" I have now rammed a bit of rubber tubing between the headlight cowl and the speedo head, not ideal but it works!  This coupled to the too narrow mirrors and Kawasaki  customers service response to my observations,  I cannot recomend this bike.

Turning to the Hyosung I actually traded this in for the ER6N in May 2010 as I had tried unsucessfully to sell it privately for 6 months, and the sequal to that is the dealer I px'd it with couldnt sell it either and subsequently traded it on. It remains on sale today on the web! A 2008/08 3k miles for less than £2k

Compred to the suzuki SV on which it is based I am afraid it is in a different league, the quality, fit and finish do not come close to Japanese standards, although it rides reasonably OK. I actually has the almost naked  (flyscreen) comet version, unfortunately the ergonomics of the bike are also very poor. If you think that by buying the version with the upright bars you will have a more comfortable riding position, forget it as the seat, foot pegs etc are identical to the sport!

In respect of the SV during my many years as a used car dealer I happened to take an 06 sport in px for a car. I delivered the car to my customer and rode the bike back about 30 miles. I absolutely fell in love with it and decided to keep it and did about 3000 miles on it. The previous owner had put a Leo Vinci can on it and it sounded sublime, the bike gave me a real buzz every time I rode it, unfortunately some one came in to showroom and wanted it. I am always unable to refuse a profit! So it went.

It was head and shoulders above the other two and when you consider that it is £500 less than the ER6's 2011 price and only about £250 dearer than the Hyosung which doesnt take an einstien to see the used values.

What a pity that Suzuki chose to re introduce the SV 2 months after I bought the ER6. Ah well if I can come to terms with the drop I will take on a 8 month old ER6 I would go back like a shot. Incidently 0% finance is really good when buying, but a real stumbler when trying to sell a nearly new!!!


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