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Andy Downes  says:

New Honda CBR600F wins fans at Motorcycle Live

The new Honda CBR600F is an almost unchanged Honda CB600 Hornet with different handlebars and a quality fairing. The result is a 100bhp 599cc machine but with more comfort than the CBR600RR. 2011 Honda CBR600F gallery But is this what UK customers want? We spoke to show-goers at Motorcycle Live to find out:    Peter Main, 41, Horsham“I can’t afford two bikes anymore so what I want is...

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  • Posted 4 years ago (30 November 2010 15:36)

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Dec 09

Posts: 11

abar121 says:

As a previous CBR600F owner, I'm really glad they have introduced a direct, do-it-all replacement.  For max usability, it really needs a center stand, HISS, ABS options and a decent sized tank / mapping.

Bike's like this and the updated CBF1000 show Honda IS listening :)

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Dec 08

Posts: 1284

boybilly1967 says:

Its a nice looking bike.

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May 09

Posts: 97

1050cc says:

It's a sports 600 with bars above the yokes, hence your knees aren't under your armpits and your ankles aren't touching your buttocks, plus your wrists won't combine with your fingers after an hour, but it still has a sprty riding position. I think it's brave (yes brave, not lazy) that Honda have made a bike for people who want a smaller capacity Sports bike that is very useable on normal roads. They can get their knee's down on at the (occasional) track day yet ride to work every day or tour on. It will inevitably be considered weak by British press journalists who ride EVERY track-focussed 600/675cc bike out there that has lost 3kg since last year and gained 2bhp and shaves 0.1 second off their ego-driven laptimes. Most of us can shit more than last year's weight loss! Chaz Davies would crap on ANY journalist on ANY track on a CB500cc twin! Fantasy over reality, but then I guess that sells bikes...

I bet this bike is a huge hit for Honda, good for them. You want a true race rep? There's plenty of coice out there. Leave this one to the regular road rider who wants to do more with their bike than 3,000 miles a year but still have fun!

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Nov 10

Posts: 8

Foreigner says:

"I’ve got a Kawasaki ER6-n and I use it everyday for commuting and moving around between different jobs during the day but the lack of a fairing is a problem" Err...has Kawasaki suddenly stopped selling the ER6-f in the UK?

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Mar 09

Posts: 739

bikerbit says:

load of crap

err heap of crap its between 8-12 bhp less than the old cbr f and slightly less torque as well and looks cheap compared to the old one so its a heap of crap So whats the point of this bike when the old one was far better so whats this going to come in at ?

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Oct 10

Posts: 7

masa says:


So, go and buy this oldmodel CBR600F with 0 miles. Not possible. Market is demanding a new impoved version, and Honda is delivering it. That should not too difficult to understand. This new 600F will sell s*itloads.

Nice bike, excellent quality and always a good bike to sell when used.

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Jun 05

Posts: 26

saintmo says:

Better than the old one?

As the owner of a 2002 Honda CBR600F Sport, I would expect it to be. Mine did 20k on the road and has now done nearly 40 UK Track Days. t's never missed a beat and having ridden plenty of current model Hornets, I fully anticipate the CBR600FA to be better than mine.

I've also ridden plenty of CBF600's, another cracking bike. These bikes aren't designed to win the bhp battle with Supersports bikes. Indeed, Honda pitch the new CBR600FA it firmly in their Sports Touring range in their 2011 brochure.

It's clearly a bike for the real world, reminding the large majority that they can't ride a Supersports bike to 100% of its potential anyway. I dare anyone to pitch an average rider on a Blade against a good rider on any one of the 600cc bikes I've named and not get their arse well and truly kicked, on road or on track.

I think what some people are missing is the point that the current Hornet is a bloody good bike. So, a great number of tweaks here and there (according to Honda insiders) and new aerodynamics make for a pretty good package I would venture.

The only thing that leaves me slightly wary would be the price. If it's priced competitively (whilst allowing for difficult trading conditions), then I don't see why it can't sell a number of units in the UK. If not, it's another VFR1200F I'm afraid. Fantastic bike, but just a tad too dear.

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Jan 04

Posts: 16

wombat4 says:

CBR 600F

Where is the Centre stand7 There is not even a provision for one!

The rear shock looks very exposed.

I wonder if Honda have got the fuelling right yet, the VFR1200 I rode was horrid.

I ride 15-20000 miles per year so I need fuel efficiency, when will manufacturers start producing statistics?

The last CBR600F I owned was a '98 FW which was very good.

t seems all a bit fluffy and nice, but I'll wait to see and ride one.

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Sep 10

Posts: 13

CBRemy says:


People who care about hp numbers don't go and buy an F model, they go for the RR, so that is the load of crap in this case ;)

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Mar 09

Posts: 739

bikerbit says:

cbr f my ass

ok first off its not an improvement which all new model should be it looks worse than the old cbr not to mention any of the specs of it so how is that an improvement masa??? of course it will sell they wouldn't make it if it wouldn't they are there to make money after all so just cause somethings new dont think it is better its built for them to make money and cremy what I was pointing out was for a new model why have they suddenly decided to put less power in it answer because they cant be assed tuning or making a new engine which is exactly whats wrong with this bike they couldn't be arsed the design the engine hell the bike as a whole is just there to be bought to fund something else when I buy a bike I like to at least have the illusion that they have done something not just released it with no thought to the bike as for people that care bout numbers would just buy the rr the hornet did come with a half fern just like the fazer if you remember and all this is, is that with two extra panels and a horrible front so yes it is a load of crap its a bike with no thought put into it it is not a cbr f and it is a shame teh only thing that could possible save it is its price if it costs more than a fazer 600 its just not worth the money cause lets face it only reason you would buy it is cause it has 2 bhp more but CBRemy as you said no point in lookin at it for the numbers :p

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