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Anonymous  says:

Speeding justice

A driver who flashed his headlamps to warn motorists of a police speed trap was taken to court and fined £175. Surely if he warned drivers they would slow down, then job done? Best speeding deterrant ever? Obviously someone wanted revenue from speeders, not for them to actually slow down. Three police officers attended the court at what cost?

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  • Posted 4 years ago (12 January 2011 11:31)

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Mar 07

Posts: 1464

joeslow says:

Highway robbers

Stand and deliver, your money or your life..

All they want is your money and they don't give a monkeys about your lives folks.

The cops are now the robbers.


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Sep 07

Posts: 2821

James600zx says:


I remember a couple of years ago I was heading West on the A421 heading for the Tingewick bypass. Absolutely every vehicle heading East flashed a warning, I mean truckers, women with kids in 4x4s, youths in Corsas, coach drivers, everybody. I wasn't even speeding at the time. It was clear that nobody regards a mobile speed camera on an unbroken dual carriageway as a public service. It's a money maker, pure and simple. The police make themselves the enemy of the public by doing this. Come to my village and catch the speeders there; you'll be welcome. Oh, and there's a series of nasty potholes on the Tingewick bypass which have been there for ages and are unsafe. Road safety really doesn't seem to be the priority.

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Feb 10

Posts: 1953

SlowLearner says:

Same thing the world over

In every country I've travelled, Europe, the Americas, from Sri Lanka to Cuba, it's always the same.  The Filth are there, scamming money from the honest people for "speeding" when it's perfectly safe to open the throttle briefly.   That's where they like to do you - where it's OK by any common sense measure to whang it for a stretch.

And in all these countries, ordinary people warn each other when these bastard scam merchants (the pigs) are out and about.  We all know its us and them, and they've got the same sorry excuses in 100 different languages.   But the real reason is always that they're lazy, greedy, and this is the most effort-free way of making money off honest people.

Bastards.  Every last one of them.

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Jan 09

Posts: 158


Quite right James600, I recently complained to the "Cheshire Road Safety Partnership" ( of inoperable cat&fiddle scamera fame), about the ludicrous practice of "road dressing" where they chuck gravel on the road as a cheap repair and the traffic is supposed to carry out the role of steamroller!   I pointed out how dangerous this was to PTW's and even cyclists. Their response was that  it was nothing to do with them - you could'nt make it up!!

For most of the generally law-abiding population, getting a speeding ticket through the post is the only contact they have with the police - it is also the ONLY offence where you are forced to incriminate yourself, ie for this one offence you have no "right to silence", so no wonder Joe Public no longer has any respect for the Police.

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Jan 11

Posts: 1

Samieb says:

Highway Robbery

I remember when the Police stood proud and people had respect for them. 

I also remember when they used common sense and caught real criminals. 

Nowadays they abuse there powers far too often too be respected.  There are 1 or 2 of the old fashioned coppers left, but they are fast being fazed out by power hungry individuals who read from a fact sheet instead of using their discretion.  The mobile camera's are just Taxmen in an official uniform nothing else but glorified recorders to send you fines and relieve you of your hard earned money..

In this country we used to be innocent until proven guilty, but nowadays we're brainwashed to incriminate ourselfs..  Dick Turpin wore a mask when he robbed people, today they wear uniforms and don't even bother with mask..  

The police are very often above the law and the rest of us are strangled by the Law..

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Jan 11

Posts: 4

SOR94 says:


If the biker sees the car flash it's lights, he/she will be cautious of the road ahead and slow down. If the biker doesn't get flashed, he/she will go too fast past a police car and panic, potentially causing a crash. Which is safer?

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Jan 11

Posts: 7

harleytony says:

police are SCUM,just there as an extra tax man.

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Mar 10

Posts: 1

normanhe says:

speeding injustice

I agree with Samiem. Recently we have seen on the TV some programs from New Zealand concerning trafic policing and to a larger degree how they were using their own discression before issuing fines when you compare it to the arrogant self rightious bullies in the UK based programs. UK must be bottom of the league table. I have ridden bikes for 55 years( currently have 3 Hondas ) out of my 72 years on earth and was brought up to respect the police, sadly although remaining polite if ever questioned, inwardly, I despise the very sight of the police now roaming the streets to pick on every little however insignificant infringement to get a conviction of any sort to justify their ego and put money in the kitty bag. Soured.

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Jan 09

Posts: 20

doctortongue says:


like normanhe  i was brought up to respect the law ,but, a couple of years ago my wife's business partner was signing her name on cheques and generally misappropriatin money - we sat the bastard down, made him write it down in his own hand writting, sign it ,and took it to police - well they never even looked at the bit of paper.. yet if i had stolen a mars bar or been doing 35mph in a 30 zone, , we all know who would be the real bad criminal don't we !   just like you i wouldn't piss on the bastards if they were on fire

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