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Dan Aspel  says:

Electric bike beats petrol twins to podium

An electric superbike has taken two podium spots at a California-based race series – fighting off a petrol-fuelled grid of RC8s and 1198s. The Racing team bike – which makes 194bhp and 295ftlbs of instant torque – was piloted by team owner Chip Yates. An overjoyed Yates tweeted shortly after the races: “History has been made, and the gasoline...

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  • Posted 4 years ago (10 January 2011 15:23)

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Aug 02

Posts: 562


What a crock if shit, " Gasoline bikes are on notice" .. sorry Chip but this thing could beat a MOTOGP bike yet i'd still rather watch and listen to them than this glorified milk float, racing is all about the noise.

Immpressive - i guess so , exciting - nope.

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Jan 09

Posts: 158

How long

..was the race? 2 laps?or was it 3?

BBC breakfast are sending a chap in an electric Mini from London to Edinburgh. It has a MAXIMUM range of 110 miles if you don't use the heater or the lights or the a/c etc etc. For every 2 hours travelled, there is a 10 hour recharge time, so that's 3 o/nights between London and Edinburgh!!

Why is it that NO manufacturer of electric vehicles will tell us the cost of a set of replacement batteries? When will we realise that these expensive contraptions are NOT the answer and are far out of reach of Joe Public's pocket?

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may c


Aug 02

Posts: 171

may c says:

electric m cycles

my guess is in the next ten years you will see big changes on our roads and electric m cycles will become quite common more so in citys.

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Dec 10

Posts: 7

alacika says:


whats gonna happen as we all know ourself i mean humanity not that so so much like to change 100 year ols habits like fuel powered engines...atm we have rich OPEC countries not even thinking about changing or trying to change present situation...would u? another thing we r  far far away that background that u really need for starting to change driving...charging points infrastructure etc.

i give min. 15-20 years more til we reach that point when everything is set for the change...but who knows whats gonna happen for the last drop of oil....????

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Dec 08

Posts: 1301

boybilly1967 says:

A hundred yard dash!

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Oct 09

Posts: 195

TinkerNZ says:


I think it's great, of course i'd sooner have the sound of a booming 90 degree V twin, then the sound of my washing maching going through its spin cycle.  I'm sure they'll sort the battery thing out in time. Something has to be done, the price of gas here has doubled in the 10 last years. If there had'nt been a recession it might of trippled.

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Jan 10

Posts: 186

What a load....

...i LIVE in southern California, and ive never heard of these guys, never seen their bike in a magazine, and ive not read or heard about this machine competeing in any type of racing series. How would it be classified ?  What formula would you use to decide which bikes it would compete with ?  Nowhere have i read about any electric with those horsepower and torque figures.  With that type of power, i'd have to agree with long?  2 laps seems resonable..

TrumpetTriple is right !  Impressive, possibly.  Exciting.....NEVER !

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Jan 11

Posts: 1

SplinterOz says:


Ok so the race was 6 laps standard for the WERA so approx 16 miles.  Chip says in the Wired interview that he still had full battery voltage, (not full charge just full power still available) based on that another 2-4 laps would have been fine.

I think that in 5-10 years is going to be the significant change.  As for the BBC stunt they are using a non production car that is several years old.  If they were serious they would use the iMev or Leaf current production electric vehicles that have more range and better efficiency.

Battery cost... is high about probably a little higher than a full engine and gearbox rebuild (not required on electric).  However the Lithium batteries are 99% recyclable and valuable to recyclers so you would probably only have to pay 50% of full value for a swap arrangement.

Looking forward to seeing how this all pans out.

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Jul 09

Posts: 103

easytargets says:

apples for apples

Intersting indeed. Watching the vid showed the thing is f'n quick once wound up and seems to get the power down quite well, the wheelies ended with a bump each time which shows the rider backing off quickly but the nature of electric drive would make fitting wheelie and wheel spin control electronics relatively easy. Change of direction seemed difficult to do quickly, not exactly flickable. Can't comment on competitieve nature of this series but it's a long time since I saw so many missed apex's!

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Feb 09

Posts: 39


The only thing that makes me chuckle with irony, is these battery's still use natural resources in them that are dug up from the ground, then (unless nuclear) power stations burn coal or gas to charge them up - is it really worth it.  Obviously it is good that more forms of transport fuel are coming to the market but this is sport.  And we are still basically plundering the Earth of resources till it runs out then we find another one - just we get to feel good about it and sit on some type of moral high ground... End of rant

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