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Aug 07

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used2bfast says:

VAT up today

They just don't fookin get it do they?

They will take child benefit off "high earners" (44k) but you can have 2 in a household on 43k each on still get it!

So they fixed that by changing the higher rate of tax to 40k ! (still means you can have 2 in a houshold on 39k each and they get it):blink:

So now they put up vat - fookin' great. Its like getting a fire going by rubbing to sticks together, then shoving half a ton of coal on it - and then wondering why it went out!!!

The thick bastards.

We have a very perilous recovery, but this will just kill it off.

We need people to earn and spend - that way everyone wins - now people will stop spending and save. So the government will get LESS MONEY! Wholesalers and home manufacturers will suffer - people will lose there jobs (and calim dole) -they won't need as much transport so there will be less fuel bought - again less money coming in.

They should have reduced vat to encourage spending - not the other way round.

And before you jump on the "Labour left us in the hole" bandwagon - this new goverment borrowed more in November 2010 than Labour did in the same month 2009.

The bankers will still get there bonuses, schools won't be built - hospitals will be under funded - unemployment will go through the roof, and our con-dem lot will spend the next 10 years blaming the last lot - but hey, the bankers will be ok.

And as for them fookin lib-dems, Jebus! talk about principles out the window - just shows what they will do to get a whiff of power.

They all make me fookin sick

There- that's better:huh:

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  • Posted 4 years ago (04 January 2011 09:34)

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Jul 09

Posts: 1351

davemdixon says:

Come on you lot Wake Up

this is where its all a going!

Could you all work a little harder, please.

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Aug 02

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Kamchat says:


I hear what you are saying about fuel. But yes, we do have some control on how much fuel we use. The extra 2.5% on VAT could probably be offset by most folks by not taking the car for some of their shorter journeys and walking (with added health benefits) ..or combining errands (with a bit of planning) ..or car sharing ..or adjusting the way they drive... etc. :winkie:.... Sorted.    

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Mar 10

Posts: 653

bazablue says:


 capital gains tax comes in first when u sell shares so thats out the way......this govt did borrow more than the last thieving gits,in order to pay the f..i.nterest on what blair n co had borrowed...Its all vat is same as europe,the other lot were going to put up National Insurance for employers and employees which would have been worse,,,,labour have destroyed this country and pan is right...I agree this lot still dont get it,but its collective..All the politicians should receive a taste of unemployment!!!!THIEVES all of them,..and still THIEVING even whilst they are on probation!!! PS   NO VAT kids clothes 

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Aug 07

Posts: 4227

used2bfast says:

I am not being political

do a greater or lesser degree, they are all as bad as each other.

The Tories sold off all our "crown jewels" Gas/Electric/Water/Trains etc + de-regulated buses

But no government since has undone this folly

Its always the ordinary hard working folk that suffer - if you are you are either end of the scale, you do (relatively) ok

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