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Steve Farrell  says:

Row over DSA chief exec ‘ginger’ jibe

The Driving Standards Agency asked MCN to censor a reader comment which referred to its chief executive as “ginger”. A DSA spokesman bizarrely claimed the reference was “racist”. The comment, posted under a story on this website about Government plans to scrap a controversial off-road part of the riding test, also called for Thew to be sacked. At least £77million was...

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  • Posted 4 years ago (23 December 2010 12:02)

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Mr Kurtz


Jul 08

Posts: 7

Mr Kurtz says:

...on another subject


Good to see Wee Jimmy Krankie still bringing chaos and mirth through panto!

Happy Christmas.

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Aug 10

Posts: 14

Sacked?? That depends

I like many other people working in the public sector have to implement procedures and new processes, regardless of whether they are a benefit or just plain ridiculus.

Unfortunately for Thew a crap peice of legislation gets through and Thew HAS to implement it regardless of common sense. However if some of the test centres and premises that were built under the previous legislation are used then some money wont have been wasted.

Everyone makes mistakes and we should see how the fallout is handled. If it is all just wasted then sacking/resignation is probably a good idea due to incompetence.

On another note since when where ginger people another race?? I have never heard of the isle of ginge might be a nice place to holiday.

They should definitely sack idiots who say nonsense like that gem!!!

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May 10

Posts: 114

coxyjm says:

Sack em

Just like any other Company out there in the Private sector, if you a NOT a productive team member you'll be ousted. The public sector are slower to respond to but they responding. If the Ginger bint wasted £77M under Labour with their say so her job should be safe. But if she sqandered the money unnessarily. the carrot should get chopped.

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May 06

Posts: 119

magmann says:

I think a lot of it is related to vanity, self importance and self image. People like this no doubt work in a sterile, politically correct environment, have been granted a little bit of petty authority and think they can impose their will on the wider, real world out here. Not a chance! The short, ginger hair in the photo made me think twice about what sex the subject actually was, but I gather the answer is female. Still, the politcally correct prefer neuter, don't they? It seems a petty barney about ginger hair is far more important than the competent  management of public money.

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Dec 03

Posts: 4




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Dec 08

Posts: 1292

boybilly1967 says:

Hope MCN did not delete the comment,calling someone ginger is not 'racist', even those clowns at the 'Equalities and Human Rights Commission' quango would laugh at that one.

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Aug 02

Posts: 13

1093brown says:

What's wrong with 'Ginger'

Both my wife and grandson are 'Ginger' and I think it's great. Like some other readers - as I've got older I've got 'blonde'r' - OK - Grey and so what - it's part of life !!  I hope that whovever contacted MCN initially has also read how many motorcyclists are really upset about what their department has been doing to the future of motorcycling in this country. Legislation is killing our passion for two wheels. When you go to bike shows now you see very few young men it's more 'middle aged' blokes. When I was younger most lads got a bike when they were 16/17yrs and enjoyed the freedom of motorcycling. I know a good few young lads who love to watch motorcycle racing but have no 'ilkling' to buy a motorcycle and ride it on the roads due to the fact that you now have to 'jump through hoops' to get a licence. Let's hope that this new government  is practical and realizes that motorcycling does have an important place in ours and future generations society.  It free's up space,  is an economical form of transport and makes you so much more aware of what is happening on the roads as opposed to driving along in a soundproofed, sterile metal box... I can't believe it cost £77million pounds to implement the change - absolute madness !! Let's get back to basics and encourage people to get out on two wheels and share the freedom and friendship that motorcyclists enjoy.

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Aug 02

Posts: 441

snave says:


No the comment is still there - good on ya MCN! More significant is the rest of the commentary

"That smug ginger grinning witch Rosemary Thew should deffinately face the sack and her side kick the chief ( arrogant know itall ) examiner Trevor Wedge were probably behind it all .They waste money like water on crack pot scemes and because they are "civil servants " they expect to get away with it .Hound em out !"

So she is a witch and smug with it? And that's Trevor properly tarred, as they can't seem to find the balls or the facts to argue with that assessment of him either...

Telling. Deeply telling. Here's hoping every single useless twat at the DSA got one those `job at risk` letters for Christmas. It might not be happy for them but it would make the bloody bike industry very Merry!

Make them pay.


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Dec 08

Posts: 13

oceaa says:


This has to be one of the sorriest tales, these people have wasted a huge amount of public money that is ours not theirs. Resignations not complaints should be the order of the day, ginger or not!! How are they allowed to continue in post in the private sector the poor performance would elicit the boot.

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Mar 05

Posts: 65

Darowyn says:

I don't like the way in which it has become normal to include personal comments about peoples' appearance or habits when criticising their opinions or actions.

I disagree Rosemary Thew because her decisions have been narrow minded and ultimatly, horrible wasteful.

I would disagree with her whether she looked like the Wicked Witch of the West or the Goddess Venus.

But it's not racist. I know of no Ginger race. It is unecessary and childish though, and so are all the other jibes that you see so often on these forums. Stonerrule, especiually seems unable to complete a sentence without one.

Grow up Kid!

Oops , I've done it now!!

Grow up Stonerrule!



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