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MCN  says:

MCN's guide to urban riding: Traffic lights

Bikes are great in cities; they are small, nimble and have power-to-weight ratios that would make even top sports cars wince. This means they are almost perfect for standing starts, or traffic lights. To make sure you get away from traffic lights safely and quickly MCN has produced a handy guide in association with Spada. 1. It may be tempting to focus...

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  • Posted 5 years ago (12 October 2010 11:47)

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Apr 10

Posts: 5

naj1987 says:

When the lights change...

Put your shoulder check in when the light goes amber. This leaves you ready to go on green, and stops you going before. The head movement also makes other road users aware of what you are going to do (because we know that a green light won't be enough of an indication for them!).

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Apr 07

Posts: 157

AFKAN says:

In London...

...If  you wait for the lights to be green, before you go, you'll be run over by at least the first 3 cars behind you (one may even be a bus).  Watch out for cyclists who think that they're the fastest thing in London, as they pull past you in the queue and sit right in front of you.  Resist the temptation to clip the idiot around the ear as you pass at light speed.  Also keep an extra eye out for the numpty in the suit who thinks that he can easily make it across the road just as the lights go green.  The look on his face as he suddenly realises he was very wrong is a look I will NEVER forget lol :-D

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Feb 08

Posts: 817

Andy949494 says:


Watch out for bikes jumping the lights in your lane either to your inside or outside! Alos watch out for the ones on the other road taking chances since they forget about other quicker road users...

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Jul 06

Posts: 2049

buelligan272 says:

no you are wrong afkan!

Why do drivers think because everyone else does it the wrong way that it then entitles them to do the same!!
afkan do you realise that pedestrians are the only thing on the road that has right of way!!!Obviously not you moron.

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Jun 10

Posts: 8

ricksweb says:

Racing drivers

Beware of drivers trying to race you away from the lights. I find most drivers want you to get clear before they move off, but some take great exception to bikes are are prepared to risk hitting you just to try (and fail obviously) to get ahead!

Before I started riding, I'd always let bikes away first - it's common sense for safety. To do otherwise shows a reckless disregard for the biker's safety

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Jan 10

Posts: 16

KingWasp says:

Look out for light jumpers

Sounds obvious but I've lost count of the number of times if I'd gone on the green without checking that I'd have been hit by some idiot wizzing through as his/her light turns from amber to red.

Large, busy roundabouts seem to be the worst places, and as the nutters are accelerating to get through the lights, if you happen to get in the way there is no way they're going to stop.

It's nice when you catch up with them soon after and give them a look...most don't make eye contact. Give them the bird and ride off wearing the self satified grin of the right and just!

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Oct 10

Posts: 5

NieljohnUK says:

Caution every time...

Jumpers, with and against are a problem, at one blind light controlled junction (4 roads, 1 at a time in sequence) I use if I'm lead vehicle I'll take 2-3 seconds of after the green to move off, as those coming from the right (last green) will often chance it, rather than wait for the next green.

Then there's the one's who watch the other lights and start moving, even though the lights are still red, small hatch drivers, WVM and the like just can't wait, and will often try to cut you off or move accross because they're in the wrong lane, sometimes the bikes acceleration is enough, sometimes leaving them space to be an arse is safer.

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Apr 10

Posts: 3

BusaDave186 says:

No need t worry bout gettin away from lights wen youve got a Busa! Fuck fast!!!1

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Mar 10

Posts: 119

MudDoctor says:

MCN, be careful with your advice.

"9. Wait for the light to be green. It sounds obvious but moving on the red and amber is a bad habit that lots of people fall into. "

It's NOT a bad habit, it's ILLEGAL.

You will not be prosecuted for bad habits, but you could find yourself with a few points on your licence and a wee fine for breaking the law.

Sorry to be boring, but a defence lawyer might just cite this advice in court, naming both MCN and Spada.

I would suggest that you either modify the line, or remove it.

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Jun 07

Posts: 486

oh my god

if you ride a bike and need telling this i suggest you sell up before u die!!!

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