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Andy Downes  says:

Kawasaki recalls new ZX-10R - Update from Kawasaki UK

Kawasaki has issued what it is calling a ‘technical hold’ on ALL new ZX-10Rs in America but hasn’t revealed why. Kawasaki America has ordered all bikes sold and delivered to be sent back.  UPDATE 14 Dec: Kawasaki UK has released the following statement: "Following its recent successful Press Launch in Qatar, the European sales introduction of the 2011 model Kawasaki...

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  • Posted 4 years ago (13 December 2010 09:28)

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Aug 06

Posts: 28

coddy1972 says:


I'm not convinced with the arguement that the engine internals are different from say European to American models.

Normally American bikes are choked by the fact they have shit fuel RON levels. It may be ECU related, as for example a crossplane crank American spec R1 only ever gives 80% of maximum throttle opening above 10,000rpm (controlled by the ECU) no matter how far you open the throttle. This is why the Americans try to buy Euro ECU's, to gain the extra 20%.

If its related to the exhaust valve, then i wouldn't worry, as thge ugly exhaust would be sitting in the garage gathering dust, swapped for a full Akrapovic.

As for saying the offset crank may cause more wear, this is he exact opposite of what will happen. It gives less wear. This engine style has been devoleped  by Lotus Engineering, who have tested it to very good results and improvements over normal crank position-piston alignment.

What ever the real reason, it's going to give Kwaker a real boot in the nuts.

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Sep 07

Posts: 93

Rsix says:


Whatever the problem is.....I agree its GOT to be big enough to ask for the bikes back and give a full refund. Not good publicity. And really not good for Kawasaki's financial position.

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Jan 10

Posts: 431

rlf3 says:

"As for saying the offset crank may cause more wear, this is he exact opposite of what will happen. It gives less wear."

Only if it is designed and built correctly.


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May 06

Posts: 92

rmbridge says:

PR Disaster

Not being handled too well is it?  The lack of information is making everyone think its got a fundamental design flaw!  It may well be something as simple as a poorly manufactured part that needs to be replaced.

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Sep 10

Posts: 8

hazzazx10r says:

Euro news release

I have seen a 'Press release type thing on the Kawasaki riders club website. It basically says that the Euro release is now cancelled and on hold and a new date will be released once things are sorted. My understanding is that release date was meant to be mid-end January. What now ! Come on Kawasaki, get it together, all sing off the same song sheet because this inconsistancies in what is happening is P***ing me off. I have one on order and just want to know the bottom line, carry on like this and i'll spend my dosh elswhere !!!!!!

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Jul 09

Posts: 39

slimshany says:


what a joke how long have they been working on this bike!!!! (and the money spent)

don't hold much hope of it winning wsb races....

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Aug 03

Posts: 105


Recalls...learn from history

Don't be too quick to kick Kawasaki butt.

Some of you may recall issues with the Suzuki TL1000S when that was launched. UK bike press even commented on the "issues" when it they got their hands on it. Suzuki buried its head in the sand, there were some disputable accident on the road (even fatalities). It finally got sorted (just about).

At least Kawasaki have come clean. If I had ordered the new ZX10, I'd be more than happy to wait for a road worthy bike than a potential death trap.

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Feb 03

Posts: 1

richdevil says:

Well done Kawasaki for being honest and upfront with your customers! This honesty with your products makes me 10 times more likley to buy from you with confidence in the future! It is a crying shame that ignorant people do not understand the complexity of building such high tech bikes and put stupid comments on the web!

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Sep 10

Posts: 8

hazzazx10r says:

I agree that honesty and sorting the problem pre-launch is the right thing to do but to hear it first from things posted on unofficial American websites!!! 

Some UK dealers were not even aware of any problems and 'were in the dark' and didn't really know the full situation until an official statement was put out by Kawasaki EU yesterday. Surely it cant be difficult for Kawasaki to pass the messages down the correct channels (internal), so the right people (the dealers) have the right info at the right time to answer any concerns (Joe public) ?

All this makes it more intruiging and worth the wait i'm sure !

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Feb 10

Posts: 410



Manufacturers NEVER LEARN.:huh:

They're so eager too cut each others throats by beating one another to the finishing post that its always the poor buggers i.e.the buying public who have too suffer the heartache or disappointment of items either been delayed through pre-production re-calls,or once bought breakdowns barely into being used!!!

Kawasaki should know better.Yes,anything can happen,even to the most EXPERIENCED MANUFACTURER but nowadays there are too many items/products being churned out that are SHITE!!!:mad:

YES and its us the buying public that have too pay.Same as customer services.Ever noticed when you buy anything,sales people are only TOO EAGER too call you FRIEND but once you buy and anything untoward happens its .......Well,you should have taken out the EXPENSIVE AFTER CARE INSURANCE(that isn't worth a light), because now it has too be sent away and will be away for ages and cost you dearly,or well we haven't the parts & have too send to outer regions of the Universe or even the DREADED phone calls e-mails(not too mention time,inconvenience & financial pain involved).:mad:

Mass production = mistakes made,fact of life,yet funny how conspicuous they are when it comes to the money side if things isn't it.In other words pay your money take your goods and BUGGER OFF AND DON'T COME BACK!!!:shock:

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