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Aug 10

Posts: 9

numbmaximus says:

My Lad wants a moped !!!!

My lad wants a moped for his sixteenth birthday. He'll get more training than he can handle and then more. Hes not a chip shop chav or a sulky 'yoof', just a pleasant young lad. My dilema is this:

  • No fucking way is my lad riding at 30mph, its dangerous enough out there!
  • I can get him a 2 stroke ped that will do 45 -50mph, which I can deal with. We live in the countryside, main busy roads easily avoidable.
  • But it wont be legal !!
  • Ive always played by the rules, work, taxes, i.e. boring middle aged bloke.
  • Opinions please, im struggling.


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  • Posted 5 years ago (08 September 2010 10:05)

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Feb 09

Posts: 4758

philehidiot says:

very few

mopeds on the roads are legal these days. If he's doing 70 then he'll attract attention but if it's capable of 45-50 he's able to keep out of trouble, do 30 up a hill and therefore not yield road position or be pressed against the curb by car drivers but also he'll be able to attract attention if he's daft.

My personal attitude would be that his safety is most important and that involves having usable speed at his disposal but being drilled into that he's not to attract attention with it.

He's the one who is going to be screwed over if he's caught speeding. He'll be speeding, driving otherwise in accordance with a licence and without insurance. If you take the decision to give him a bike that is technically illegal then perhaps you should offer to pay the insurance increase as a result of points and convictions in the future if he's caught? It's pretty unlikely he'll be caught if he sticks to the limits and isn't a cock.

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Apr 07

Posts: 1554

shuggie1 says:

Would you ride without insurance?

Thought not, so why would you let your son?

Sorry, but better towait until17 and get a 125 than loose license at the start of his riding/driving days and be uninsurable for ever - assuming he gets stopped...


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Mar 10

Posts: 1032

bmwgs says:

wait till 17

wait till 17 as u my end up under a truck as they do 50 and they my not now how slow u be going.
my dad did not wont me on a moped at 16 as it was to slow and dangers. so he got be a 125 dirt bike at 17 that  could do 50ish what was not to bad 

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May 06

Posts: 788

Had the same dilemma............

.......... with my youngest.

We decided on a Furia Hispania (6 speed) 50cc. All I did was rebuilt the engine (previous owners Dad was supposedly an Engineer) 2 less teeth on the drive sprocket, which gave him about 45mph downhill with the wind behind. The benefit of the geared bike, was that he couldn't let his mates try it, as they didn't know how to work  gears! (Believe me, they all want to swap and share)

He passed his CBT and test without any problem. Bought himself a new CBR125 and then upgraded to a CBR600F with a limiter for 2 years. Taught him myself and I'm proud to say, he's as safe as you can be!

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Aug 07

Posts: 4227

used2bfast says:

I bought a cagiva 50

scooter, that had been Neil Hodgsons paddock bike. Needless to say, it would do 45 on the flat.

I taxed it insured it for me and my son, he used it and loved it for 12 mths, then we sold it. No drama

If he is sensible, then should be no worries (if he gets found out, just admit it was you and he didn't know)

You take the risk:wink:

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Jun 10

Posts: 86

Sorry to your son...

my old man wouldn't let me near a bike till I was 21 (last year) - hated it, hated waiting... but it was definitely the right decision, no matter how safe a driver/rider you think you are a few years in a tin can is in my view a must even if it's not the advice you want to hear.

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Jul 09

Posts: 309

RogerRSV says:


Is the moped a must for travelling or a luxury? Would he do track days if you bought him a used Aprilia racer and then move onto direct access in a few years when his two wheeled craft is a lot better?

Just a thought.............

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Mar 09

Posts: 4548

smoto5 says:

long time ago

I was still riding the ty50 Yam I got at 16 when I was  17, and went all over the place on it, Sheffield/Rotherham/Scunthorpe/Cadwell park, and don't remember much problem apart from time to get places, However, I was competing off road on a 250 Montesa trials bike, and practicing regularly in quarries and woodland. Also borrowed other peoples 125s to do the tests, and then got a cheap 250 road bike to taz about on when I passed tests. Time on the bikes as soon as possible and preferably in quieter places plays dividends and it's not really that long to put up with moped speeds is it? a year! ok, mine was very mildly tweaked but it wouldn't do 45 except down a VERY long hill, or with a hurricane behind!

 I'm not convinced by this "they'll kill themselves if they can only do 30!" argument, good training and maintaining road position counts for more. thinking you always have to have lots of power is a bad habit to get into, there's more to roadcraft than grabbing big handfuls of throttle. In any case, even if you don't both land in a lot of hot water over illegally tuned bikes and invalid insurance (and lets face it, insurers aren't shy about weaselling out of claims)  then what kind of message is this to a youngster about laws and breaking them? seems a slippery slope to me, the same one that people use about other road laws, if it's inconvenient ignore it? Let him make those judgements when he's older and an adult. 

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Sep 09

Posts: 42

phowarth18 says:

My son

had a moped when he was 16, now my daughter wants a moped when she's 16 next month. My son has just passed his car test and I think riding a moped gave him good road skills. I'm not concerned about my daughter, she's done thousands of miles as a pillion with me and she's sensible

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Apr 10

Posts: 896

stingy5 says:

when i was 16....

i had no clue about road safety, i had a ss50 honda with 70cc top end conversion, trick zorst carb etc. and an fs1e, 73cc conversion.


it was all about top speed, we got 65mph out of em regular, with nothing but pedal bike experience before.


the only lad i knew that died at our age then, was on a restricted mz50 simpson, bought by his father for his birthday day before. not going into the details in case any of his family on here and be upset, no matter how long ago.


but i think he got caught out trying to overtake a bus, and had no power as the bus sped up. poor lad :upset:

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