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Discuss This Factory Yamaha’s back in WSS with BE1? – Davies and Scassa to ride 2009 title winning R6’s in 2011 World Superbikes

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Michael Guy  says:

Factory Yamaha’s back in WSS with BE1? – Davies and Scassa to ride 2009 title winning R6’s in 2011

MCN understands that Briton’s Chaz Davies and Italian Luca Scassa could swap their Triumph 675’s to race factory Yamaha R6’s in 2011 – the same bikes that that took Cal Crutchlow to the WSS crown in 2009. The Italian BE1 team have been long time Triumph set-up and looked set to be serious title contenders in 2011 running factory supported 675’s...

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  • Posted 4 years ago (23 January 2011 17:24)

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Dec 08

Posts: 60

assen03 says:

Never saw that one coming!

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Mar 09

Posts: 5185

Nostrodamus says:

Two years out of date

and the bikes will be more than competitive? Development going forward faster than the opposition whilst standing still. That's some feat!

 I wonder if Davies saw this one coming as well? I understood he was happy being settled on a bike he knew and felt he could mount a title challenge 2011 on the Triumph. But then again whilst he did well 2010 he was always a long way back from the two front runners. These guys don't make decisions like this lightly, so we can only presume this is a positive move for all concerned. Good luck Chas. Love to see you right at the sharp end of things.

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Feb 04

Posts: 987

Picking up

Yamaha perhaps can see a end to the slump in 600 sales and Suzuki have produced a mint of a bike with the new GSX600 so they cant just dissapier from the world scene and hope to keep selling 600's

i will be suprised if the R6's are stil top notch in WSS terms as the triumphs have been improving

another brit at the front (Davis impressed me last season) as i did not rate davis but last season has made me give him big respect

good luck to them

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Jul 08

Posts: 1570

jamieg999 says:

New R6?

If the last model revision was 2008 then I'm guessing Yamaha must have forgotten to update the bike. Every 2 yrs we see some sort of update to a model with usually just colour changes during the interim year. The new Trumpet 675 looks the business and with Ohlins and Brembo bits as standard it's more race ready than any of the opposition so this decision is a bit odd.

If Yamaha appear with a new R6 next week they will have left it a wee bit late to get their act together for WSS. "More than competitive" the only thing thus is absolute domination and no 2 yr old bike anywhere does that does it? Strange, very strange...

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Aug 02

Posts: 43

releaser says:

should be more then competitive

Firstly i'd like to introduce myself to the posters here. Hi, im releaser. You may call me releaser. This is my first post on mcn forums ever but dont all go jumping to conclusions that i was born yesterday. I've been following bike racing for 13 years (i was a touring car man befor that) and 500gp since 2000 when channel 5 had the good sense to put it on terrestrial tv and i've been reading these forums for the last 4 years but not wanted to post cos i'd rather have stayed under the limelight. There's plenty of characters on here and sometimes the posts are amusing but mostly infuriating but i've resisted posting until now. I find it extremely annoying when somebody takes the wrong end of the stick, only for the rest to proceed to attack the poor chap with the said stick. You guys really take the biscuit. I should think that people would have to good sense to know that everything mcn staff put to print is wild speculation and you have to decipher the meaning by reading between the lines. When yer man michael guy says "should be more than competitive" he doesn't mean it will be a competitive bike and then some. (ie "competative" = race winning bike, "more than" = will win by hugh margin of 20 seconds plus) What he actually means is he hopes and prays to god that on a good day with the perfect setup and a bit of luck when everybody throws their bikes down the road that chaz might just barely manage to scrape a podium if he's lucky. Personally i think this is a bad move by the team a a shame for chaz cos its gonna set him back another year. We all know racing is a business now and it's all money and politics. My guess is the team are getting the bikes for free and possibly financial support by yamaha cos why would anybody in their right mind leave 2011 factory bikes for 2 year old clangers. I would love to be proven wrong tho cos if anybody deserves any luck its chaz. He's a real talent but he doesn't get the rides that he deserves. He should be in moto2 and so should eugene. Ps lay off stonerrule guys. He tries his best with his limited english. He just has to stop calling people gay goats and donkeys. I have a feeling when he calls someone a donkey he means to say that they're stupid cos donkeys are supposed to have very little between the ears.

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Aug 02

Posts: 111


May i first thank you for allowing us to call you releaser and for your input and insight into our wonderfull world of MCN sports forum!!!

Iam more then sure that the rest of the guys will no doubt post there own welcoming messages in due time


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Jun 09

Posts: 163

adrenalin says:

Definitely a strange decision by BE1 if true. Last year they ran a great team and looked set to be front runners this year with the Daytona, so why switch at this late hour to a 2 year old bike with no testing unless there is either major political or financial shennigans in the background.  No comments by either rider so far so it seems a very strange move especially after riders were contracted to ride Triumphs :(

BE1 also run the European Street Triple Cup as well I believe, so what is the future for that series now?



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May 03

Posts: 101

mickdel says:

they were definitely v good when crutchlow was onboard, but  can't see how they will be now.  i'd have thought everyone would want a new suzuki this year.

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Jan 09

Posts: 845

v1nn1e says:


if it's true 'coz I'm a Triumph fan and WSS won't be the same without them, for me anyway.

If they do run Yamaha, I wonder if Triumph will hook-up with another team? I do hope so.

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Nov 05

Posts: 279


You went and spoiled in asking to lay off Kawa what not , I mean stonerule! there is no way this guy is geuine. A total wind up merchant. I have not bitten many do...

Welcome aboard, not many post a sensible first post. well done!

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