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MCN Sports Desk  says:

Top doctors withdraw from TT

MCN has received a statement which says TT Chief Medical Officer Dr Heike Rommer and Medical Director Dr Stevens will not be involved in the 2011 TT, but will continue to work at the 2011 Manx GP. The initial statement reads: Medical services for TT 2010 were organised and run jointly by Chief Medical Officer Dr Heike Romer and Medical Director, Dr...

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  • Posted 4 years ago (13 December 2010 11:52)

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Jun 09

Posts: 163

adrenalin says:


Putting money saving before rider safety is appalling. Maybe the threat of a rider boycott would make Jim Parker see sense and not skimp on medical facilities and staff.

Can you imagine the negative publicity for the TT in the unfortunate event of a fatal accident and the 'anti bike' press finding out that doctors were cut before the event?


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Sep 09

Posts: 107

mickofield says:

Safety first, ALWAYS

We all know the dangers of riding on real road circuits. Even with modern protective gear, racers need the best medical staff on hand should an accident occur. With the "Health and Safety Nazis" breathing down everybody's neck, lets continue to offer the best medical service possible. Shame on you Jim Parker!

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Sep 07

Posts: 32

andyb1963 says:

What a disgrace !

This is an absolute digrace . These modern day Gladiators deserve the best medical services availlable bar none .

Cost should NEVER be an issue . In my opinion Jim Parker should resign from office with immediate effect (sadly we know he won't as he clearly has only contempt for the incredibly brave riders that lay their life on the line for our wonderful sport.)

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Oct 09

Posts: 198

ThePornstar says:


Parker has always been a money grabbing twat. Sack him.

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Dec 10

Posts: 1


What is this dick thinking of? I have been a race marshal and Incident Officer for over 25 years now at all manner of BSB MotoGP WSBK Club etc etc meetings across the world and to see a decision like this being made in this day and age to save some money is beyond belief. I have worked closely with Hieke at many meetings and she is the utmost professional doing a necessary job in a sport she and i'm sure David is passionate about. Cost cannot and should not come into this. Maybe Mr parker should consider a pay cut like many other has had to do recently.....or better still save all his salary and sack the idiot...he has quite clearly demonstrated that he has not one clue about what is important in out sport. The TT especially cannot be run without the right medical coverage in place and I'm sure the fans and the IOM tourist board would like to see the back of him as well???

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Jun 09

Posts: 851

Parker should have gone decades ago!!!!

When I was rac ng in the British Championships in the early 90s we thought who is this dick Parker. Twenty years later British motorcycle racing is still cursed with him.

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Aug 02

Posts: 356

mydogben says:

Jim Parker

I usually dont like to use bad language on forums but............What a fu%*ing pr*%. I dont know of anyone, myself  included, who has'nt had some sort of set to with him during a racing career. He's an oxygen thief with nothing more in mind other than money and headlines. He couldnt give a toss if you struggle all year with budgets, trying your hardest to get a national grid but to be fair i never imagined he would stoop so low, as to risk the safety of the riders marshalls and spectators. He IS the David Cameron of the ACU (destroy from within) Complete WASTE OF SKIN

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Oct 10

Posts: 809

IMB76 says:

Poor show

There's already enough people trying to ban the TT on the grounds of safety this is going to just give them more ammo.

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Jun 09

Posts: 887

aquarius says:

Love the TT ...

... even if it scares the BeJesus out of me and always has. Motorcycle racing by very definition is a risky business. Crashing, even if it is a low-side into the kitty-litter can be a bone-breaker and tendon & ligament ripper. Fingers, wrists and ankles suffer too quite often. Hitting something at a reasonable clip is beyond the pale and just doesn't bear thinking about. But all of us who have ever raced know the risks and accept the consequences. To me, the TT and any other race event on the Island like the Manx GP is something else again - something special, very different and requiring HUGE cojones to even get on the grid and start. I would hate to think that female competitors such as Jenny Tinmouth and others feel excluded here. I hugely respect & admire them also . These events are not one of just " high risk " for competitors but  one of  " extreme high risk ". Very occasionally too, it has gone pear-shaped with a machine or rider travelling so far off-road as to injure and kill spectators. One remembers the triple fatality at 26th Milestone in 2007 that also injured two female Marshalls. The reality is, 231 riders have died in racing incidents, with 9 in 2005 alone - and another 14 have died in Parade Laps, Unofficial Practice and accidents involving Race Marshalls while the roads were open - even leaving years of Mad Sunday out of the equation. An especially  poignant one for me is poor Gus Scott, killed when a female marshall ran onto the road during the 2005 Senior TT at Rhencullen to assist a fallen rider. Both Gus and April Bolster died instantly. At these speeds and the volumes of hard hazard to hit, quite often there is no saving anyone but there are plenty of instances where timely and expert medical intervention has. I think of fellow-Kiwi, Shaun " Gremlin " Harris a two-time TT Winner having such a huge high speed crash at Union Mills in 2007 that he hovered between life and death in Hospital for weeks. Without top-level med - he wouldn't have made it.

Against this backdrop, that some " genius " has decided to cut Medical Services and expert specialist personnel because of " budgetary pressures " ( a lack of money to cover it, obviously ) is not just appalling - it is fucking scandalous! All the Teams should get forcefully involved here. This HAS to be sorted-out or, as someone else sagely observed - the TT really could be at even greater risk from the Nanny State and the Safety Nazis. Well said IMB76 - couldn't agree more.

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Apr 09

Posts: 1388

Richard1967 says:

TT Doctors

I haven't supported the TT for a long time , I think the bikes are way too fast now for racing on public roads , I accept all the arguments about riders knowing the risks , which they dont or they wouldnt ride , they say they do I admit that . However the TT will go on and to take away ANY safety precautions is beyond the pale . I assume Mr Parker is racing in the TT? This as Aquarius says needs attention from the teams , or maybe its all to put pressure on the teams to pay for said medical care ,either way it must be adressed.

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