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Steve Farrell  says:

Dealer who folded owing thousands did same thing in the 90s

The director of a motorcycle dealership that went bust owing customers thousands previously owned another bike showroom which folded in similar circumstances. Police are investigating allegations of theft and fraud following the collapse of Roger Constable’s latest venture, Midlands Superbikes in Market Harborough, Leicestershire. Customers say the business failed to return bikes which had been taken in for repairs or servicing. Up...

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  • Posted 4 years ago (15 November 2010 09:49)

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Feb 10

Posts: 394


BE extra your homework!!!

If there are people out there who want or NEED TOO SELL their bikes,don't let this nasty episode put you off, not all dealers are like these self serving fiends!!!

One solution would be to hand over PHOTO COPIES of bike documentation with bike too dealer so that when a punter comes along,  they can see what they need too.Then if they buy,dealer phones owner,owner goes along when deal is done and gives dealer the real documents,who then passes them on.Simples, as the meerkat says!

If a dealer goes bust(FOR WHATEVER REASONS) at least you've still got your(REAL) documentation*PROOF YOUR OWNER SO BAILIFFS CAN'T SELL*,however trying to get your bike back(IF ITS GONE WALK ABOUT ABROAD) may be a bit trickier!:blink:

I would never hand over bike/documents together,no-way,no matter how well established or secure  dealer seems and not even if it causes offence.

Better too put nose out of joint(well not if you can help it)than to be still paying for a vehicle that you haven't got anymore wouldn't you say!?

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Jul 08

Posts: 179

Fomancu says:

as with Stressed

nouf said :-)

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Master Simon


Aug 02

Posts: 1

Master Simon says:


Roger Constable is a thief and conman, I stand by what I say, I had the misfortune to find a rather lovely Z1000J in his Ashford store some years back, ok good few years back, what do they say, if it looks too good to be true?

My disaster unfolded when during a ride out with then fiancee on the back, we had been stretching the throttle cables, slowing down into a town, luckily at 25 mph, the front sprocket fell off, how I kept it upright I shall never know.

What they never told me was, there was no locking washer of any sort, and when they repaired it they never put one on, also they never told me the sprocket had punched a hole in the swinging arm bearing.
What they never told me was the front sprocket cover would not come off as the frame was so bent the cover was locked in place. Motoliner in Maidstone said it had hit something very hard, the whole cradle was distorted, as were engine mounting bolts, top tube etc.

Further issues they would not deal with were the gearbox was shagged, it would regularly drop out of gear, likely due to worn gear dogs.


Notes, as said before not all dealers are the same, however I am now far more wary of any dealer, car or bike thanks to this idiot.


Do not trust Roger Constable with one penny of your money.

He is a con man, and leopards never change their spots.





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Sep 09

Posts: 406


Floaters have a habit of coming back up to the surface.

I`ve been in Midland Superbikes many a time but never bought or traded any bikes there. The whole place had bad vibes, bad karma, always left with a bad taste in my mouth. In my view the bike sales staff must surely have known fully well what was going on?

I remember a Triumph dealer in Erdington, Birmingham did a similar "dirty" about 10 years ago. These people do not represent the majority of the bike industry, however they do massive harm to the bike industry as a whole. I hope the Bill and the CPS don`t screw it up, but I wouldnt put money on it.

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Nov 10

Posts: 18

Hwystr says:

Red ZRX1100

Does anybody know where the red ZRX100 they had in the shop wound up?

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Nov 10

Posts: 5

slippy75 says:


My bike was also taken, this is still registered in my name and insured.

Its a GSX1400 Black/Red. W***FMO

anyone with information regarding its safe return please report to Leicestershire police 0116 2222222, reward for its safe return.

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Dec 10

Posts: 1

Wingdemon says:

Previous factual history

I am sorry to hear of this again from people in another part of the country.

The companies sytem and legal system in this country should be able to ban people like this from every dealing with the public ever again, yet it never happens.

Mr Constable started business in the late seventies buying and selling bikes from his Mothers house in Westwell Kent, then rented a property at the rear of the Police station in Ashford Kent which mysteriously caught fire with a suitcase full of money!:lol::ph43r:

The subsequent payout from this incident on a premises which did not have planning consent and was being subjected to legal action by the local council,resulted in the business moving to an old shop in Ashford again without permission which after several appeals was given) Cat motorcycles was alive and kicking, expanding into Maidstone and Folkestone, with the whole kaboodle of MOT testing and workshops. Then MOT buisness was shut down by Inspectorate for issueing MOT certificates mmmm! Wrongly!:huh:

A Police investigation and arrest of staff for ringing motorcycles, resulting in convictions. :upset:

Subsequently the same happened to the other two sites, shortley afterwards the business went bust , but not before SOR bikes had been sold and the cash dissappeared, one bike even being sold to a local dealer who had the owner come into his shop looking for a new bike "nice bike the shop owner says" Should be it's mine and I didnt know it had been sold" says the owner.:wacko:

By this time Mr Constable had  "dissapeared":mad:

Didnt think he was even still in this country, subjudice I hear some and see some say, No is a matter of public record and This guy should be in a nice 12 X 6 room with some new friends at Her Majestys Pleasure, and theirs!!!!!!!:wink:

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Pikey Joe


Jul 07

Posts: 8

Pikey Joe says:

He's dead

He jumped off Beachy Head a couple of weeks ago.

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May 11

Posts: 1

alex1994 says:

This is too Wingdemon and everyone else who has put Rubbish on this forum.

 As to all of your "Previous Factual History" it is B***SHIT, i would love to know what source that was from seeing as im Roger's Son and know everything there is too know about the closure of Cats and Midlandssuperbikes.

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Apr 07

Posts: 604

Lass says:


I liked Roger;he was always good to me.

I'm disgusted that some reporters turned it into such a witch hunt.

To become so desperate to take your own life,is quite frankly, heart breaking. No one should ever feel like there's no where to turn to.

I hope he's found peace

And I hope those that feel they suffered,find forgiveness


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