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Ped Baker  says:

Tyre review: Dunlop Roadsmarts

Dunlop Roadsmart tyres, £94.49 front; £118.99 rear on MCN ShopMiles covered/time: 4000/six months What’s good? The wet weather performance of the Dunlop Roadsmarts is nothing short of incredible. They’re confidence-inspiring, predictable and remarkably grippy. Save £££s on motorcycle tyres In fact, they’re so good it’s almost like riding in the dry! During the first half dozen or so wet rides I actually found...

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  • Posted 4 years ago (06 January 2011 11:03)

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Jun 10

Posts: 4

fozzy1988 says:


These tyres are fantastic and highly recommended. Even did a trackday with mine and they were impressive considering the calibre of tyre, with good predictable feedback and relatively good levels of outright grip.

Good milage to be had also, my firestorm can get 5000+ out of a rear depending on riding style and whether it is winter or summer!!

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May 10

Posts: 427

X2Glider says:

Have To Disagree

I did a 6000 mile trip back in October with a fresh pair of Roadsmarts on my BMW R1100S.  While they seem to last a long time (the whole trip and another 2 months) and shed water quite well, the grip was disappointing.  The front and rear would slide out from under me wet or dry in as slow as parking lot manuevers.  They tracked fine at highway speeds in a straight line but I had to really behave when the road narrowed and twisted.  Anytime I had to lean the bike the rear would break loose and the front want to tuck.  It's only a 75 RWHP bike with well dialed in Ohlins front and rear!  I felt unsafe on them.

The Pilot Roads I tried earlier in the year on another trip were just as disappointing. 

Knowing that I'll have over 5000 miles to ride on any given trip, I'll never buy a tire like these again.  I'd rather stop halfway through my trip to change tires.  Back to the Dunlop Qualifiers for me.  I'll never put tire life over grip again.

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Dec 09

Posts: 2494

supermario says:

I've tried both the

Sportsmart, and the Roadsmart on my 08 Multistrada 1100s. The Sportsmarts felt very vague, and I never got the feeling I was putting them to their full use. I think this is because the carcass of the tyre is very stiff and the Multistrada dosen't carry as much of its weight over the front as say, an 1198 which would be far more suited to this kind of tyre.

The Roadsmarts were an absolute revelation however. Plenty of feedback, lots of grip and very predictable all the way to the edge of the tyre, and at all speeds. I was able to completely take the piss with late braking manoeuvres and get the bike crossed up without feeling out of control, pick any line I wanted wanted through the turn, and whack the throttle open nice and early. They really are hard to fault. I might try the BT 023 this year, but its gonna have to be bloody good to top the Dunlop


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Mar 08

Posts: 132

tman39a says:

yummy...great value

I have them on a Gen 1 Hayabusa for just over 4,000 miles and about 2/3 used...lovely sporty profile which made my K7 Gsxr1000 almost obsolete as the Busa was almost as agile with both bikes on these tyres. In the dry they are as good as I could ever make use of and much more than I need in the wet. I had Metzeler Z6's before these and they to were great but more of a relaxing touring profile and very much the tyre of choice for BMW and Pan Euro's etc Dunlop have certainly sorted their tyres out ... old Dunlops were dung.

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Oct 05

Posts: 9

neilmck69 says:

I had these fitted to my Z750 this year and absolutely love them. I've been out in the wet a couple of times (unavoidable in Scotland) and found them totally rock-solid.

In the dry they're great as well - first tyres I've got I've properly worn off chicken strips - they are totally confidence inspiring and quick steering too - better than qualifiers it came with and much more long-lived.

1000 miles so far and no significant wear - whereas my qualifier rear lasted 2.5k miles.


Absolutely recommended.

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Jun 11

Posts: 24

ollydog says:

Dunlop Roadsmart

I have just had my XJ6 Diversion serviced at 6000miles, it was fitted with Dunlop Roadsmarts from new, the rear tyre was squared off and illegal.

The Dunlop web site that these tyres offer excellent mileage, 6000?

Is it possible that these tyres, probably sourced by Yam in the far east, are of a different quality to those available in Europe?

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Dec 09

Posts: 2494

supermario says:

6000 miles

isn't bad for Roadsmarts. They don't seem to offer the same kind of mileage as the equivalent Bridgestones or Michelins. These tyres are definately more on the sport side of the sport tourer moniker. I've had as little as 2500 miles from a rear Roadsmart on an 1100 Multistrada.

Just had a set of Roadsmart 2's put on today. Be interesting to see how they fare.

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Dec 09

Posts: 2494

supermario says:

Oh Dear

I've put about 500 miles on a set of Roadsmart 2's and the news is not good. In the advertising blurb they go on about how they've made the new tyre "sportier". Unfortunately what they've done is to move it closer to the feel of a Sportsmart, by making the tyre stiffer, which for my bike (Multistrada 1100s) means that I can't feel what the front is doing now.

They also talk about how the tread pattern of the front tyre has improved braking. I have to agree, it does pull up sharply........providing you do all of your braking with the bike completely upright. Carry any amount of lean with the brakes on and the bike just wants to stand up and head for the outside of the turn asap. This is very noticeable entering roundabouts.

The back tyre isn't too bad. Infact driving through fast sweeping turns with the throttle open is about as good as the original Roadsmart, but there is still a lack of feedback which has made the back step out a couple of times because I can't feel what its up to. I've dropped a few pounds out of it (running at 32psi) and I think I can live with it, but the front tyre has got to go. I've tried to dial it out with different pressures, damping and preload settings, but its still an accident waiting to happen, and with winter weather it'll be a question of when and not if.

So back to the original Roadsmart for me. It suppleness and flexibility suit my bike much better. Prices should be good now too as it an "old" tyre.



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Jun 09

Posts: 251

sprintst955 says:

oh bugger

i had gen 1s on my speed triple and loved them,took massive liberties absolutely hammered them,my sprint st 1050 has bridgestone 021s on and i hate them so i am gutted to see marios remarks that they have buggered them up,silly sods.what am i gonna buy now ?

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Oct 10

Posts: 49

SStyloF says:

Oh Damn

trailbraking a multistrada couch into a public roundabout and not getting any feel?

bwahaha.. Should be in WSBK/Motogp

Brake with ANY bike leant over and youre bikes standing up and checking out to the outside.

A mate had to use'old' roadsmarts on track with his ZX7RR. Not too bad, a squirelly moment towards the end of one session hard on the gas. very impressive. great in the rain, hooligan amounts of grip. New roadsmarts feel more performance oriented. havent tested in the wet.

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