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Gary Pinchin  says:

Ulster GP admission price rise

The Dundrod and District Motorcycle Club have been forced to increase the price of admission to the 2011 Ulster Grand Prix after sustained a substantial loss following this year’s races. The club took over running the Ulster in 2002 and in the past 10 years have spent some £500k on safety around the course with the assistance of some funding from...

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  • Posted 4 years ago (21 December 2010 17:29)

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Feb 09

Posts: 85

jamierob says:

Too Much

Unfortunatly this price rise is going to have the opposite effect to what the organisers want to achieve . N.I. is in a deep recession and many who would have coughed up £10 or £15 will now either stay away or climb over a hedge ,lets face it who needs a programme , most fans know the riders anyway and it,s nearly all locals apart from a few dedicated/contracted road guys. I agree it is brilliant racing ,weather permitting (my 2008 programme is still drying out) but because of its location Dundrod is not going to attract people who are not fans in the same way the NW200 does,so I would urge the organisers to rethink this strategy as I do not want to see this great event go down the pan because it has been priced out of peoples reach.

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Dec 02

Posts: 34

CleanBiker says:

Too cheap

Whilst I respect the viewpoint of Jamierob, I have the exact opposite view.

Motorcycle racing at any level and any discipline, is no longer a sport. It is sport entertainment. Fans anywhere in the western world will gladly pay to be entertained at, for example, a concert, tennis match, football, snooker, cricket et al and pay a fair, or even not so fair, price for a few hours entertainment.

In motorcycle racing, even more especially on the Irish road circuits, young men and women are being asked, and are prepared, to risk their lives to entertain us. And the price we are being asked to pay at the Ulster? A measly £25. I can pay more than that at BSB for a days entertainment on a more "sanitised" and safer circuit.

Costs are rising all the time and as a businessman myself, I know that business inflation is considerably higher than that of the offical Retail Price Index. Times are hard for everone, for the bosses, for the organisers as well as the working man.


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Dec 10

Posts: 1

Bedhead says:



To be honest, I think this is a kamikaze move by the organisers,people who begrudged paying fifteen quid are certainly not going to to pay 25 quid to stand in a field no matter how good the racing is, a lot of people like myself, who have paid in the past will think twice about going. Lets face it, if someone wants to cut across country, there's not a whole lot the organisers can do about it.

You may pay more at at a BSB round, but you have facilities, parking, toilets etc, Outside the padddock area at Dundrod, you have none of this, you may get the odd burger van in a field, but it's not exactly a glowing advert for motorcycling and if it's raining, I can think of few places more miserable.

I wouldn't be at all surprised if this is the straw that breaks the UGP's back.

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Aug 02

Posts: 599

winger says:

Irish roads racing and paying are a contradiction,the jewel in crown(NW200) doesn't do it,so the others are never going to get away with it,end of,and as already been said,the weather makes these things an almighty gamble,wouldn't be the first time we have been at the NW thinking WTF are we doing here,never mind having to pay,it's called sponsership,can't get it?? they'll have to be like race teams,don't run it.

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Aug 10

Posts: 310

tockie says:

Who's running the U.G.P.?  The failed Arthur Daley's that tried to run (ruin) Donington gilet & co. Looks like someone fancies themselves as some kind of small time Bernie Ecclescake.:-)    

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Nov 10

Posts: 21

FalcoSL says:

Might work

There was such a good attendance at last years, but loads that didn't pay a penny.

The organisers are maybe working on the principle that decent people and genuine motorbike fans will pay for a good days racing. I don't find £25 too much, especially compared with any other entertainment. Concert tickets? Football match? We know how much they are.

It's in a public place and so to chase everyone for their admission price would be self defeating in terms of expenditure verses return. Anyone we see witout a programme should be given a hard time, but there's not much more the organisers can do.

As for comparing with an F1 event - what price would that be?

Look at how much we've to pay to get to the TT. THAT's a robbery.

I'd prefer it if everyone paid a tenner - that'd cover the event. But there are too many smart arses.

I'd be gutted if it stopped and I think it's still good value for money.

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Mar 06

Posts: 399

wpotter says:

Stupid decision

They might make more money by charging more but there will be less people paying.

They'd be better off spending the money on stopping the freeloaders.

Can't compare a concert or football to road racing, they're all in different leagues and unfortunately road racing is in the lower end as far as finance is concerned - why don't they phone Paris Hilton?

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Feb 09

Posts: 85

jamierob says:

Organisers Listen

I am glad so many people agree with me that £25.00 is too much, a tenner sounds good , lets hope the organisers are reading these comments and take note ...

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Jan 08

Posts: 74

PhilCBR6 says:

Too dear

£25 + programme is too dear. The organisers get one cracker year and they double the price for the next year. £25 to stand and get soaked while peering through a banner-covered metal railing is not my idea of a good day out.

The last time I went to the UGP I spent most of my time trying to find somewhere to see the bikes. Marshalls pushed us all into a field where you could only see the tops of the helmets of the riders as they went by. A moving helmet show and hospitality from the SS Nazi marshalls for £25? I think I will go to the Armoy races instead and sponsor a few bales.



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Jan 08

Posts: 74

PhilCBR6 says:

total cost

total cost for me, wifey and 2 kids in the grandstand would come to £210 before parking charges(£20) and food (£30+). £260+, and it will probably be rained off anyway!!!!!

If they are losing too much money then they need to reduce expenditure, not increase fees, as they will put off even more people from paying and end up with maybe 500 people paying big money and everyone else either climbing the fence or staying away!!!  

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