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Steve Farrell  says:

Euro MoT threat

Motorcyclists face roadside MoT-style inspections and restrictions on fitting accessories under proposals from Brussels. The UK’s MoT system will be replaced with a new Europe-wide roadworthiness inspection regime under the plans. As well as roadside spot checks just for bikes, the European Commission is proposing:  • Compulsory tests whenever a vehicle has been in an accident, changed owners or been modified...

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  • Posted 4 years ago (22 September 2010 11:46)

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Aug 02

Posts: 2734

spondonste says:

Must be stopped at ALL costs

This type of harmonisation is DEFINATELY NOT required, needed or wanted in the UK. In EU countries with the likes of TUV legilsation it only means cost of ownership is increased for no benefit.


What this legislation would mean is that EVERY non OEM part would become illegal and as such the manufacturer can hold the driver to ransom for whatever cost they want. It would also mean that you couldn't buy the exact same part from the component manufacturer but would instead have to buy it from the vehicle manufacturer at whatever mark up they want.


It would also mean that you MUST maintain ALL receipts for ALL parts bought (irrespective of age) to show at any roadside inspection or MOT etc. Any MOT centre that wants to make a quick buck could deny you an MOT because they suspect a part wasn't bought from a recognised dealer of the vehicle manufacturer and was a type approved part just because you no longer have the receipt.


This legislation MUST be stopped if you don't want to be mugged by corrupt politicians in cahoots with the manufacturers.

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Sep 10

Posts: 184

euro mot threat

This   has  been threatened  for many  years  , type  approval   is  practised  in  countries  that  tolerate  bikes  ,which  I  am  afraid  is  begining  here  .  The   ONLY   thing  that  has   held it  back  so far  is  ,many  after   market   parts   suppliers  will   go to the   wall .  Taxi"s   have  to have  more  than  one  M.O.T.  a   year  after  a   certain age  ,and   they  like  us  are   minority   road  users  ,so  the   government   think  they  can always   sh*t    on you  . Within  two  years   new   licensing   rules   {E.U.   directives -again }  will   kick in   ,including  the  raising  of   age  on some  types   of bike  .  They  are   only   TALKING  about   new   rules   for  cars  .  How   many  youngsters   do  you   know  on a   bike   ?  ,the   reason"s   are   pretty   obvious  . I  would   never  give  up  my  bikes  {no car  }   ,but   if I   was  starting  from  scratch  ,I   wouldn"t  bother  ! .

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Mar 07

Posts: 1464

joeslow says:

Fight this

Join MAG - I'm glad I did

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Jun 10

Posts: 46

There's a problem...

Freedom Of Choice.


NEVER forget the European Convention on Human Rights for without it we'd probably all be murdered by the state.


Time to tell these crazy politicians where to go with their stupid little ideas...


Manufacturers will of course SUPPORT this idea as it means they can charge what they like for custom parts without any hinderance from competition.

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Sep 10

Posts: 5

mrlayhey says:



I have no problem traffic police pull me over and inspect my motorbike as it is always road legal and safe. At the end of the day i would rather spend the time and effort making sure it is legal and road worthy and most off all safe. The roads are dangerous enough place with potholes and silly idiots in there ford galaxys with there mobile phones and rear brake lights not working ''cough - tit on a47'' cutting me up because there to busy talking to their boyfriend and fixing there hair. 

If you make sure your bike/car is road legal and safe you got nothing to worry about. At the end of the day motorbiking has its risks but perhaps thats part of the thrill, but i dont want to add to the risk by driving an unsafe bike... Takes no time to make sure its safe and sound.

Only thing is why is the price going up for an mot.. I hope these rules are going to happen to cars,, hgv ect as it isnt fair for motorcyclists to have to fork up.

Anyway safe riding.... and have fun

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george shuttleworth


May 04

Posts: 112

This is all bullshit. I'm absolutely fed up with the EU dictating to us what we can and can't do. It's about time the cocks who supposedly run our country grew some ball and told them to politely (as we are British) to get fucked! Anyhow I really can't see them getting this in... Think of how much it would cost to put everybike back to bog stock and how many it would put of the road whilst people tried to get there bikes back to standard... And think of how many votes they would lose if they allowed this to happen. Plus how are they going to police it? They barely manage with things as it is. And then there's all the aftermarket businesses that would be put out of business. If they have to do it for bikes on the grounds of safety they will have to do it for every vehicle on the road!! It's time to join the MAG I think.

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Jul 10

Posts: 4

stormingjoe says:


As been said The EEC is here to stay, but when unelected knobs preach all these rules and regs that gets my goat up. This should apply to all motor vehicles as a whole and not just a section, motorcycles generally are more roadworthy(better maintained) than other vehicles as most are looked after better than their partners.

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Aug 07

Posts: 45

ianp5uk says:


I find it offensive that they wish to impose different standards to motorcycles. I have for a while also thought it wrong that MOT is used for law enforcement. It should be purely a safety check. Noise is an issue and I believe this is something for roadside checks not the MOT. After all like number plates you just change the part back to standard for the test. All the MOT achieves in this area is to be annoying. And neither of these 2 things are about safety. But guys, some exhausts are too noisy and something should be done - its just selfish and inconsiderate. It's also a problem equally found on cars. The maddest element of MOT is indicators - if fitted must work! So it's ok if you take them off - bonkers.

I am particularly worried about these tests because I trail ride. I have to change my plate for MOTs because a fully legal one simply wouldn't survive a ride. Likewise if made to fit indicators.

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Mar 05

Posts: 62

Darowyn says:

I have just responded to the EU survey, but felt that I needed to add this note to the final comments box.

This is a very poorly designed survey form- offering no option to disagree with a series of proposals, all of which are undesirable.
Please take "No response" as an indication that I would oppose all the suggested options.



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Sep 10

Posts: 1

Andypanache says:

Euro MOT

As usual, this ill-thought out proposal actually does little or nothing for the safety aspect as it claims, rather, it's just about revenue generation and victimisation of a category of road user that the eurocrats don't like. As this sort of thing becomes more prevalent, it's clear that there is now one particular course of action that motorcyclists need to take and that is a policy of 'non-cooperation'. This is the only way to show the 'authorities' that the people who pay their salaries don't want to be treated this way. With this mornings news that police have given up the streets of Britain to anti-social behaviour, it's obvious that they will be unable to cope with a mass protest along such lines. It's a last resort, but what choice to oppressed minorities have?

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