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Steve Farrell  says:

Road Safety group adopts policy with ‘no room for motorcycles’

A leading road safety group is backing a casualty reduction policy whose author once said motorcycles must be removed from the roads. Claes Tingvall said: “We must prevent the recruiting of new motorcyclists. In long-term thinking, I regret to say that motorcycles must go.” Fight back - join the MCN 1000 campaign But the charity Brake is lobbying the Government to...

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  • Posted 5 years ago (17 September 2010 15:48)

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Sep 09

Posts: 406


Look at it this way:

Cyclists ride on the roads and do`nt have accident insurance.

They ride without any training or having a license to ride.

The ride all through pedestrianised areas and on pavements with total disregard for anyone elses safety.

The ride dangerously on the roads without any care or consideration to other road users.

There is no compulsory safety gear they must wear as we do.

There is little chance of them stopping or being caught when they cause an accident.

They contribute zero in money terms to using the roads or pavements like we do through road tax, petrol tax and fines (more tax).

They contribute nothing to the insurance companies via premiums that they claim so many thousands if not millions of pounds from.

Their are no safety standards or safety tests for cycles. There is no bicycle MOT.

There are never any police purges or road side checks on cyclists or bicycles.

and they want to tell everyone else how to ride/drive?

Cyclists should put up or SHUT UP.

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Sep 09

Posts: 406


"Claes Tingvall said: “We must prevent the recruiting of new motorcyclists. In long-term thinking, I regret to say that motorcycles must go.”

Do`nt you think the UK governments reduction in bike test centres and making the test harder is just the start of this policy ?

It was bl**dy obvious.

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Oct 09

Posts: 13

leogreek says:

HOSBUSA, you forgot to mention that cyclists often cycle after having had a drink...

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Aug 06

Posts: 322

davidh36 says:


Anyway, Brake and all the other Public funded groups will be gone next month when the Government slash spending......oh well.....there's a shame.....


Message for Tingvall: Fuck off and die quietly you parasite on the Public purse!

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Jan 09

Posts: 47

greenhat says:


They've got as much chance of banning bikes as i have of waking up next to Bradley Pitt! poop!

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Nov 07

Posts: 11

Luddy says:

Hi Hosbusa.

  Blimey this old cyclist chestnut again.  I don`t like to give people labels or fit them snuggly into pigeonholes as you will find that if you took the time to talk to them and find out what they do, are interested in, care about etc, most will have a vast degree of overlap in that respect.

  I motorcycle, hike, run, drive a car, and heaven help me, cycle various types of pushbike. I enjoy doing all these things except driving the car which I only do out of sheer convenience. Do I call myself a biker?  No when I`m on the motorbike I`m a motorcyclist.  Am I a cyclist?  Only when I`m on a cycle.  Thing is, my mindset doesn`t change. I try to stay legal, safe, and respectful of other people around me.  This label thing is the problem here Hosabusa. Take me "The cyclist". I don`t have to pay road tax. Correct, but I have already paid it twice, Once for the car and again for the Bandit. However I can only use one of them at a time and if I`m on the cycle I`m not on any of the motorpowered vehicles, but I`m still paying.  Also the insurance thing. Most of the "cyclists" (Label again) you see wearing lycra and riding pretty quickly will be members of either the "Cycle touring club" or the "British cycling federation". As part of those organisations they will be covered by third party insurance. My third party cover is actually far higher on my cycle than it is for the motorbike.

  Regarding the "label" thing again. As a cyclist I cringe when I read things such as, "Bloody cyclists riding with no lights through red traffic lights, down one way roads the wrong way, through pedestrian precincts" etc.  the thing is they probably aren`t cyclists, they are just bloke/ nipper on a bike.  The same when I read "Bloody motorcyclists, not insured, no helmets, learners carrying their mates around the kids playpark".  Trouble is in my opinion they are not motorcyclists, they are just hoodie loonies on Peds.

  The point I am trying to make here Hosbusa, is that we are all people, and we will be legal/non legal in all things we do in various degrees. Please don`t pigionhole people, you are paying them the same disrespect that Mr Tingvall is paying you.

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Mar 10

Posts: 119

MudDoctor says:

Oh good,

Luddy, you have just fallen into the trap. While I agree that there is too much polarisation in these arguments, and little of the sensible middle ground, you raised an issue that I will take you to task on. It's one I hear from so many cyclists who also drive.
"I paid my road tax for my car, so I'm entitled to use my bike", to paraphrase most of these arguments.

That may be so, but I have to tax my car and my motorbike, and I certainly can't use both at the same time. If you own fifty cars, you need to tax each and every one of them if you use public roads.

This is not the case if you own fifty bicycles.

As far as I am concerned, there is merit in expecting some degree of Road Fund Licence for bicycles, to give it it's correct term.

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Fly by night


Sep 07

Posts: 225

Fly by night says:

safety nutter

This guy is daft a bit of a nutter.

He is the type of person that would like to lock up all the old people for their own protection, force them to be put into concentration camps/homes in order to protect them from muggers.

After all if they were in homes then they couldn't be mugged could they, what kind of logic is that, take all motorcycles off the road to protect the people that like to ride them!

I got a better idea let's take all vehicles off the road except motorcycles then motorcycles wouldn't be at risk.

It's just daft ain't it but these type of people are dangerous to our freedom of choice.



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Sep 09

Posts: 406



Bicycles should be made to carry insurance and pay RFL or whatever tax they call it now. Bicyclists should be forced to wear safety gear too.

I am sick to death of these self -righteous and sanctimonious anti-biker lobby goups claiming to represent normal people from any pigeon hole.

We are all judged by the actions of the wreckless few (nothing new there) or is it the majority of bicyclists who ride dangerously and are ill mannered on the road ?

Have a pop at the lobby group above as they claim to represent you ?


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Aug 09

Posts: 301


have any of you read "vision zero". It's like something from the church of scientology.... There is a ban on overtaking free-moving traffic, except on multi-lane roads. (so we get stuck behind the milk float?) Life bans are implemented for life-threatening and life-taking drivers. (even if the "victim" was at fault?) Large numbers of highly trained traffic police are armed with relevant detecting equipment, to patrol and identify offences that can still be committed. (More? you can't afford more...) Sleep and journey break laws are in line with academic advice on required rest, for all drivers. (tell us when to sleep?) There is regular compulsory re-testing of drivers. (*sigh*) Driver licensing requires mental as well as physical health assessment, to rigorous standards. (have to see a shrink before you can get rid of your Ls?) Maximum engine capacity is limited to within the maximum speed limit. All vehicles are driven by sustainable power with zero emissions. (they're contradictory) Finger-print locks are on all vehicles, so only drivers insured and licensed to drive can do so. (Getting creepier) Speed limit activated speed limiters (ISA), limit vehicles to within the posted speed limit. (I believe they've tried this) and my personal favourite: Alcolocks and druglocks are on all vehicles. Better get researching guys :P. They would be the most unpopular people on the planet if they implemented them and some are so silly they should be elevated to a religious cult status.

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