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Steve Farrell  says:

Brussels threat to trailies

Dual purpose bikes could disappear from the market due to new type approval rules from Brussels, the Federation of European Motorcyclists Associations has warned. The European Commission has refused to let motorcycles have an ABS turn-off switch when the technology becomes compulsory on models over 125cc in 2017. It means bikes will effectively become unusable on dirt or gravel because...

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  • Posted 4 years ago (22 October 2010 16:53)

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Apr 10

Posts: 109

FellRaven says:

A stupid Question?

Is ABS that good on a bike. In a car the real safety advantage of ABS is that you can brake and steer safely. I'd assume on a bake ABS is only really for straight line braking as braking in corners hard is going to make you crash ABS or not?

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Anonymous  says:


Tell the EU to sod off. We don't need their interference over here. Vote UKIP next election.


And as for the ABS. Just unplug a sensor. The computer then reverts back to "normal" braking.


And YES, ABS on a bike is for STRAIGHT LINE braking...

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Feb 05

Posts: 6

ishvara says:

No need to panic!

Well, we already know how to disable ABS on the new SuperTenere.

We'll definitely figure out how to disable it on other bikes.

And re-enable it when MOT time comes :)

So in response to these new stupid regulations we already have a solution.

The one "with Black Jack and hookers" ;)

(C) Bender.


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Sep 10

Posts: 30

Histy says:


I don't want ABS on any of my bikes on or off road! ABS was invented for cars so they can break and turn at the same time, i don't think it makes any difference to stopping distance at all unless maybe on cold damp tires but to make it compulsory is stupid. Maybe invest into educating road users or do retests every few years, people pass their test car or bike then drive/ride however they want. Histy@

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Feb 09

Posts: 86

Popski says:

More bloody EU meddling. Why the Hell we need to be involved with that shower of s**t anyway is a mystery to me. We were bulls*****d into it by the Heath government without being informed of the full implications, Federal Europe for one thing.

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Oct 02

Posts: 3

deathshead says:


Relax! these systems will be able to be bypassed so easy by some clever computer geek its scary. What Im trying to say is look at the digital tachos for hgvs,  a magnet on the speedo sender unit & scrambles the messages to the tacho unit. Plus look at the  diesel tuning boxes for the cars similar thing. 

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Mar 08

Posts: 45

Charro says:

It’s Not Just ABS


ABS seems to be headlining this issue but maybe that’s just what the European Commission and the eurocrats at the Directorate General for Enterprise and Industry (DG Enterprise) want. A stalking horse for the rest of ‘their’ plans for motorcycling up to 2020.

FEMA has a poor track record at heading off EU legislation. Didn’t we get the off switch thing with Daytime Running Lights too.

There are a group of the more thinking people in Brussels who believe that if FEMA hadn’t gone with ‘the switch’ the Commission would not have responded with a ‘no’ and opted for the status quo i.e. the current position with ABS switchable. After all that’s what the ‘industry’ wants.

The real issue is contained in Article 18 of the proposed regulations - anti tampering!

This is worth a read:-

It sets out the position pretty clearly with none of the usual ‘riders rights group’ rhetoric which to me often seems more intent on recruiting members that actual doing something about the issue, daunting as it is.

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Nov 03

Posts: 470

kl595 says:

Brussel Sprouts

Can't these people find something better to work together to get Europe back on its feet after the banks have screwed everything up. Coming up with these rediculous ideas legislating against bikes is just a waste of resources. In a moment of thumb twiddling they've decided to pick on minority road users so they can be seen to be flexing their big European muscles from Brussels.These Eurocrats obviously haven't anything to do. If all The European Commission can come up with are ideas to stifle transportation, then it should be abolished.

Let's stop buying sprouts as a protest 

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Sep 10

Posts: 13

CBRemy says:

Dismantle the EU

Really, what kind of bullcr*p is this. I am getting so incredibly pissed off by all of those EU regulations. And I'm from the Netherlands, our government always does what the eu says, it is getting so frustrating. If it's up to those idiots in Brussels no one in Europe is allowed to have ANY fun in their live whatsoever, and that makes me completely sick.

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Sep 10

Posts: 13

CBRemy says:

Intelligent Speed Adaptation (ISA)

Wth? speed adaption? If ever that comes in new bikes, it will be the first thing that goes into the trashcan when I buy a bike.

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