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Liam Marsden  says:

Laverty signs for Sterilgarda Yamaha WSB squad

World Supersport contender Eugene Laverty has signed for the Sterilgarda Yamaha WSB squad for 2011. The 24-year-old from Northern Ireland will campaign the factory R1 alongside current MotoGP rider Marco Melandri, who signed last week. Laverty, who is currently second in the World Supersport class behind Kenan Sofuoglu, said: “It’s great to have a contract signed at this stage while still fighting for...

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  • Posted 5 years ago (10 September 2010 16:26)

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Feb 10

Posts: 566

RobTZ says:

Sykes and Toseland

As much as I would like to them both remain in WSBK; I cannot see where the rides are going to be. James at Honda, maybe but unlikely. I could see both returning to BSB bit I'm not quite sure which team. It wouldn't even amaze me if James did not secure a decent ride and unfortunatly retired.

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george shuttleworth


May 04

Posts: 112

Christ isn't it about time some of you cut JT some slack? Yeah fair enough he didn't set moto gp on fire and maybe he was cocky and full of selfbelief but what racer isn't from bsb to moto gp ?.. Col Edwards hasn't done any better than him this year and let's be fair about it he's had a far longer crack at the whip than James hasn't he? So ok Cal has been faster than him for the good majority of this year but I think alot of that has been down to Cal riding high of his wss season and JT been down after his moto gp campaign, and he has been carrying an injury. I mean his performance at assen was hardly one of "some wanker who should hang up his leathers"is it! The lads a 2 times world champ.. Ok the first was against a weak field bit you can only beat who's infront of you.. And the second title he beat some of the best.. Haha, bayliss , biaggi etc. As a proud English man I f@cking detest our whole build em up to knock em down culture! Give credit where credits due people!

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Aug 02

Posts: 725

grayzx7r says:

A waste of a good ride.

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Dec 08

Posts: 1982

thestig08 says:

whatever your view

JT has had every chance and some,Times up you can't hide for long in this game or live on the past,:sunglasses: yes he won wsb but that is what got him into moto gp as it did Bens Pies ,the difference is one has progressed the other regressed,We had all the badly done by in moto gp bull last year:upset: and there were those that thought he would pick up where he left off in wsb (not I) but it the bikes and riders have moved on and unfortunately the new boy has kicked his ass:tongue: .Good luck to Cal and Eugene they face the same test as Toseland did, its not a conspiracy, face it he is off the boil,lost it,and he isn't 25 anymore your lucky to get one shot at this level so don't complain when you get several and it goes tits up,as for the guitar and piano I think the tune they are playing is "time to say goodbye":lol:

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Jun 07

Posts: 486


the reason i and others on here who do not like him is this.......herve poncheral made a referal about toseland about a month ago without directly mentioning toselands name and he said........ben spies has come to motgp after winning the wsb championship with a completely humble approach and willing to learn and improve.not with the attitude of i`m wsb champion,i`m the best rider ever and u can`t teach me anything!!!!........and with that comment it confirmed what i thought toseland was all about as i said earlier his head is bigger than this whole planet and he can`t accept he`s not the best and never was.......maybe he`s not a wanker in real life that was heat of the moment,but he`s got a serious ego problem and if he gets a top ride or even a ride in wsb next year i`ll be gobsmacked

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Jun 09

Posts: 887

aquarius says:

Pitiful & Pathetic ...

I'm right with George Shuttleworth on this one. It is a source of endless amusement and amazement to me that the " armchair critics " believe they have some God-given right to pass very personal judgment on top-class, professional motorcycle racers. They should ask themselves a couple of questions: Do I actually own and ride a motorcycle,ever? Is/was it a " fast " one and could I ride it anywhere near the level it's manufacturer intended? Have I ever raced motorcycles? Was I competitive or a plonker just getting in the way? Have I any idea what is involved to compete with ferociously brave & talented competitors? Is my background of experience in and around motorcycle racing deep & wide enough to know a thing or two?   Sadly and pathetically it is quite obvious that the answers are 1 out of 6 at best or overwhelmingly, 6 x No's. That's OK, everyone is entitled to have an opinion and express it. But, please, temper your criticism  with a bit of thought and respect for these guys. As George says, it's all AOK when your bloke is winning or doing well. The moment the " package " isn't right or the poor slagging victim isn't suited to the bike or tyres or  whatever, the knives, bother boots and knuckledusters come out.

It all comes across like a talent-less, ambitious parent experiencing the sudden realisation that they have a kid that can't cut it at Senior sporting level either - all mindless venom, frustration, excuses and petty jealousy. A few months back, Stuart Easton fronted-up to a serious Club Meet on a bog-standard, straight from the crate Z10, complete with mirrors. He smoked most of the field and only finished behind a few, quick and very well-ridden and highly modified machines. I have lost count of the times I have either seen or read about bike Journos that fancied themselves as " quick " having their visors and gloves just about sucked-off by a Wayne Gardner, Graeme Crosby, Kevin Schwantz  or some other long-retired old boy, blasting past on a stocker like they were standing still. Ever even considered why this is so? And yet we get these wankers claiming this bloke & that can't ride? May I respectfully suggest that JT and very many others would scarf their detractors up and spit them out in wee, uber-embarrassed pieces on any machinery you care to nominate. These guys operate in the rarified air of a stratospheric level of talent. If your current hero needs to win to make you feel better about yourself, so be it. But let's give the ignorant and personal nastiness a miss when, for a variety of reasons, a former Champion struggles. Cheers

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Mar 09

Posts: 179

jonnyrocket says: be English

its an english thing if it aint their footy team its their rugby team and then theres the drivers and riders god forbid... they all get a right pasting if alls not well with them... if cal screws up in motogp he'll be crucified.  JT 2X world champ at wsbk, hes not the gonna go down as the greatest but he did it twice and against the best.  He may be a little big headed but some of you guys should look yourself in the mirror sometime. no ones perfect or they the STIG & Co?

All the best to Cal in Moto Gp...I'll keep my fingers crossed for him.  I expect Eugene to do well in WSBK his competitive edge will give the series a lift.  Toseland I hope gets another decent ride hes not dead in the water yet.

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Dec 09

Posts: 2492

supermario says:

theres a lot of talk

of Toseland going back to Ten Kate or even to the BMW. Either one of these bikes will suit his style a lot better (conventional inline 4) and allow him to showcase his talent. I only hope he can relax a bit, rebuild his confidence and enjoy his racing again

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Mar 09

Posts: 5390

Nostrodamus says:

Supermario can you explain to me

what this 'style' of J.T's is that would see him riding better on a Beemer or Fireblade? JT has won WSBK titles on a twin and an inline four. In power delivery the cross plane crank Yamaha's is to some degree a hyrid bastardisation of the two. He should've got on like a house on fire on both the M1 and R1 to expand on your theory.

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george shuttleworth


May 04

Posts: 112

I would of thought that shoya's death would of brought it home that these lads deserve respect for what there doing out there.. Whether there a gobshite who finishes last every week a humble world champ! It's a dangerous sport and these lads are putting there lives on the line everytime the line up on the grid.

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