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Mandy Tucker  says:

Why aren't there more lady bikers?

Following the piece in last week’s MCN I felt I should add my thoughts on why other ladies don’t indulge in biking. reaking into any male oriented activity can be intimidating for some women. The focus of much of the advertising or programmes on television is how powerful the bikes are, or how fast they can go, or who is...

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  • Posted 4 years ago (10 December 2010 16:20)

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May 09

Posts: 7

awww... poor men... "losing just about everything they have loved over the years to women wanting to have a go"... good grief!   Shame on women wanting to have as much fun and the same opportunities to do so..

Oh dear oh dear... poor loves.. you have nothing left now... no footie,.. no pubs... no bikes... no fishing... no drag racing... no rallycross... no fun at all... bless...

As a female rider I have no ambitions to see half-naked men draped across machines... the depicitions of women as barely clothed astride a bike is the common one which actually does make it a gender issue. 

Yes, the masses are male and yes they are catered for - and that makes eminent sense in business terms.  I have no problem with that, however, the questions asked is why aren't there more lady bikers... not why should or shouldn't there be..

Saints preserve us if another male-dominated arena is invaded and spoilt by  the "fairer" sex!




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Fly by night


Sep 07

Posts: 225

Fly by night says:

Women bikers


Perhaps you should be asking why there are so few women bike shop owners, if women want the changes they claim to so desire they must put up not tell everyone else how to run their businesses, even if they could well be right.

Motorcycling has always been a male dominated activity, why? Because it can be quite physically demanding.

However with newer more balanced machines for the road it has become less demanding on the physique hence more beer bellies.

Personally I think it would be a good thing to have more women riding bikes the industry would benefit, but let’s have women setting up their own outlets catering for the market as a whole for men and women with the emphasis less on sport and more on what most people use their bikes for.

It’s no good women complaining about the market if they refuse to get into it.

But many women like to ride pillion so perhaps it’s a physical thing, perhaps women don’t think they could handle the bikes.

Or perhaps there is no real challenge in riding the bikes so just don’t bother.

But perhaps and this seems more likely, like many men they would rather drive around in an armoured tank at break neck speeds not bothering to indicate their turning knowing they have very little chance of being injured.

Driving standards seem to jump out, perhaps just maybe as with so many male drivers they just don’t consider themselves capable of driving such a vehicle safely.

Wasn’t it at one time that the highest sales for 4*4 cars were to women because they felt safer in them than an ordinary tank, now just imagine how they would feel on a motorcycle, perhaps that is the reason why they are in a minority with cycling as well.

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Sep 10

Posts: 2

Remy says:

"Let's not forget that men have lost just about everything they have loved over the years to women wanting to have a go but then because they can't do the same as men feel they have to then change the beloved thing into something completely different in order for it to accomodate them, which then leaves men with nothing."

I think that's a bit radical!  As far as I'm concerned I don't want to deprive men of anything but would like to experience some of the things that are seen as male-dominated.  Nothing needs change as far as men are concerned but it would be good to have some things which were suitable for lighter weight (and maybe not-so-lighter weight) females, who by default tend to be shorter and not as physically strong. 

I love biking and aim to take my test in the next couple of months, and have been looking around at possible big bikes.  There is hardly anything that fits the bill for me, I am 5'3" with arthritic wrists and the only bikes which I can sit on with feet comfortably on the floor are cruisers and classic types which a) I don't particularly like and b) are really heavy.   I also have to discount the sports types because the bars are too far forward and put too much strain on my wrists.  I did end up buying a Suzuki Gladius, but will have to have it substantially lowered and it's twice the weight of my 125 - I'm hoping the lowering will enable me to cope with the extra weight of the bike!

As an aside, J&S Accessories in Northwich Cheshire have a huge selection of  Womens' clothing - I bought most of mine from there!

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