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Steve Farrell  says:

Bikes to get warning systems ‘within two years’

Motorcycles that warn riders when they’re speeding or cornering too fast will be on the road in two years, say researchers.    Warning systems have been fitted to a Yamaha Tenere and Triumph Sprint for tests by the Motor Industry Research Association. Details of the tests were first reported by MCN a year ago, when we revealed a prototype would use GPS...

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  • Posted 4 years ago (25 January 2011 15:14)

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Feb 05

Posts: 75

Frampy says:

Write to the people that count!

Fly by wire throttles, ABS brakes now devices telling you how fast you are going, how long before they are all jioned together as they wanted 2 years ago???

I wrote to my MP over the test fiasco and am now meeting him with 30 other motorcyclists to discuss and back us.  Try it it works, there are more MP's ready to listen than you think. 

Please write to the people who matter, or it will happen as the motorcycle test did.  MIRA have been stopped before remeber the leg protectors!

Come guys and girls act please act.

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Nov 04

Posts: 3

Xj6seriesone says:

Blind spots!

Systems tested by Mira also use vibrating parts including seats and even cheek pads in helmets to warn riders of hazards, such as vehicles close behind them in a blind spot. Have they not heard of regular all-round observation? Then you won't have vehicles hiding in blind spots because you will already know that they are there. Simples in't it! Just glad my 2003 SM ain't got any of this s--t on it. Just me, common sense and a need for speed!

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Jan 11

Posts: 8119

snev says:


so all and all a good thing then..............................................I think not!

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Dec 09

Posts: 164

eltomo says:

i dont need to be told how to ride

and anybody comes near any of my bikes with warning systems will get booted in!!!!


as bikers we rely heavily on peripheral vision, so less of the flashing lights, we already hae a hard enough time at night with these stupid high powered lights on new cars such asd range rovers.

these systems are designed by cagers so theyll be crap too

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Dec 10

Posts: 12

shrewsred says:

Unfortunately there are far too many bike riders breaking speeds limits and pulling wheelies and going off at bends where speed was too high for the conditions etc (yes I know how much fun it is but you can't deny the odd law is broken and how much we love the element of risk) . You only have to sit outside a bikers cafe on your next Sunday morning jaunt and watch the bikes going past to get a clear indication of the blatant disregard of the highway code. Just because car drivers also do silly things doesn't mean our behaviour shouldn't be looked at.

Bikers are responsible for the bad image that they have and until biking behaviour changes, public perception will remain as is, gov't think tanks will continue to opress us and we will all end up bitter twisted oldies telling our grandchildren about the old fun days when some cars only had two wheels. 



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Jan 11

Posts: 12

aboutye says:

We have had a campaign against Throttle Control and what was being developed in the Saferider project.

I was able to ride the original MIRA bike equiped with throttle control, vibrating seat, warning lights and throttle control - not impressed!!

No To Throttle Control




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Feb 08

Posts: 159

davdamos says:

no problem

If they keep it to a simple thing such as displaying speed limit and suggested speed for a corner (which adapts to weather conditions) then I've got no problem with it. So long as the device doesn't try to change your speed automatically, cos I'm pretty sure riders need full control of their bikes, last time I checked...

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Jul 08

Posts: 190

zephyrdave says:


Careful there shrewsred, that's beginning to sound a bit too much like well informed common sense. We want more outraged ranting about how bikers should be allowed to ride however they like without regard to any real laws - cyclist envy it's known as.

Next time you see a few of the sunny sunday brigade out being 'enthusiastic' or that bloke who thinks every commute home is like the scene from Matrix with the 748 perhaps you should mention to them that this is what they are doing to biking. This is what the future holds for all of us because of the actions a minority. We all have a choice about how we ride but we need to remember that the consquences don't just effect us individually.

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Jan 11

Posts: 12

aboutye says:

Here's pictures from a Saferider presentation showing the display they developed.

Not so simple!

Pic 1

Pic 2


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Aug 04

Posts: 1

pompeypig says:

Yet again people worry about proposed changes to law/safety etc etc and again you hear the "well if people didnt ride so fast so dangerous etc etc we would all get left alone" I do sit outside my local bike cafe (zephyrdave) and I do see people ride fast, however there a a lot of them that can ride very well, they are taking a risk that could also affect other road users BUT I also have a problem with so called "safe" riders that are far too cautious and just as dangerous if not more as a competent rider following is forced to brake on bends. Riding within a speed limit does not mean you are safe it means you are not exceeding a speed limit and nothing more,biking is made up of many riders and how they ride is up to them, your perception of how they ride is based on the 10 seconds you see them and nothing else. There are plenty of opportunities out there to lose your licence so im sure they will lose them soon enough, live n let live and let people make there own decisions, thats why we ride isnt it???? freedom. Back to the warning system.... no problem with such a thing as long as voluntary.

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