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Jul 09

Posts: 1351

davemdixon says:

Clarkson you prat

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  • Posted 5 years ago (31 August 2010 20:28)

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Feb 09

Posts: 600

nik77 says:


can you blame a tv programe for something that people have been doing for over 30 years....what next blaming country file for highlighting the cow pushing thing that the inbreeds do out in the sticks..

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Mar 09

Posts: 743

bikerbit says:

dell boy

sorry but every time I see a relient you cant help but think of dell boy that and I don't think anyone in a relient can take them selves to seriously seen one driving about done up like kit from knight rider lol 

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Jan 09

Posts: 415

Clarksons fault?

How is this Clarkson or indeed any of the Production teams fault? Unless your one of those 'TV and music is turning everyone into mindless killers' types.

Lets not forget that Jezza is one of those people who WILL stand up and slap a hoodie when he's asking for it.

Personally those rolling robins were the funniest TV I've seen in years!

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Jun 10

Posts: 846

3pipes says:

Relient Robin...are ok

Just like that twat to diss some-thing that humble, I CANT 'KIN STAND the bloke,or the programme...Always showin' off motors most of us cant afford, n' getting paid megga bucks... they'r all TOSSER:roll eyes:S

Specially b'stids that damaged  gent's R/R:mad:

(not in best of moods today cuzzins):wink:

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Aug 09

Posts: 301

He can be prat

But he does it for entertainment. Are you seriously expecting him to predict that this would happen? How many of you have been smidsy'd or gone around a corner too fast in the wet? Yet you've been told and told that them two things happen and to be on the look out for them dangers and it still happened, do you truely expect him to realise yobs would start turning robins over? Yobs didn't try destroying toyota pick ups when he did it. Nor did they try turning robins into rockets. Holding him accountable (and calling him a prat because of it) is just silly. In fact i bet the number of robins being flipped hasn't increased since the show, the difference is they're just being publicised because people are blaming the show and that makes the news sell (if you look, it says it's not the first time that guy has been subjected to antisocial behaviour, notice they don't say when these other occurrences have been). Which is likely to cause more of these incidents because they are glorifying the actions by putting it in the newspaper ("ooh look guys if we tip over a robin it'll be in the newspaper").

The only thing this may have done is brought it back to chavs minds, even then i doubt it and if you're going to have an unstable car like that you have to expect it to be flipped like that, motorcycles only get protection through the fact that most people are slightly scared of them and the fact they're either undercover, chained up, on private land or not as fun to push over.

Top gear is an entertainment show, i like watching it because of that but if they didn't have a prat like clarkson it just wouldn't work, it'd be 5th gear. I may not like him but i like the show.

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Aug 02

Posts: 2491

sprag says:

Having once owned a Reliant Robin

yeah yeah...... laugh it up......... it made me upset to think that they should destroy a perfectly good little car some poor sod could have bought and used as his daily transport. Not everyone can aford the sort of cars those idiots drive, big mercs, porches and the like. OK it's all done in the name of 'entertainment' but at times it just boils my p***. :upset:

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Nov 09

Posts: 143

AJS500 says:

Ahhh ...........................

"the same contempt he shows for bikes I show for cars I don't drive them and hate them and think people that do are fuckin retarded and remind me of mr bean slow and in there own little worlds and constantly wondering  if they can shove the gear stick up there ass. "


Ahhh, what's the matter Bikerbit?  Did you fail your car test then?


It's easy to be an "All weather diehard" when you don't have any alternative, perhaps when you've gone through a few more winters you'll change your tune?


Ride safe,



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Aug 07

Posts: 4227

used2bfast says:

Hey Shad

are you back?

Nice to meet you and the family last week.

Hope you weren't invoived in any of the accidents

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Apr 10

Posts: 896

stingy5 says:

bikerbit drinks loads during the day

nobody would post that cack if sober....oooh he even hoped i would kill myself!!!!


he has the same writing, you guess!!!



i know....:winkie:

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Sep 09

Posts: 134

paulceeR1 says:

Biker Bit

Top Man I agree!

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