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Andy Downes  says:

Official sketch of the new Suzuki GSR750

Suzuki has released a single official illustration of the new GSR750 ­ a stylish naked middleweight that will be seen in finished form in just three weeks. Suzuki are remaining tight-lipped about the bike¹s technical details, but factory insiders told MCN the all-new bike has a detuned engine from the GSX-R750 sportsbike but uses cheaper suspension and chassis components. The price...

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  • Posted 4 years ago (22 September 2010 09:14)

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Aug 08

Posts: 340

BadD0g says:


And I Jizzed. In. My Pants.

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Sep 10

Posts: 103

street3r says:

Looks similar to a Kwaki, yet another bike which looks like a transformer. Interesting to see what it's weight will be. Some middleweight bikes seem to be getting a bit "heavy".

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Aug 07

Posts: 16

gixertam says:


I am going to stick by my original comments (Tuesday), non fully adjustable forks, crap brakes, asmatic motor, box section swingarm.

One positive is it looks pretty good, i wonder if that rear end will actually make production though.

It may well be a winner with people who ride a Gladius or Sv looking to move up but it aint going to tempt all those who want a wolf in sheeps clothing so as to spare us our back ache. As for weight i am going to take a guess at 178kg dry weight.


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Aug 02

Posts: 120

jbond says:

missing the point

Agree with Gixertam. I think there's three markets here.

1. People who want a GSXR750 but are getting old. What they really want is a GSXR750 with a more upright riding position, a bigger screen, a real pillion seat, and rear bodywork that actually works with throw over pannniers. And NOTHING ELSE CHANGED. In other words, a GSX750F but with the engine-suspension-brakes from  the GSXR. The one thing to change in the engine is the gearing. Lower 1st a bit. Close the gap between 1st and 2nd  and make 6th an overdrive.

2. A GSXR750 streetfighter. Strip everything off. Fit flat Renthals and a neat little headlight. Gear it down. and NOTHING ELSE CHANGED.

3. A slightly boring, cheap, 750-4. In other words, a Bandit 750.

Sadly it seems,  Suzuki are going to build the 3rd. Why?

At the least, Suzuki, please fit an old school exhaust can with a clamp and break in the exhaust on both sides of the CAT. Then we can either fit a cheap can or a can plus a link tube. Welding the CAT to the exhaust as they did on the GSXR K6 or the downtubes to the CAT as they did on the K8 is a PITA.

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Aug 02

Posts: 6

c750jp says:


Is it me but this is a  clone of honda`s CB1000R.

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Shan Hetty


Jun 08

Posts: 26

Shan Hetty says:


Yea,that was my first thought. With a can from a ybr125

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Sep 08

Posts: 498


the japanese copying the japanese? That looks like a cb1000r meets r6 tail meets fazer exhaust meets horrible frame

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Feb 10

Posts: 379



I've read a few  interesting comments made about this new Suzuki Gsr 750,stating it looks like the Honda CB 1000.

I have to say that,like the car industry,where Clios' look like Corsas' Fiestas' look like  Puntas' i'm not surprised the bike industry is starting to go this route also.

Yes,its been known for years the Japanese take a design and RE-JIG-IT to say it was their idea in the first place.Plagiarism!!!

I would say the new Gsr 750 looks a little too much like the Kawsaki z 750 myself!The seat, headlight,front end stance,with a splash of new RE-JIGGED plastics (just so as too make things look not too suspiciously alike),says Z750.Also,i know its supposed too be a budget bike but jeez,steel swingarm,two piston calipers,crap suspension,i mean,what's the point?

Surely by now four piston calipers can be fitted too budget bikes without breaking the bank as well as an ally swingarm?In this day and age of making every penny count,nearly £6000 for a budget bike is taking the proverbial.Remember the Bandit series,even the 650 has four piston calipers now and gives the impresion you,re getting your monies worth and yes,this is a mid budget bike also.COME ON THE BKE MANUFACTURERS,GIVE THE BUYERS A BUDGET BIKE THAT LOOKS AND FEELS LIKE ITS MORE EXPENSIVE THAN IT IS.jUST LOOK AT APRILIA SHIVER.:mad:

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Apr 06

Posts: 1216

CosherB says:

what has happened to japanese sytling over the last couple of years?  all of the originality and good looks seem to have gone out of the window.  i echo the comments that it looks like a cb1000r, which is hardly a bad thing, but also not likely to light your fire.  save up for something italian, like i did.

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Dec 05

Posts: 8

Vee_Crunchy says:

I think all they had too do was slightly facelift  the design of an existing GSR600, add 750 motor and better suspension. The 600 has beautiful lines, expensive looking swingarm, 4 piston callipers. This thing in the sketch however is appalling. Crap suspension components, ugly frame, transformer design. I like suzukis, but this is a real dissapointment.

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