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Feb 11

Posts: 119

bumfun says:


well im quite new around here but i read most posts n well ive taken a dislike to this bloke but hey its just me or is it, i wanna no is he cool or a twat ?????:ph43r:

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  • Posted 4 years ago (07 February 2011 21:57)

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Aug 06

Posts: 4474

dave_c says:


I've known him personally (although not that close :winkie:) for 3 years now and can tell you that he's one of the most easy going and relaxed people I've met who somehow manages to see the best in everyone.

As a bike rider he's amazing, but never brags about it, he's very modest in fact. He'd welcome anyone on a ride out and take the time to make sure they were comfortable at their own pace and also look out for new riders making sure they don't get lost.

I know he's had his disputes with people on here, but believe it or not he doesn't appear to bear any grudges or take it personally, I know he'd happily meet anyone off this forum and have a cup of tea with them!

I think at times Kam is misrepresented on the forum, but I suppose that's only to be expected when reading words on a screen as opposed speaking to someone in person.

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Aug 02

Posts: 29133

Kamchat says:

dave c

Shucks... I'm blushing..Lol.:tongue:. .... Thank you ... you're not a 'bad egg' yourself. :winkie:


Tenner's in the post, Lol!  :lol:

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Feb 10

Posts: 1137

kawathrasher says:

As part of the scottish crew

I.e i live in scotland and ride a bike


I have not had the pleasure of meeting Kam (and the rest of the mob) despite many invitations to join in both the outings and sunday mornin breakfast (promise i will make it)

But i take people as i find them and if they share a common intrest then i will speak and listen to anyone


So arseplay or what ever your called unless you sit down nose to nose with someone how the hell can you judge ?????



So is it Kamtwat or Kamcool ?? 

Well to me it's just another person i can call a friend on two wheels



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52 Black Shadow


Apr 03

Posts: 651


I've never met Kam, and don't like or dislike him.


He does have a tendancy to see MCN as his own little fifedom, and can come across as a complete tosser if you dare to disagree with his opinion on anything.


Perhaps that's what the original post was aimed at?


I rarely come on here these days partly due to time constraints and partly because I find a lot of the drivel posted here bores me.  I missed the recent bannings, but will say that I always forund Ratty, Paul and Mike to be frienly, respectful characters who obviously knew their bikes and seemed to live the part (as I'm sure Kam does).  It's always a shame when things become personal on a web forum, it's not like it's the real world!


Ride safe,



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Sep 10

Posts: 2250



he knows his stuff, and if he dosnt he dosnt bother to post... i like kam he is definatly dedicated to biking and dosnt have a facistic stance and opinions and views that he spreads all over like some people, if u ask me those people should expect to get deleted!

he is a good guy tho i never met him...he always humors me and makes me smile.. he sticks up for the underdogs too.


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Mar 09

Posts: 768

jonny68 says:


Well , I will have my pennies worth then if everyone else is.

I can't see what the issue is myself Kam is a long standing forum member who makes plenty of contributions and speaks his mind on issues that interest him. He posts loads of great pics on here which are always a pleasure to what the hell is the problem...none.....I go with Kam coolish

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Aug 10

Posts: 71

versysboy says:


Don't know him only from on here,I like his pictures of riding and the scenery.Seems a cool guy to me,definitly a cool rider.

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Aug 02

Posts: 29133

Kamchat says:

So much love

..on this thread ...... thanks everyone .:winkie:...

'Group Hug' .:tongue:...


Actually, it is nice to see something that was designed as an instrument of hate turned into the opposite....




..and only one use of the term 'complete tosser' ...I feel honoured. Lol! :winkie:

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Jan 04

Posts: 636

KGEE says:

Met him ....

i've met Kam and seems tae me tae be a top bloke and he can fookin ride a bike :sunglasses:

+ 1  stevedeejay .....

One handed while snapping some of his famous photo's


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Mar 10

Posts: 214

d19yda says:

top bloke!

i aint been out much with him lately but anytime i did, i always thought he was a genuine guy!

Im not one to dis anyone unless they have done something to upset me.

so im in the opinion of TOP BLOKE!




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