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Trevor Franklin  says:

Kawasaki ZX-10R: "high rpm problems"

A Kawasaki insider has revealed that the new ZX-10R has been recalled because "on some engines, at very high RPM and in harsh operating conditions, ie on a race track, there have been some problems."  There is still no official statement from Kawasaki about what it refers to as 'a technical hold' on the ZX-10R. The Kawasaki insider, who does...

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  • Posted 4 years ago (21 December 2010 13:34)

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Jan 10

Posts: 201

nickyb65 says:

Engine Management Fault

Sounds like a Engine Management ECU Fault, maybe related to temperature sensors around the Engine. Guess is its a Firmware update, but Kwak need time to test it.

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Aug 07

Posts: 33

OnPole says:

you're a cynical bunch!

if i was them i wouldn't come straight out saying its this or its that - this is obviously  a new problem that wasn't discovered through all of the testing. Therefore, i think its fair to give them time to investigate and conclude things in a sensible, controlled manner rather than set rabbits off saying 'we think its this' one week then 'oh no, its actually this' the week after - that would really fill buyers with confidence!!!

i have been considering ordering one early next year and non of this has put me off - these are high tech toys so things can be difficult to engineer. we are all covered by warranties and SOGA so chill!

Brilliant bike and i for one hope the manufacturers continue to push the boundaries!!!!!

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Mar 07

Posts: 72

Cubikrube says:


SOGA does not apply to cars and bikes in the same way it does to other items you may buy from a shop such as a tv's. Good to look into this as i was very surprised to find this out myself recently!

I'm also surprised that Kawasaki have yet to make an official statement about this.....

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Feb 10

Posts: 410


Huston.......Kawasaki has a problem!!!

The on going saga of apparent ENGINE SICKNESS of the KAWASAKI ZX 10 R, isn't very confidence inspiring to potential customers is it!?

Mass produced products in this day and age SHOULD be checked,checked and re-checked before being despatched to importers.

This PROBLEM Kawasaki have could be nothing too worry about,yet there again someone could be pottering down the local motorway at 70-80mph and then engine seizure!!!

Remember a few years back whe a customer took his SUZUKI HAYABUSA on tour loaded up with throw over bags and the sub frame collapsed all while he was travelling DOWN THE MOTORWAY AT SPEED!?

Suzuki was(don't quote me on this specifically)heard too say,the subframe wasn't built to handle the extra weight,this rider had on it!!!



Things like this shouldn't happen especially as the bikes nowadays cost a small ransom and Not when dealing with people's lives!!!

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Dec 09

Posts: 164

eltomo says:

yo stressed your living to your name

Recalls do happen mate, bikes are designed by humans, thus there is always a chance of somthing going wrong, correct it might not look good to the would be buyer but kwak have been making decent inline 4 engines for decades and im sure the final product will be jaw dropping.

in a good way.

you second paragraph is the reasoning behind the recall. but im sure that a top end seizure wouldnt be too risky on a motorway, turst me i have had this happen and ive had bottom ends sezie up - bottom ends usually spell big trouble more often in my experice in any case, i dont beleive safety is an issue in this situation but the truth will follow.


Suzuki Hyabusa, if i remember ccorrectly from a previous owner they issue was that the stock exhaust system made up some of the structure of the rear sub frame, people quicly stuck aftermarket exhausts which were not designed to carry the load and thus you have a weak and possibly dangerous rear subframe. but in suzukis defence, maybe people shouldnt blindly put aftermarket cans on without a proper check, maybe the aftermarket should have made these cans and systems to the spec of OEM in terms of stregnth. but yes not a good design if you want to modify the bike.





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Feb 10

Posts: 410


Stressed.......that's why the engines ill

In reply too eltomo....... Yes,Kawasaki have been making decent engines for the last 4 decades but when a problem like what they're experienceing arises it doesn't look to good.

There's a saying that if you achieve success 99 times out of 100,the 1 time you fail is all people will rememeber........

I'm not slating Kawasaki just stating for the price you pay for these machines they should be checked,checked & re-checked.

Its strange though how someone commented that as the engines are throwing out (SUPPOSEDLY) more horsepower each year,are they (the manufacturers) reaching the edge of what is achievable horsepower wise against reliabilty with a (standard engine)???????

There again,the problem may just be something and nothing:huh:.

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Dec 10

Posts: 13

julienducat says:

Mkg vs R&D

When marketing stakes hit R&D....... Bikes are getting high tech and a brand new model has to be launched every year...

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Dec 10

Posts: 130

bikenutter says:

Keep Calm and Carry On

Stressed1 no one said anything about engine seizures, since the 'informant' has said it's not thought to a safety risk I'd wager the engines aren't seizing. I think you were closer to the mark when you said the problem was probably nothing. As for your thousands spent by race teams on computing stresses, I'd put that against the millions spent on engine development and materials by the likes of Kawasaki and I wouldn't worry too much. No amount of power gain will ever warrant risking safety to an engineer of a road bike.

Kawasaki aren't going to be skimping on testing; all engine's are run over and over to death to ensure they live when we are on them. They are clearly concerened enough about their customer satisfaction to possibly hinder sales figures just to make sure the final product is the best it can be.

This is obviously a hit for Kawasaki's image but lets not forget all manufacturers issue recalls, some many years down the line. BMW recently recalled some K1200S's because rear suspension links could corrode possibly causing loss of some control... that's a six year old motorcycle!

I'd still happily swing my leg over one and part with my cash, if I had some.

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Nov 02

Posts: 1340

norris says:


New model pushes more and more power out and at ever higher RPM, as such they're making the new models 'less'of a road bike. The older model liter bikes were better road bikes than the newer ones engine wise.

Looked at this Kawasaki at the NEC and its tiny, and doesn't look a quality product.

With ever tightening road traffic laws who can rev a bike to 17,000 in day to day use to keep in the power zone..

Recently read a comparison test of old bikes and the tester noted how he didn't have to go above 6,000 revs all day, whereas on his BMW 1000RR test bike he had to go 'hunting' for the power. That's the reality and I believe the manufacturers are making the engines fragile, chasing ever higher non useable power gains.



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Dec 10

Posts: 62

bellender says:

there is nosider

it`s always the same `insider`......`source close to the rider`.........what a load of bollox they simply designed an engine that will fail at constant high rpm,do a redesign and put new engine in end of.......apart from that will be all their profit gone up in smoke on the whole lifespan of that model

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