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Chris Newbigging  says:

Milan bike show: Honda Crosstourer concept revealed

Honda has just revealed the Crosstourer concept – a brand new adventure sport bike powered by the VFR1200F engine. The Honda Crosstourer adopts the Dual-Clutch version of the VFR’s V4 engine in a unique chassis with clear off-road intentions, unlike the road-only Crossrunner also revealed today. It has an alloy beam frame with Honda’s advanced shaft drive, and wire-wheels carrying on/off road...

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  • Posted 4 years ago (02 November 2010 10:07)

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Jun 10

Posts: 188

Toecutter71 says:

100% true

Stressed1 said everything what is importatnt end all about bikes when somebody hase a wish to buy one.

End yes Multisrada, do not make it question which is

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Aug 02

Posts: 3265

eatcs01 says:

Cross dresser

I can't wait to test ride one. I couldn't care less if it hasn't got USD forks or Radial calipers. They're more about fashion than anything else anyway. USD forks were developed for motocross bikes. Radial calipers were developed to make it easier for race bikes to change the disc size, and not have to change the calipers.

I agree the forks look a little spindly, but that might just be due to the size of the bike itself.

And as for Stressed1 "I mean,what's the use of paying £10000 or so for this bike and end up saying "I wish i hadn't now as it does look crap compared with such and such". What about all the sports bikes that people bought because they love the look of them, then realise they are as comfy as sitting on a razor blade??

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Aug 07

Posts: 45

ianp5uk says:

Cross Dresser

Why does MCN and others persist in saying these bikes have "off road" capability. Maybe you could ride one gently up a fireroad but that's about the lot for any normal rider short of a Dakar champion perhaps and they could probably do as well with any other road bike. These are road bikes with an element of off road styling. Call it an Adventure bike by all means. That's not to say it wont make a fabulous road bike and tourer but give it a rest with the off road nonsense. When I see the manufacturer is competative in Rallys with something not too far from the on sale version I'll call it an off road bike. I pity the poor bloke who believes the hype and ventures into the woods or sand because he wont be coming back out without a lot of help.

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Mar 06

Posts: 253

stu_sp2 says:

I'm undecided to be honest....i agree that nowadays we expect a certain level of kit on our bikes, Triumph manage to churn out high quality bikes with USD forks and radial brakes at very attractive prices, thats why i bought one!! lol , but this new Honda, well, i'm not sure, maybe they'll change the forks and brakes on the production models?

This thing defo aint going off road is it!! pure on road adventure bike, nothing wrong with that! fair do's, but it looks like a GS1200 Adventure thats been crashed then repaired in somebodies shed, the GS is a better looking bike with more character because it clearly defines its intentions, this is too bland, it needs some better colours for a start...

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Jul 08

Posts: 30

Not another one!

Just another GS, S10 clone. Too heavy, too big for any serious off road but will probably make a great two up tourer which can tackle the odd dirt road down to a remote campsite.

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Oct 05

Posts: 517

evilamnesiac says:


Well your username is appropriate at least, to quote your post:

"Evilamnesiac reckons people who have USD forks and RAD CAL brakes are the 1st too complain if they go T**S UP!My brother had an R6 with RAD CALS/USD forks....... no worries!"

Did I say that? or did I say that they were among the same people to complain when the prices go up? Nobody is denying that USD forks and radial calipers are preferable, although from your original post only for aesthetic reasons in your case. If you had the capacity and or decency to actually read the posts I clearly said if the RWU forks and normal calipers performed well enough I could live without the fancy bits if it kept the price down, as opposed to fitted them for very little performance benefit making what is likely to be an expensive bike a whole lot more so. 

RE: X2Glider - I can't see it doing much off road either, could be quite top heavy with the big V4! And it is now officially the Honda Crossdresser!

[This Reply has been modified by the Author]

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Apr 08

Posts: 7

rgv666 says:

Waste of time

The Japs have done it again,,,, created another overweight overpriced GS parody waste of space . This will bomb like the Varadero - they will want Multistrada/GS Adventure money, They will drink fuel, be too heavy, too tall, sport bland colours and depreciate at a ridiculous rate. When will they wake up ..yet another Honda miss. Can the Japanese go on repeatidly getting trashed by the Europeans?? Werent they the race that made extras, standard kit? Rubbish rubbish rubbish

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May 10

Posts: 3

sirslarti says:

Review prediction...

I can see MCN doing another '"Adventure Bike" review by riding it around some sealed roads in England and maybe through a puddle to test it's Adventure credentials!  For once MCN please look up the definition of Adventure and bring the bike downunder or somewhere where you can at least try out the other half of the bike.  Also think about doing the ride for more than two days and DON"T stay at a pub or motel etc.... have a real adventure and camp beside the track where ever your feel like it...

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Nov 03

Posts: 470

kl595 says:

Fools Rush In

No doubt someone will test ride one on the road, buy one, crash it off road, fail to pick it up, decide it's too heavy and too big and sell it a year later at a £2500 loss. 

Better still, give me the £2500 now instead of boosting the Japanese economy!

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Oct 05

Posts: 517

evilamnesiac says:

Goes both ways....

Kl595, the same could be said about the R1200GS, people who go off road (properly off road) would buy something lighter like a KTM Adventure, but when you have them on road they ride like a off road bikes i.e.- crap. Its a big tourer that looks cooler than a full dressed touring bike and could tackle a gravel road or bumpy B-Road, which is more than 99.9% of road bikers would ever want to see on a bike thats going to be the painful side of twelve grand. I'm more interested in how it handles on road, thats where its going to be used, not pontificate on hows its no good round a motocross track. We know the engine is a gem, so it should have plenty of poke, my only concern is how they handle the weight as the Veraduckworth was quite top heavy with a tank full of juice!

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