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Feb 09

Posts: 266

ergf says:

3 points for middle lane drivers

ok slightly harsh this but its become a real bug with me.
I think police should be given the power to give 3 points and a fine to those who sit in the middle lane.
Came from Blackpool to Preston on the bike today, steady 70 and i had a clear lane in the inside lane almost all the way, there was a line of 3 cars just in front of me and all close together in the middle lane the whole 16 miles of motorway.
Had the misfortune to do a lot of motorway miles recently and everywhere its the same, doesnt the highway code say inside lane for driving, middle and outer lane for overtaking.
That means overtake then pull in if its safe to do so.
I know it couldnt effectively be enforced but hopefully the fact there is a penalty might encourage people to pull in.

rant over now breathe

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  • Posted 5 years ago (31 August 2010 21:43)

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Jan 04

Posts: 333

wynner says:

Next Thursday

Off to Europe. I'll see more crap driving in the five hours to the tunnell than I'll see in the next two weeks:winkie:


I'll be dreading the trip back along M20/25/4:upset:

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Aug 10

Posts: 66

muddybus says:


Its legal to pass other vehicles on the nearside if your lane happens to be going faster than theirs and you're already in it, but its an offence to move into a nearside lane purely for the purpose of undertaking.

Another pet hate of mine is when someone in lane 1 brakes to let someone join the motorway from the sliproad. Traffic on the sliproad has at least 1/2 mile in order to assess the traffic on the motorway, and adjust their speed ascertain between which vehicles they will be able to join the flow of traffic in lane 1. If they fail to do this, THEY have to give way to traffic already on the motorway because they have to cross the broken white lines at the end of the sliproad.

Sometimes I wonder how I manage to do 110,000 miles each year on Britains roads without killing someone through anger.

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Apr 08

Posts: 9768

old(ish)git says:


it's because we don't carry firearms in our glove-boxes in the UK.It happens a lot in the States,road rage shootings.:smile

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Aug 02

Posts: 2491

sprag says:

it constantly bugs me

how so few people [some bikers included] seem to have little or no idea about lane discipline.

I have a mate who drives me nuts with this. He overtakes on two lane dual carriageways then just sits in the outer lane for miles. Why? What's wrong with a quick look over the left shoulder [or look in the mirror] indicate if you need to then slide back into lane one..... simples. :winkie: Same on motorways. Starts off in lane one, ok, then overtakes and thats it.... lane two until he wants to overtake again. He WILL eventually pull back into lane two but will he go back to lane one even when there is sod all there? Like **** he will. Grrrrrrrrr :mad:

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Mar 05

Posts: 868

slider72 says:

middle lane hogs

usually when i come past them in either car or bike & take a look over, they are too transfixed on looking ahead.

they get flashed from behind & overtaken both sides at the same time & STILL they sit there??

oh, & when a section of road koins another & the middle lane is now the outside lane & they move back into the middle????? why,why,why????

3 points, keep doing it & being antisocial can't they take your vechicle off you?

nuff said.

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Aug 07

Posts: 4227

used2bfast says:

Lets get something straight here

I drive  A LOT on he motorways, cos of the job. I have done over 30,000 miles a year for the last 18 yrs (used to be aound 40,000)

If I had to get back in the inside lane every fookin time I overtook a truck, I would be in and out like a fiddlers elbow!

So unless the inside is clear, for at least half a mile, I stay in the inside lane, apart from the overtakes.

What pisses me off are the twats who sit in the outside lane, or the cnuts who overtake on the inside.

Its not as straight forward as you think, this driving lark!

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Feb 09

Posts: 600

nik77 says:


if i get someone riding my wheel i just gently touch the back break and watch them pull back or i slow down til they get the hint


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Oct 04

Posts: 1197

bigbadmad says:


Don't get mad, instead take advantage of the entertainment possibilities.

It's a game called "satellites."
When you find a numpty bumbling along in lane two of a clear motorway see how many orbits you can make of the lane two hog by overtaking in lane 3,  dropping back into lane 1 and letting them pass you before doing the overtake again. :lol: My highest score is five but be warned some people get really really cross...

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Jan 08

Posts: 1316

fastasfox says:

I do get all of ya but

90% of drivers will move over if the see ya comming just the odd bmw audi driver tha wont budge.

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