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Andy Downes  says:

Marshals may face manslaughter charges over Shoya Tomizawa death

Rimini prosecutor Paolo Giovagnoli has opened an investigation into the death of Japanese Moto2 rider Shoya Tomizawa which could see marshalls who dealt with the dying rider facing manslaughter charges, according to the Italian press. Tomizawa died at Misano on Sunday following a horrific crash on lap 12 of the race. Tomizawa’s death is now being investigated with ‘unnamed people’ being...

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  • Posted 5 years ago (07 September 2010 13:15)

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Feb 09

Posts: 846

chrisg011 says:

I would advise you keep abreast of events by reviewing (with help of googles bad machine translator)


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Sep 10

Posts: 1

trump9oo says:

Marshall mess up

The marshalls obviously muked up and we can feel lucky Scott Readings injuries were not worse or he may have suffered at their bad handling of the whole situation. The whole tragedy was ridiculouslyy dealt with, but the marshalls must have been acting on directions from others. There appeared to be medics immediately on the scene (i think it was one of these who dropped poor Shoya) and race direction obviously have direct contact with those at trackside. It would therefore be better to look at the role they played, as the professionals on site, and they should be the ones looked at for any prosecution. I still can't believe that Shoya and Scott were just bundled onto stretchers without any assessment whatsoever. The procedures for dealing with accidents and possibly injured riders at tracks in places like the uk and i'm sure others should be made the standard operating procedures for Motogp, WSB, and all international series, this would hopefully rub off on smaller national series as a bonus, to help make sure other riders are not put at risk and to insure no other marshall has to put themselves through what those involved in this tragic incident are probably going through

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Aug 10

Posts: 217

maazzz1 says:

Riders will also be investigated

Lorenzo 99 and matty yamaha, I agree completely with you guys... I say investigate the incident in order to improve safety but charging well meaning marshalls following directions from above with manslaughter is crap! The problem is alot further up the chain of command as most have stated here. According to an Italian bike magazine website (as indicated by chrisg011) the public prosecutor will also investigate the safety measures at the track and also the controversial synthetic grass which is a good thing, however he has also added Scott Redding and Alex De Angelis in the list of people under investigation for manslaughter. The article also states that neither rider caused the accident or were unable to avoid the fallen rider as we all know. Hopefully it is just for completeness of the investigation, but if it is more than that then this thing is getting out of control. Sounds like a witch hunt instead of an investigation. After living in the boot and having an Italian background, all I can say is that this is typically the Italian way of doing things. If you go onto the the motogp website and read Italy's Motorcycle Federations response to the accident - leaves me speechless. They just don't get it. Two riders down and appear to be seriously injured and the priorty is to evacuate them and keep the race going??????

I really feel for the family of Tomizawa and the riders involved Redding and De Angelis; if they aren't going through enough at the moment ... they have to deal with a farce of an investigation.

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Nov 03

Posts: 315

elefantman says:

manslaughter, and grid sizes

Don't get too exercised about the investigation folks - no one is saying anyone is going to face manslaughter charges. This is a routine investigation and one of the possible outcomes is charges being laid. It doesn't mean anyone is under suspicion of anything.

I think most of us thought at the start of the season that the size of the grid in Moto2 is dangerous. But the racing has been so exciting that it's been easy to overlook the fact that there are probably too many bikes. It has been such a welcome break from the processions in MotoGP itself that it's been too easy to ignore the risks. I think the problem with Moto2 is the number of bikes, combined with the fact it's a control engine and that brings the bikes are so close together in speed. I love close racing but I think even one rider's life is too high a price to pay. The enjoyment we all get from the sport doesn't balance out what it feels like when someone gets killed, and saying 'don't be naive, racing is dangerous' doesn't cut it. There were racing deaths the year I went to the Isle of Man TT and it left me with a pretty hollow feeling about the whole event. Ruined the whole thing for me really. You can say 'the riders know/accept the risk' but if you really think a rider is happy to end up dead then you must have something wrong with you.

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Sep 10

Posts: 108

marchwitty says:


I agree with you about the investigation, however, you are talking about Italian Law here, which is completely different to UK law.

Under no circumstances should the marshalls or the riders be made scapegoats, DORNA are the only culpable one's here to include race direction.

To give you an example of Italian law, pro cycling, Alexandro Pettachi's friend was allegedly using EPO, so they search Petacchi's home, wanting to make a case against him. this year. 

The video link I put below is incorrect, they say that de Angelis and Scott walked away from the incident, we all know that not to be true in Scott's case.  I believe Dorna are trying to cover their asses.

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Aug 10

Posts: 217

maazzz1 says:

riders cleared of any wrong doing

Me again... according to the latest release both riders have been cleared of any wrong doing.

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Sep 10

Posts: 108

marchwitty says: translation


The District attorney of Rimini, Paul Giovagnoli, has inserted in the registry of it inquires Alex De Angelis and Scott to you Redding for culpable homicide, in the inquiry on died of the Japanese Shoya Tomizawa on the circuit of Misano. The two pilots of the Moto2 Sunday have invested the centauro Japanese causing of involuntarily the death. E' be moreover formalized the assignment to the expert for the autopsy on the body of the young Japanese pilot. Dottor the Mauro Balli will execute the autopsy before how much.

The registration of De Angelis and Redding in the registry of inquires to you is a due action. Né the sammarinese pilot né that English fall has provoked of colleague, but if they are found it after that Tomizawa already had been bounced from the motion, and have not been able to avoid it, travelling to beyond 200 km/h.

From the relationships of the Polstrada - law on the situated one of TgCom - the magistrate will have to then estimate if the track were endowed of all the necessary measures of emergency. It is already in course a controversy on the used synthetic grass to flank of the cordolo, on which the Tomizawa is slipped 19enne.


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Jul 06

Posts: 12

robeasley says:


Once there is an incident like this the important thing is how best to handle the effects to minimise further injury to ANYONE, including the riders directly involved and the riders continuing to race.  The immediate concern has to be the welfare of the two injured riders but the handling of both of them on Sunday by those first on site was totally inacceptable and witnessed by millions from images seen on the was simply sickening to see. 

Whoever is to blame this cannot be overlooked for the safety of riders in the future.  Whether the race shoud have been stopped is another aspect of events but for Dorna Officials to defend the initial handling of Scott and Shoya is in my view totally inacceptable if not frightenting.

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Jun 07

Posts: 59

potfiller says:

Tomizawa death

Surprised that Wayne Gardner is not calling for MotoGP to banned.

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Sep 06

Posts: 8579

fuzzrr says:


I have spoken to a friend of mine today. I dont know how much truth there is in the information he has recieved, but, the marshals knew as soon as they saw Tomizawa that he HAD to be moved immediately, whether it would cause back and neck injuries or not.  Unfortunately, it seems his injuries were that severe.

But this still does not excuse the reaction of Race Control to this incident, or the treatment of Scott Redding for that matter.  Scott had a suspected broken pelvis on first inspection at the medical centre. The marshals at the scene wouldnt have known that, yet, still man handled him onto the stretcher to get him out of the way of the impending bikes........... There should not have been any impending bikes!

After unfortunately witnessing the tragic accident involving Craig Jones at Brands Hatch, it just shows how disciplined and well trained our marshals and race control are in this country in dealing with such situations.  Everything was done to the book. And that is how races should be controlled and marshalled all over the world, no excuses.

I have started a facebook page highlighting my frustrations on this.....

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