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Michael Guy  says:

2011 KTM RC8R first ride - 'Now with twin spark tech'

MCN's Michael Guy has sent back his first impressions on the new KTM RC8R from the world launch in Spain: Find a KTM RC8R for sale "The previous incarnation of the RC8R had issues with fuelling which caused an abrupt throttle response, but KTM have clearly listen to feedback and done something about it. "The new RC8R features 'twin spark technology' - each cylinder head has...

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  • Posted 4 years ago (19 November 2010 12:19)

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Sep 06

Posts: 297

gixercarl says:

foggie 996 - OMG !!!! / KTM RC8

thats the best one i have heard yet, getting you knee down at redgate etc etc

that your reason for getting a KTM

would ever you ride its easy to get yor knee dwon at these turns

perhaps you would be happy with the 96 srad that i used to where out a set a slider inside 2 15 sessions LOL !!!!

thats it bring back the srad LOL

look the KTM is a nice bike but it is a love or hate, they are not the biggest factory but they have done a good job and personally if one turns up at a meet i always look up and take a look

i personnally dont like front look its better in the R version colours  for some reason, i dont like the strange seat or the whole riding postion but it might suit others

in difficult times like now when interest in superbikes sales are falling offer cliff, i am glad manufacturers are still will to spend the R&D on improving their bikes

as for Foggie 996 if you look in the mcn you will find a nice srad in there for less than an RC8 great for kneedown  mate  lol

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Apr 08

Posts: 295

forklift says:

knee down

I cannot get my knee down but still crank it over. What's the deal with knee down, does it mean one is a superior ride to one that does not/cannot not?

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Nov 04

Posts: 3830

750FLYER says:


Sadly no....

Except in the minds of people like gixxercarl who likes to belittle people like foggie996.

Getting a knee down does not make you faster... If you are a fast rider, your knee will touch the ground without you trying.. it's a question of physics!! 

Now that RC8 is fookin sweet lookin as a nut... pheeeww-eeee... where's all my cash... bugger.. none left!!


lol   :)

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Sep 08

Posts: 498


is there a time when you aren't full of negativity, although i dont like to generalise sometimes i seems that some sportsbike riders just have something to prove, like they actually have very miserable lives and need to try and put down others, and they usualy ride gsxr's, strange that. Maybe you should just be quiet, foggie actually had a constructive and interesting post, but as usual you just post trash, your not cool sorry.

Back on topic, I would prefer if ktm were to sort out other more vital areas, for a while i was interested in a superduke, but having met a few people that have had negative dealing with ktm it put me off, If the bike were only to be used as a toy then it would be ok, but the idea of the clutch nightmares that you hear about far too often and electrical gremlins put me off, not to mention the price of parts and servicing. Although saying all of this, I think they look and sound amazing, and a fella i rode with last summer said it was the best bike he had ever owned. Personally i would just be too paranoid to take it on a long trip

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Oct 10

Posts: 20

joe1964 says:


What a level headed 21 year old!! Very well said (@gixxer) mate. We need more people like you in this world.

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Aug 02

Posts: 76

hjworton says:

Forget £13k, 2008 RC8s are going for under £6k now. Mine cost me £5500 and it is a fantastic bike to ride either fast or slow, and at that price I think it can be considered a bargain. I won't be selling and I suggest anyone who is interested buy used and not new.

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Sep 09

Posts: 712

Kneedown.... And KTM


Isnt the actual need for knees t hit the road surface, but its the moving of mass around a bike so as to reduce the strain on suspentiona and frame allowing better handling and superior control.

enough lean will have even your toe and pegs down easilly.

YES I can quite easilly get knee/toe/peg on the ground on my local roundabouts and be perfectly confortable (i prefer it TBH because its more comfy - but im weird haha)... I do however see too many people attempting kneedown ALLLLLLL wrong, trying to support their body through their arms and not moving their feet... I feel sorry for them.

TBH im sick of riding a race bike like a race bike, im going to go sensible and go for a GSX1400 next simply to stop me doing so much racery stuff on a bike.


THE KTM... I always wondered why it took KTM so long to develop their race bikes, and it turned out that the company was having money troubles. its a shame because the RC8 is a gloriously beautiful machine and hopefully made more potent.

But with the decline of the big V-Twins in superbike racing, I am struggling to see where the bike will end up in an increasingly race-driven markey - spesh at the pice!



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Dec 07

Posts: 236

merv007 says:

good effort

I've always admired KTM - they know how to build fast, stylish, quality bikes without the need to use horrid inline four engines. As I remember from this years masterbike the old RC8R set a faster time than any of the competing Jap bikes, and these changes should take it closer to the RSVR and S1000RR, and i suspect it will make a better road bike than any in the 1000 class now that its only major flaw - the fuel injection, has been fixed.

[This Reply has been modified by the Author]

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Feb 10

Posts: 372



I agree with what merv007 had too say.

KTM have always been the poor relation to the likes of DUCATI,YAMAHA R-1,BMW 1000RR,etc.

These bikes have a look of QUALITY and yes all right,you pay's for what you get's.

Compare this bike to an R1 and the price is a little more understanding-WP suspension,Brembo brakes,unique look of its own,fresh design,etc.

Still though i think the prices are going CRAZY and its gotta stop sometime!

£12-15,000 for a bike is ludicrous no matter what the spec.Oh! for the good ol' days of motorcycling and not have too worry about being swamped in debt or worrying about the latest have to have add on.Just riding and enjoying where the bike takes ya.......

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May 10

Posts: 12

nss5pjs says:

Fuel Management

Look at any twin and you will see the same low speed traits. Actually, Ducati is the most pronounced with a stumble below 3500RPM which makes traffic difficult to deal with. So, the KTM doesn't run great and the manufacturer has added a spark plug and probably re-mapped the ECU.   This is totally normal for a twin.  Look at BMW and the years they spent trying to tweak the oil heads!  The F800 on the other hand is fuelled perfectly.

Now, back to KTM. many people sell a multi cylinder bike and buy a twin, only to find out that it has poor low speed manors.  It's all part of ownership I think.  At least I put up with it. It's the character of a twin and that hesitation can be accompanied by the odd pop back through the intake. Lean engines run that way. Especially twins!   

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