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Steve Farrell  says:

No end to Cat & Fiddle speed camera scandal

Britain’s first bike-catching average speed cameras are finally close to being switched on – weeks before they face the axe in spending cuts.Speed cameras bosses have at last fixed a cock-up that has delayed the scheme for a year, two months before they face redundancy.The cameras were installed last spring at a cost of £800,000 but have been dormant for...

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  • Posted 4 years ago (15 February 2011 12:24)

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Jun 06

Posts: 43

exsup says:


£800,000 That would have kept the Harriers flying for a year

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Jan 11

Posts: 304

TomRR says:


Joe Slow,,,Your right why bother going on the same ride each week, 

This 80,000 quid is no one responsible for sighning off that cash  !!! Whos budget is it off  !!!!, Did any one get the sack (  I do hope soor will it be a cover-up as normal,  

MCN Why dont you NAME AND SHAME!!! I wanna know who is to blame. NOW!

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Sep 10

Posts: 73


I can't believe you would use a public forum to encourage and entice what amounts to wanton criminal damage. The cameras were put there for a reason. To discourage wreckless and dangerous bike riding and, by definition, to encourage a safer and more responsible approach...wanna borrow my angle grinder?

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Sep 10

Posts: 185

Have been using this road since the 60s , I think it was more miss-used then than now . Have been around the area most Sundays ,and on sports bikes its a real pain . If you see a cop car and very rarely a bike -you were pulled ,yet on the cruisers I have owned they have ignored me ,even on the odd day I am a bit giddy . This is another complete waste of taxpayers money by the anti-motoring Labour party , and why should bikers always have the sh*tty end of the stick . I hope this lot in government listen a bit more to us ,they have made a start by altering the new bike test ,although it should happen now not in the Autumn .

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Oct 10

Posts: 138


Is it a cordless or would a stihl saw be available for me to use,Herbert?

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Oct 02

Posts: 51

bigjames says:


Amazing waste of one from some losers, who are about to lose their jobs. If it makes you all feel any better about the waste of money camera system, here in the US, one of our lovely insurance groups has funded a program for motorcycle only traffic stops. Completely unconstitutional, but the state of Georgia, kind of in the way when heading to Daytona, will start doing them next week. Just in time for Bike Week. Yes, in the land of the free. So much for our guarantee of equal protection under the law, must not include (like on your side of the pond) equal protection FROM the law.

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Nov 02

Posts: 76

Nobody's responsible

The public sector uses "Partnerships" to dilute responsibility and blame amongst an number of organisations so that, ultimately, nobody can be held accountable. If it looks like one is going to mess things up it can easily be broken up and reformed under a new title, absolving blame from those now "responsible" in the new partnership. I wonder what Jim Hacker would think? Anyway, a new partnership will be formed using many of the original participants and the cameras will continue to be used. Either that or it will just transfer to local authority control; Councils need the money generated by cameras to help fill the hole left by the cuts in their budgets. Just wait and see...

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Nov 10

Posts: 296

COZ69 says:


If we all payed a lorry driver £1 each i dont know 300 bikers to do this im sure the nice lorry driver would put a chain around the camara and pull the £800000 thing down

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May 10

Posts: 4


this is my playground most summer evenings, and as usual a ridicolous amount of money has been wasted trying to prosecute a minority of ROAD USERS - yes that includes car drivers as well - and spoil it for everyone else instead of using the money constructively. everyone knows a ride with police presence and a ride without is much better, and no not to break the law, but to feel you can ride without being constantly watched, cheshire/staffordshire roads are a complete disgrace, with dangerous potholes everywhere, why not focus the money on this, or the armed forces/NHS/schools.  just another money maker for the government!!  absoloute joke!!  This road and area is famous for all the wrong reasons!!!

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Oct 10

Posts: 186

zoobaz says:


what really annoys me is comments like "well you only need to worry if you're breaking the law"..

No - not true. There seems to be a massive proportion of the driving population who insist on driving 20mph below the speed limit if they see a camera. this spoils it for the rest of us...

there's a 30mph road where I live with 4 speed cameras on it in the space of a mile, the result is lots of people crawl down there at 20mph... you only need one moron to do this and it holds everyone else up.

When will people realise speed cameras will only get you if you're exceeding the limit, therefore you can hapily drive at the limit without getting 'done'... or even a bit over (if you date)...

it's not always the cameras that are the problem - people's perception also doesn't help!


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