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Andy Downes  says:

BMW S1000RR races car on Top Gear this Sunday

After years of ignoring bikes, Top Gear has finally seen sense. This Sunday's show will feature a BMW S1000RR racing against a £150,000 Ariel Atom V8 around the BBC show's famous test track. MCN gate-crashed the event to get the lowdown on filming. Find a BMW S1000RR for sale The BMW S1000RR was completely standard but ridden by British Superbike EVO class...

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  • Posted 4 years ago (19 January 2011 15:01)

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Jan 10

Posts: 201

nickyb65 says:

I might watch it...

...if they show bikes on the BBC programme. About from the merchant wankers (sorry, I mean bankers), grade B cellebs etc who seem to be the only people who can afford those Lambo's, Buggatti's and Porsche's on the programme, it will be a nice change to see a bike, especially as most of the twats (I said most, not all, i.e the professional drivers etc) that drive around the circuit seem to have problems with there vocabluary, let alone driver the Car.

However, it might be a bit biased, as Clarkson has an apparent 'hate everything' about bikes, so no doubt he can justify a £150,000 shopping trolley against the BMW. Then again May and Hammond both have bikes, so will be interesting anyway.

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Nov 07

Posts: 129

Car Wins!

Car will win! Fact!

fastest car will always beat the fastest bike

but an average bike will always beat an average car!

bike wins on price/performance

looking forward in watching it tho

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May 09

Posts: 508

speedo007 says:


That all depends on what track. A track full of twisties will advantage the car as it has much more tire patch gripping the surface. On a track with long straight lines, the bike will have the advantage.

Maybe a Veyron would have a chance with a Busa...but then again, when you compare the money it takes to get a car that fast is insane. I prefer riding an old VW and riding a new bike every year :) To get as much excitement from a car you need to spend 10 times as much...for that reason I like watching cars on Top Gear but theres no car my wallet could buy that would really get me excited.

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Sep 10

Posts: 120

daveire says:


A bikes advantage over a car is weight and the power to weight ratio. Most cars are about 1500kg plus for example the lamborghini Murcielago is 1650kg. This Ariel Atom is 612kg and has 500 bhp, the S1000RR is 204kg and 185 bhp. The Bike has fuck all weight advantage over this track car.

The bike would be more fun anyway and a lot more bang for your buck.

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Dec 07

Posts: 236

merv007 says:

bike vs car

i think the bike will just win this, these little over-powered cars may be able to match bikes over the 1/4 mile, but they tend to be very unstable in the corners and understeer like crazy, a modern sorted sportsbike can often be faster in the corners (providing it has a racer on-board who understands the art of high corner speed on a bike)

the best bike v car i've seen of late is now on youtube, it was done by an american car mag and involves a Duke 1198S racing a Ferrari 458 Italia. Both are piloted around a twisty Streets of Willow raceway by racers (Steve Rapp on the bike, Justin Bell in the car) and the bike comes out a staggering 2 secs a lap faster than the super trick Ferrari.


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Jun 10

Posts: 59

valentinoGOD says:

lap times?

how many laps did this take over? one flying lap or 2 or 3 and make it interesting? anyone guessing the driver? BEN COLLINS strikes back? hahahahaha


Conor :)

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Apr 06

Posts: 667

BEXI says:

tbh i think the car will out do the bike, your talking a track designed for cars specifically to show their handling. the bike, yes its fast and nimble but a) your relying on the steve to be dam good at learning the bike and track fast against a driver who has been on the track before b) the atom is a fast car and very low gravity with better stability for the corners c) a bike takes different lines to car so they are going to be coming close and again it relies on the trust between the two. as much of a biker that i am my money would actually go on the car, but yes it will be good and close

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Dec 09

Posts: 51

JHB1984 says:

how will they judge this event ?

will it be the classic uninteresting "car vs bike at the same time on track" or will it be "single lap vs single lap" with no holding back ?

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Feb 10

Posts: 63

JamesQGM says:

Civic Type R v CBR 600

A few years ago Fifth Gear did a challenge between a Honda Civic Type R and a CBR 600 around Cadwell. Tiff was driving and James Toseland was riding. The car won.

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Oct 03

Posts: 5

robchester says:

I reckon the Atom will win this by quite a margin. 4 wheels stable in the corners, it'll be like sh*t off the proverbial due to its weight as stated below, and the amount of power it has available. If you raced the S1000RR against a Lambo/Ferrari or AMG, I reckon they would struggle to beat the bike but using a lightweight racer like the Atom is the only way they can show that 4 wheels is better. Why would they want 2 wheels to win?

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