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Discuss This Kawasaki ZX-10R first ride update - 'a formidable weapon' First rides & tests

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Trevor Franklin  says:

Kawasaki ZX-10R first ride update - 'a formidable weapon'

MCN’s Chief Road Tester Trevor Franklin is Qatar at the world launch of Kawasaki’s new ZX-10R. He’s just completed a day’s riding and sent this report. Find a Kawasaki ZX-10R for sale “Evening has descended upon the Losil circuit, and with it the temperature has dropped to a more relaxing 28 degrees.     “The new Kawasaki ZX-10R has shown that it is a...

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  • Posted 4 years ago (18 November 2010 16:24)

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Aug 10

Posts: 18

UltimateMax says:


Im sure its good on the race track. but for the road I prefer the ride position of the new Z1000SX Ninja

what ever happend to this Z1400 Kawasaki?

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Jan 09

Posts: 845

v1nn1e says:

Aprilia competitor?

Looks like they've taken a leaf out of Aprilia's book and designed a Championship winning bike and then re-packaged it for the road. I would expect it to be a better road bike than the Aprilia though.

However, price-wise, if you're looking for an exotic WSBK replica Superbike, the RSV4-R is the same price as the ABS model. The Kawasaki looks good and I'd say of all of the Jap four I've got more of a soft spot for Kawasaki than most, but I know which I'd choose...

Like UltimateMax says, the Z1000SX looks like a better bet unless you just want it for a track day tool.


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Aug 02

Posts: 550


Christ, two sweeping statements from X2Glider regarding BMW! If only you bothered to post facts it would be more impressive.

 Servicing may be expensive but it is the closest thing to a race bike on the road, spares prices are bang on the money compared to the Jap stuff when you see price comparisons in the mags.

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Oct 08

Posts: 83


youd think kawasaki only made one bike !...your buying a die hard ,spit on ya granny ,hard as bollox superbike...why would you buy it to go buy some bread or nip to asda for your birds tampax lol you buy it to blast to the biker cafe 50 mile away to pose in ya £1000 leathers but that quick blast makes you feel alive and for that moment you feel 21 again and the wife and kids dont exsist right thing is go buy somthing more suitable for your old bones ..sorry i fk love the fact kawasaki have pulled theyre act together ....if theyve put three yr into this bike and put some sound engineering into it then damn you get what you pay for youd soon moan if this was inferior and this and  that was poor wer its due theyve pulled the stops out and its the bollox no doubt ....go buy a second hand bandit if thats what gets you up in the morning lol...if ducati can paint some platic and metal red and charge 20,000 coz its limited and got a pipe and signiture why carnt kawasaki charge the going rate ...this bike will make kawasaki good again ....sorry the r1 still top cash and i think its dog ugly sorry just my opinion 

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Oct 05

Posts: 95

screamer69 says:

it will likely beat all the..

...stock bikes head to head..question is how much a winner its gonna be on the track..

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Apr 06

Posts: 1216

CosherB says:

death of the road going superbike?

they'll still sell in the UK, but as 1000cc superbikes are now so extreme in terms of their dynamics (as many have already pointed out, they're racing bikes first with lights bolted on for sale to us mere mortals) and escalating purchase prices, it's no wonder that the manufacturers have acknowledged this with a new sub-set of cheaper, road going 1000cc bikes that are faired, comfortable and road-biased.  no doubt these will be followed in the 600cc class as well, now we have the 'origianal' CBR600 back.  it'll be interesting to see how road focused the likes of the new tuono V4 will be, and if the japanese react with something more than the rather luke-warm 1000cc nakeds we've been fed over the years.

any bets that the next new 'Blade will have 200 bhp?

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Jun 07

Posts: 486


i sold my 05 blade and bought a drumkit!!!......that way i won`t end up in prison or without a licence and a job.....the only place you can use these bikes now without constantly looking over your shoulderor up in the sky for the fukin police chopper or by the side of the road for the camera on the track and i`m not paying 150 quid for a few 20 minute sessions going round and round the same bit of tarmac all day.......i`m 45 been riding for 23yrs and now it`s over.....£12000 for a bike....i don`t think so,at least you might see a few people on em wobbling round corners and blasting down the straights before braking 200m before they need to for the next wobbly corner. that is the usual type of person who buys these bikes new,keeps em for 2 yrs does 700m and then sells it for the next must have rocketship that they can`t ride

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Mar 04

Posts: 204

v2kiwi says:

What Simon Says

Could nt agree with you more mate . most of these mega missiles have restrictors on the right hand handle bar.  But seriously  all this power is nt needed on the road. It,s just ego,s . A good rider on a superduke with half that power would be hard to beat on the road. Even a SV650 and buy road i mean corners not DRONEWAYS. Anyone can go fast in a straight line. Take Mike Edwards or Mc Williams lap times on a hog. (ie. they know how to ride  so power is not the be all and end all) if you know what i,m getting at. I like power don,t get me wrong but  where do we draw the line . The biggest problem is these bikes are accessable to anyone once they are off their P plates.  But that,s only my opinion. And no i don,t ride a superduke.Cheers Stay upright.

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Feb 10

Posts: 14

kambodia69 says:

txt twts

I vote to bring back the death penalty for people who write 'lol' after every sentance,nice bike too.

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Feb 10

Posts: 384


Legalised missiles for the road.......

Kawasaki's new ZX-10R.......Not bad but nothing new,not for £11-12,000!!!

As for some of the comments like too much power for the roads,yes,its the same old struggle,you don't need that much speed or power,yet who in their right mind is going too shell out £12,000 for a bike that looks like it should do 200mph but can only do 140 at a push?

Its like the BUGATTI VEYRON,254MPH(standard Veyron),£1,2 million TOO BUY,1001BHP,ETC.

This is what sells these vehicles unfortunately.However,it doesn't mean too say you have too use it,still we are only HUMAN and can be tempted which could mean inevitably serious injury or ultimately DEATH!

There is only one solution to this problem.......Stop selling machines like this!

No,this isn;t what i want,i'm not a kill joy,i'm getting old but i still love bikes but in one sense the speeds and power of these machines is unuseable on open roads where 20mph is now enforced on some roads and where you are constantly looking out for speed traps,etc.

There just isn't the joy of riding anymore,as even in first gear some of these machines will top the ton!

I see a bleak future for motorcycling as not only are the governments of the world still bleating on about banning missiles like these but the costs and constant up-dates are now making them un-reachable to the ordinary punter.

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