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Apr 10

Posts: 245

Andyvfr1 says:

The luckiest moment of my life:

I managed to coax the bike to life on Saturday, when i got home from work, decided to take it for a spin to try and bring everything back to life.


It was quiet and quite late, came off a round about onto a straight piece of road (30 zone, but shouldnt be, wide road, no juntions, straight, some houses but not many) 3 cars infront of me, 2 right infront of me, a gap, a third car then further ahead a blind right turn, i knew i could take all 3 before the blind corner easily so i shrugged my shoulders and thought why not, dropped it into second and pinned it, went screaming past the first 2, but changed my plan mid overtake and moved back into lane to take the last car seperately, just as i got into position to overtake the 3rd car, a police car came round the blind corner, at which point i burst into laughter at my luck (or possible unluckyness if id decided to take all 3 in a oner as first planned)


If id taken all 3 in a oner, the rozzers woulda come round the corner to see me bombing down the wrong side of the road at about 80mph in a 30 zone, woulda been fun trying to explain that one away.

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  • Posted 4 years ago (18 January 2011 23:47)

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Mar 09

Posts: 8822

jaffa90 says:


You sound as though you`ve got the will to live.:shock:

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Oct 05

Posts: 3111

save it

for warmer times in a thirty....... naughty boy

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Jul 08

Posts: 4339

ninjachica says:


Shame you didn't get caught.
80 in a 30.  No excuse for it. 

30 in a 30
40 in a 40
careful in a 50
after that - personal limits apply.

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Apr 08

Posts: 3042

AdieR says:

f'ing lucky

it wasn't a chav in a Corsa bearing down the other way, because they'd likely have been over the top of you.

Being nicked would've been the least of your problems.

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Mar 09

Posts: 4548

smoto5 says:

Well, reading between the lines,

there's maybe some slight exaggerations here! 80 mph may just presumably be a figure plucked out of thin air, I would hope you wouldn't overtake on the approach to a blind corner without leaving enough space to react and manoeuvre if something came around the corner (and I have seen the police do that, assuming their blues and twos would protect them! Hmm!) and you should assume they would be doing silly speed too.

Anyway, there's none of us never made a mistake, sounds like you've taken the lesson onboard mostly.

I should just add somebody has decided it's only fit to be 30 limit for a reason, however flawed their reasoning, so if you did hit a child/OAP/another vehicle/pothole/diesel/animal or whatever, you'd be on fairly dodgy ground trying to assert that it wasn't a justifiable limit, assuming you're still around..................take care, ride safe :smile

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Aug 02

Posts: 3260

eatcs01 says:

bloody kids

"i wonder what the excuse would have been had a kid stepped out like they so often do in 30 limits."

Little feckers should learn the green cross code :biggrin:

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Jun 10

Posts: 86


I know they could definitely get you for for unsafe riding/overtaking or whatever the charge is but I doubt they would be able to get you for speeding. Dunno if they can do it for approaching vehicles, or how long they have to observe the speed for.

P.s. obviously not condoning doing anything faster than a 30 in a 30, just saying...

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Mar 10

Posts: 653

bazablue says:


gives us all a bad name!!!!so there was no need in the end was there? Like being behind trwo cars at the red light and pushing in front ,no need and it winds others up...they dont object if they are in a jam or on open road I find...but 80(?) in a 30?????no need whatsoever!.Suggest a bus pass in reserve and sell the unused bike!

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Apr 10

Posts: 114

tim8061 says:

The luckiest moment of my life:

Pushing to the front?? . . FFS it's called filtering and if car drivers don't like they can stick it up their arse. Doesn't inconvenience them at all, what's the problem?:eyebrows:

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Apr 10

Posts: 245

Andyvfr1 says:


I think some people havent gotten the scene right:


1, it was a long, straight, wide road with no junctions, the blind corner was a fair way away, i  coulda made it past all 3 cars easily before reaching it. (infact the roads speed limit has been gradually reduced over the last few years)


2. The 3rd car was a good 100 yards ahead of the other 2(and the blind corner about 1/4mile ahead of that), plenty of space to slow down and get back in should something appear early overtake.


3. It was late, no pedestrians, little traffic, infact, other than the police car i didnt see anything on the other side of the road for about 5 minutes.


Personally, i saw it as a safe overtake, otherwise i wouldnt have done it, but safe doesnt equal legal, thats the point.



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