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MCN  says:

New Triumph Trophy spy shots!

These are pictures of the most significant new Triumph since the launch of the Daytona 675 in 2006. The Trophy tourer you see here is entirely new, has shaft drive, and is the first of the next generation of big-capacity Triumphs. Though test engineers have taken care to remove all logos from the bike – even machining off logos from the...

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  • Posted 4 years ago (17 November 2010 09:20)

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May 09

Posts: 508

speedo007 says:


I want to think you're right and these are "true" spy shots. But after all the bullshit Triumph's been feeding us with the Tiger campaign, their credibility in that department has taken a serious hit. Why take the care to remove the logos on the brake calipers and dress up in a logo-covered suit...

That said they are really going after BMW lately. And if they make them better and cheaper, BMW better have a trick up their sleeve soon....

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Jun 06

Posts: 335

Fair point

I understand the scepticism, and we had a laugh at the chap in the Triumph suit too (the best shot is the rear shot - they've taped the Triumph logo on the plate, but not his jacket!), but we've paid for them. Also, it's so early in development, I doubt Triumph really want it seen - some of the details we picked out in the paper are very rough, as is the way when manufacturers are determining geometry, riding position and so on. It's hardly a showcase for the best of British engineering at this stage.

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May 10

Posts: 427

X2Glider says:


While I think it's great that Triumph have expanded their lineup with something to squat in 1400GTR, K1300GT and ST1300 territory, I have to wonder why they created the Sprint GT instead of a new Sprint ST.  Makes no sense to have 2 bikes so similar in physical size, length and heft even if the displacement is 150cc different.  All I wanted was a ST that was lighter and had better suspension and brakes that the previous gen.  For the 1st time in my life I'm considering an I-4 from Kawasaki in the form of the Z1000SX.  These current Triumphs are just too big for my needs for commuting and long distance touring.  I'd pick the 800XC first.

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Feb 10

Posts: 367


Is it a BMW or HONDA?

May just Be me but the shot of the bike going round corner it looks like a cross between the ST1300 PP Honda and BMW R1200RT!:blink:

The hand guard-mirror-indicator housing looks TOO BIG,a bit of a sore thumb,me thinks!!!That silencer looks like its about to depart co. with the bike and the side heat extraction vents look terrible,as though someone has bolted a tupperware box onto the fairing.Yes,i know its pre-pro, its not bad but its not great looking is it.

I'm wondering if Triumph have dusted off the covers of the Superbike project(remember a few years ago the HAYABUSA beating bike they were going too build but shelved it to build the Rocket iii) and put the engine into this model?MMM!?COULD BE.......

As for Triumph replacing the 1050ST model,only if they don't touch the headlight/fairing configuration.I like it as it is.There's no need too touch this part Triumph.Please don't!?

A freshened up engine,USD forks(Mlti adjs) and RAD CALS and multi ADJS RR SUS.That's it for the ST.:roll eyes:

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Apr 10

Posts: 20

Spy Shots & Fairing

With regards to the spy shots; it is likely that they are genuine.

Photographers regularly haunt this area of the West Midlands; as there are some development runs made by a number of concerns, particularly around the Jaguar/Land Rover engineering centre at Whitley.

With Triumph ever on the up, turning out 2 to 3 new or significantly new models a year; it is clear that such photographers would be on the look out for any scoop; two wheeled or four.

Unfortunately, they do not have the benefit of a development track; or at least one which is hidden away from prying eyes.

With the bad press generated from a number of quarters about the everlasting teaser campaign of the Tiger 800, I doubt Triumph would play that card again.


Fairing is a bit middle-of-the-road; but with the production techniques of Triumph, I would not be surprised if this was the finished article. They tend to go straight through to production.

I hope I am right in observing, in that if you look; it would seem that the bike has Triumph styling - you can see the distinctive twin "spotlight" beams in the headlight unit.

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Feb 06

Posts: 26


According to the Yanks the photo's were taken in Spain, the red Audi looks to be on the right of the road and the driver on the left, so they could be right !

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Nov 10

Posts: 2

4FursSake says:

Shurely shome mishtake...

Er, may I cordially suggest that closer inspection would suggest the photographs are taken somewhere more exotic than 'Blighty? (Left hand drive car; direction of vehicle around the roundabout, the entrance to the filling station, the types of road furniture and markings etc.)Oh, and if that is the case, where is the GB (or equivalent) sign on the rear of the 'bike?

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Apr 10

Posts: 20

Fair play. In which case - are these really spy shots?


And I agree with the American article that it is pretty much as it will look when in production.

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Sep 10

Posts: 1108

SatNavSteve says:

Spy shots!

Wow, looks like I've started some controversy over the 'spy shots'. I still think theres something pre-meditated about these shots for the following reasons- a/ If, as Chris Newbigging says they were journalists there to photograph a car, why snap a bike if you don't even know its a pre-production job, or even know its a Triumph? and b/ Did the photographer just happen to be standing in the middle of the road with his camera turned on ready to take 3 perfect pictures?   All the photos of Triumphs seem to be far better than most other spy photos which seems to add up to a bit of hype to wet your appitite for a forthcoming product. Sorry Chris, hope my accusations havn't overshadowed the story, I think I've been watching too many detective programmes!!!

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Feb 09

Posts: 129



Here is my take on it all

   Spy shots yes in so much as photographers are infomed of the bike coming (time,place etc.Oh yes it just  happened to be on a left-hand bend for the best shots).

   It seems to me its very obvious BMW style,delibrate in my opinion,to gauge public reaction as to how far they can go with this.As it has been stated the TROPHY will not be out untill 2012,so time enough to get the styling right.The mechanicals are probably more or less sorted.

   The styling is to close to BMW and i hope TRIUMPH are noting this and we will see a lovely typically TRIUMPH bike in 2012

    I may be totally wrong and just hope this is not the future where we see cloned BMW's at TRIUMPH.




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