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Steve Farrell  says:

The end of home servicing?

Home servicing and modifications will be prevented and anti-lock brakes made compulsory under drastic new proposals from Brussels. A raft of measures aimed preventing modifications will include so-called ‘onboard diagnostic (OBD) systems’ which register a fault when components are changed. Engine control units (ECUs) which govern fuel supply could become sealed to prevent tampering and exhausts could get bolts which can only...

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  • Posted 4 years ago (26 October 2010 15:44)

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Sep 07

Posts: 2758

James600zx says:

The sky is falling (again)!

But what's that line right at the bottom? -

"Before the development of any detailed measures, a study will be conducted in order to clarify whether modifications represent any significant danger to the environment or to the safety of riders.”

-and relax.

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Apr 08

Posts: 11

Woodspoon1 says:


So in an attempt to make things safer, there is the possibility that it could do more harm than good, by making many bikes go unserviced by owners who cant afford, are unable to or just plain wont get their bikes serviced by a dealer.

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Apr 10

Posts: 109

FellRaven says:

Link Please

Please could you link the source together with details of who we should make representations to. So if France has a 100bhplimit can you take a sports bike to france?

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Apr 09

Posts: 13

cairnspj says:

home servicing

I used to think MCN were a bit paranoid, but like they say just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get you. DSA fouling up the bike test (cause they're too thick to realise 50 km=31mph?), dangerous road barriers deliberately being put in, Westminster charging to park (with plans for others to join through PIP), extra manhole as a safety feature on bendy roads, screens at round abouts, opening Bus lanes so they can crash into us more (ok maybe they didn't mean that one) and now this no servicing nonsence.

if it goes ahead, bike companies might have to start supporting OEM parts for older bikes more or go out of business, as less people will be keen to upgrade to the latest model?


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Apr 09

Posts: 99

Sanjuricus says:

Computing in a bike...

If they put these devices in Bikes, I'd give it about a month before the codes are cracked, about two months till there is a way of circumventing the measures...and say about six months until a "dodgy" product is on the market that doctors the input feeds recieved by these devices.

The more computing power they put on a bike, the easier it will be to hack it!!!

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Oct 09

Posts: 103

BarbaricCub says:

Im no mechanic

so most of the work done on my bike gets done at a dealer anyway, but id like to see the EU tell me how the devil exhaust on my CBF125 makes any difference to its safety....or the lower fairings and renthal bars put on by the previous owner, its not the bikes that are unsafe most of the time, its the roads in my experience.

To my mind it doesnt matter if your bike makes 11.6bhp at standard or 180bhp, or if you modify it or not, if you dont go nuts at the wrong time the bikes power wont be a problem.


Also what about the boy racer's in chavved up corsa b's and saxo's? id say their modifications and driving over their abilities makes them more dangerous then your average biker. Will car drivers get these new rules too?

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Jan 05

Posts: 161

nigel100 says:

look on the bright side

by 2017 our 10 year old dinosaurs with 185hp will be worth 3 times the price of a new bike.

Forcing people to hand their vehicle over to garages to service them has already been tested to be against our human rights  in the car world, hence today we can still change the oil/ plugs etc there is no doubt that motorcyclespews is scaremongering as usual, i do wish they would come up with some interesting news that is worth reading for a change

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Aug 02

Posts: 103

tl1000kid says:

The EU wants to stop motorcycling altogether - that is the bottom line.

We need one powerful lobby group that we can all get behind to stop this madness.

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Feb 05

Posts: 6

ishvara says:


No servicing my bike? I guess no F#$%@ING my wife then???

Take her to the authorised dealer?????

They want a revolution or what?



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Sep 09

Posts: 397


We all know that any ECU can be and will be hacked.

We will hack into them I guarantee.

I will not be dicatated to in infinite detail by the controling and bent blighters in the EU Parliament.


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