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Matthew Birt  says:

British Eurosport confirms 2011 MotoGP deal

Popular commentary duo Julian Ryder and Toby Moody will be back on screens again in 2011 after British Eurosport confirmed it had signed a new one-year agreement to show the MotoGP world championship next season. The comprehensive package will include live coverage featuring practice and qualifying sessions for the 125cc class, Moto2 and MotoGP as well as the live 125cc and...

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  • Posted 4 years ago (26 November 2010 20:55)

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Nov 10

Posts: 1

Mortimeister says:

British Eurosport Commentary Team

I don't know if I'm listening to another sound track when I watch MotoGP on Eurosport. I think that Julian Ryder's and Toby Moody's huge knowledge of the series, the history and the technology of the sport totally make it for me. Neil Spalding is also hugely valuable, interesting and amusing. I'd love to have Randy back on the team but these are busy and in-demand people. I believe that the current line up is among the very best that motor sport has ever had on channels broadcasting to the UK and I speak as an old bugger who has watched FI and listened to its commentaries since Jackie Stewart was a novice. Move over Murray and James, Martin (excellent though he is) and anyone else. Keith Huen & Jools were a class act but this team is the best (still except maybe with Randy). Huge thanks to you all!

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Nov 10

Posts: 21

FalcoSL says:

Great news

Is there another way of getting this into my house without a $ky subscription?

I've heard that the online eurosport isn't streamed well enough, but maybe someone here knows better? Are there other alternatives - BBCVision, Top-up-TV or the like that others have used.



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Nov 10

Posts: 1

tommypotts16 says:

2 things to say on this,
FalcoSL, I watch Eurosport on line and while it’s not brilliant it’s ok, it cost £34.00 for a year but you can take it out for a month for £4.00, try it for a month and see what you think.

As for the commentators, don’t forget that Moody & Ryder have to fill about 5 hours of time on race day with their commentary where as Cox & Parrish only do 50 minutes, so give Julien & Toby a bit of slack.


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Dec 09

Posts: 2143

supermario says:

I think the worrying part

about that statement is that Moody could easily fill those 5 hours with waffle single handed. The guy is totally in love with the sound of his own voice

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Aug 02

Posts: 191

mike27 says:

I'm as tight as a camel's ar5e in a sandstorm...

...but I pay a sky subscription just for Eurosport's bike coverage.

Moody and Ryder are great - real enthusiasts and Spalding has lots of technical insight.

The WSB and BSB are great, too - particularly enjoy Whitham commentating.  Even the giner-haired one is good entertainment once you get used to him.

Only issue is the "bike insurer" advert every 5 minutes, but the mute button takes care of that.

Seriously, Eurosport bike coverage is the best sport on the telly - keep it up guys!

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Minty Fresh


Mar 08

Posts: 762

Minty Fresh says:


That the BBC still get the live coverage if you ask me as the coverage is a pile of shite!!! I dont mind Parish and Cox at all but the annoying blonde in the pits really gets on my nerves!!! I would love the Live coverage to be back with the Eurosport team but on the HD channel!! WSB looked amazing!!!

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Mar 09

Posts: 4537

Nostrodamus says:

I'll have Heuwen & Parrish

commentating with the dry tech input from the encyclopedic Mr Spalding as my dream team thanks. Mamola's supposed charisma never really came across on the telly to me. As for that Aussie monkey. Where did the BBC drag him up from? I listened to him on Five Live the other day as he described Rossi's injury this year as a broken ankle?! A runaway dribbling motor mouth.

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Apr 09

Posts: 53

poshbird1000 says:

2011 moto gp coverage

I am really pleased to hear that Toby and Julian are to continue coverage of Moto gp, I look forward to my weekends of motor bikes ( sitting on the sofa with a glass of wine or two) enjoying the banter between them. Niel Spalding's knowledge is second to none.  Its great to watch all the up and coming British youngsters, all talented and all with great careers in front of them.

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Dec 09

Posts: 2143

supermario says:

Yeah, he's not actually that clever

My uncle rode through france with the guy and was surprised to see him weaving all over the place on a motorway. When asked why he was doing it, Spalders replied "because I want to keep the wear even and not square off the back tyre"

And he sounds like Lurch from the Addams Family

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Sep 08

Posts: 20

bikefan69 says:

I think I'll get slated here, but . . .

 . . . I actually like all the commentators, both Eurosport & BBC.

BBC = general broadcaster. MotoGP is (sadly) very small fish in a very big pond. To their credit therefore, I think the BBC do a fair job of the amount of coverage they dedicate to it. Qualifying and races for all classes broadcast live (albeit all bar MotoGP race on red button). I was also encouraged that they broadcast the last two races of the year, and the season review, in HD.

I also think the whole commentary team (Matt Roberts, Jenny Gow, Charlie Cox and Steve Parrish) are OK. Sorry if that offends anyone. Jenny Gow I thought struggled at the beginning of the year but grew into the role as the year went on. Matt Roberts has worked in and around the MotoGP paddock for the last 10 years so fair to say he knows what he's talking about. And as for Cox and Parrish, I must be honest and say that at race time, I really don't want a load of technical jargon being thrown at me - I just want the commentator to try and sound excited by what is happening on the track. That they managed that in a season which saw largely processional racing, I think is to their credit.

I also think that in order to attract a bigger audience, they have to keep the commentary a bit "Jack and Jill". No better way to switch off new viewers than to give them a constant stream of technical info in a "look how much I know" style. People don't like being talked down to - so unless the commentary team can engage with the audience in a simple, non-patronising way, then people won't watch.

As a general broadcaster, I really do NOT want the BBC to give up on MotoGP. If they do, where are the next generation of viewers interested in the sport going to come from?

Eurosport = Specialist sports broadcaster. You should therefore expect their coverage to be superior to the BBC. I would suggest there would be a big problem if it did not! Julian Ryder, I've gotta be honest, I think is superb. He just seems to genuinely LOVE the sport. I think it comes over in his commentary, and if you've ever read any of his books, it most definately comes over in those. Toby Moody I confess I find a bit patronising. It also grates with me a bit how he has, on more than one occasion, made a point of saying how F1 is his "first love" and if they ever came knocking . . . . At least he's being honest, and I shouldn't knock him for that, but that mixed with his sometimes over the top commentary (IMO) does grate with me a bit.

As for WSB and BSB, I just think Eurosport are 10/10. Jack Burnicle and Jamie Witham I could listen to all day (JB unashamedly admits he isn't a "techhy" when it comes to bike set-up / behaviour etc, which I think makes him all the more endearing) whilst Witham is just a top bloke and always on the money.

So for me, bottom line is (after this long ramble - sorry), whenever I watch bike racing on telly (be it BBC or Eurosport), I just count myself lucky that I am a motorcyclist and am able to enjoy the most exciting sport in the world.

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