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Steve Farrell  says:

DVLA apologises

The DVLA has apologised and renewed a commitment to send motorcyclists their old licences back after failures were exposed by MCN. The promise to return old licences was made last year after hundreds complained of receiving new ones with motorcycle entitlement missing. For the first time it gives riders a way to prove a mistake has been made.  Riders were...

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  • Posted 4 years ago (08 October 2010 14:49)

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Apr 09

Posts: 99

Sanjuricus says:


Typical case of "oh yeah, we didn't get that memo"...signs of mismanagement if ever I saw such things.

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Jan 09

Posts: 76

Nephilius says:

extra precaution

Just to remind everyone that every time you have to exchange or renew your licence, you don't actually have to return the original - there's an option you can tick to say you have lost the original. It makes no difference to the application process, and assuming you haven't actually lost the original, you'll still have a copy in the event that the DVLA continues not to return old licence documents

I realise this is, in essence, lying, and we shouldn't be forced to do so, but from a practical perspective it's going to save a lot of grief. If you're ever challenged, you can, quite reasonably, claim to have found the "missing" documents down the back of the sofa

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Oct 06

Posts: 15

not so much mis-management as they cant be arse to inform the staff, and its another excuse for them not to do it. If and when i need to do this i'll be photocopying it before i send it as well as the SAE included.

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Mar 10

Posts: 115

MudDoctor says:

It's all very well apologising,

but what are they doing about the people that are still missing their entitlements? I see no commitment here to right the wrongs, no commitment to get these people back on the road, and no commitment to compensate any who might have lost out financially because of DVLA's "administrative errors".

These "errors" are becoming an all too frequent event in the public services, and while the innocent tax payer suffers, either nothing is done to fix the error, or a rather feeble and insincere apology is given.

When are some of these numpties going to be fired for incompetence?

As for the DVLA "spokesperson" (too chicken to be named) calling us "customers", which school of management-speak did he go to? A customer willingly buys a product or service. A customer is NOT someone who is forced, by law, to pay for a rather shoddy service, and doesn't even get what they pay for.

By definition, that is a "victim" in my book.

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May 10

Posts: 427

X2Glider says:


Photocopying won't help you.  A number of people who lost their endorsements tried proving they always had it with a photocopy.  They were told that copies were too easy to alter, etc, etc.  Not sending in the original is simply the best way to do it.

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Jun 10

Posts: 2

ShemsuHor says:

Bureaucratic Bollox

I really can't see what their problem is.

When my passport needs to be renewed, I send the old one away with the application for the new one. What I get back is a new passport along with my old one having had the corner cut off. Easy isn't it. If one Government department can do it, why can’t the DVLA?

I have to also ask why the stamped addressed envelope? They're sending you a new licence, pop the old one in the same envelope, it's not rocket science!

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Aug 05

Posts: 36

mobil1yam says:

Returned Licence

I sent mine off with a SAE and a letter asking for the old one back. Got the new one with my entitlement still on it (Phew), BUT, I'm still waiting for my old one.

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Aug 02

Posts: 438

snave says:

While the Tories

...are busy getting rid of needlessly expensive Quangos with no discernible benefit to the public, perhaps they could give these Welsh tossers a kick into touch? Even if the money saved wasn't great (and it would be, oh iot would be) the sheer aggravation saved on the electorate would almost guarantee re-election. Personally, even if they axed the DVLA and farmed it out to a call centre in India, I think we'd see a drastic improvement and dancing in the streets.

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Aug 02

Posts: 438

snave says:

And as for problems...

...with the old licence, I previously told you all how to solve that little dilemma - have the original NOTARISED before you send it off. AT LEAST as legal as ANYTHING the DVLA issue, and arguably more so, as there is legal accountability for error enshrined in statute.

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Oct 10

Posts: 5

RTPRider says:

Unusual Service....

I recently had to change my address, was worried about cat A licence not coming back so I phoned DVLA. The woman on the phone was great, did the renewal on the phone and said to hold onto my current licence until I got the new one, and if new one was OK to cut old one in half and send back. Not sure if can do the same when photo needs changing but if they were like this all the time it would be much better.

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