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Steve Farrell  says:

No end to Cat & Fiddle speed camera scandal

Britain’s first bike-catching average speed cameras are finally close to being switched on – weeks before they face the axe in spending cuts.Speed cameras bosses have at last fixed a cock-up that has delayed the scheme for a year, two months before they face redundancy.The cameras were installed last spring at a cost of £800,000 but have been dormant for...

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  • Posted 4 years ago (15 February 2011 12:24)

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May 10

Posts: 1

Cat&Fiddle Speed Average?

Has anyone else pondered the speed limit of 50 mph on this road. With cameras and computers that can calculate a bikers average speed. But there are quite alot of corners that I need to slow down for. Much less than 50mph. So my question is this, How much faster can "a traveller" go on the straights in order to average 50mph? I might go up there with some mates and a stop watch.

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Aug 06

Posts: 1

sansavino says:

These are NOT the country's first rear facing cameras! There have been cameras like this installed on the A631 at Beckingham near Gainsborough for about 2 years now. Beckingham is on the Lincolnshire/Nottinghamshire border. At Beckingham there are two roundabout within a short distance, the roundabouts are known for bikers getting there knee down and then racing to the other one to do it again. But typical Nottinghamshire, the speed limits on the dual Carriageways are 50mph. Around there the single carriageway is 60mph?

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Feb 11

Posts: 2

JWDilly says:

Cash Cow

Went past the control box by the Cat & Fiddle PH, there was a guy working on it, for all the guys and girls who haven't ridden this road, it consists of basically a series of bends that comes out of Buxton followed by a long, approx 3 mile stretch whilst not straight is certainly fast enough to warrant a 60 mph limit and not 50, then more bends start for another 3 miles, that is all that is covered by the speed cameras, the next 4 miles or so that is also a series of bends, some of them responsible for most of the accidents on this road such as Walker Barn isn't covered by cameras. So once again the Camera Taxation Parnership strikes the easy victims.

To anyone who defends the 50mph speed limit please drive over it at 50 all the way, when you decide you can't, and have to slow for the bends, raise the limit back to 60 and let me choose the speed I use on the road, and trust me it'll slower than 60 on most of it !!

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Apr 10

Posts: 547

londonbill says:


Sorry but I think we've bought it on ourselves. What should the Police do if we use it as a track and kill ourselves in droves? Just let us get on with it. I'm sick of MCN standing up for the rights of the lunatics. It's bad for all of us. MCN is bad for biking.

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May 10

Posts: 1

chriskaney7 says:

eh!!!! to all bikers out there,there's plenty more roads ride them! instead!! when there's no revenue of them! they'll just turn them off!! every body knows where the speed cameras are in there area!! and slow down i drop to ten mph! they getting f all outta me im sick of them! probs just like you and you! its about time we told this government to go get stuffed! just like the Egyptians we just sit back and take the daily shit! iv had enough! all we want to do is ride our bikes for a bita relaxation w/end fun, i hate this government for what they do to the working bikers  rob us wi speeding tickets!! bikes today stop on sixpence! granted you get ya loonies! but come on!!!! who hasn't been at one time or another!! its gone tooooooooo efing far now brothers!tax fines points they don't want us to do ef all just give all we have to them! they must really think we drrrrrrrrrrrrr! earr!! the latest he wants all those who lost there job to work for free!!! well im busy! out on my bike! having fun!!and i wont be riding the cat an fiddle just to be spied on!!! what they gonna do next lock us all up!! what they forget is there is no them with out us!!! which pill you gonna take the white one or the red one???? c you out there fellow bikers!!! im ready for the uprising!!! it just angers me so much!!because there's a lot of decent i mean decent law abiding bikers-out there there not criminals just normal people like you and me! who want to ride there bikes without being spied on all the time. its all about what they can get out of it! its our money!!! our's!!!!! there spending on these cameras!! the countries knackered !!! I KNOW LETS SPEND ALL OUR FUNDS ON MORE SPEED CAMARAS!!! WHO ARE THESE POEPLE!!! THERE CLOSING DOWN LIBARIES! COMUNITY CARE FUNDING AND THE REST ORRRRRRRRR BUT LETS HAVE 80.000 POUND CAMERES  its all wrong these cameras its all gone too far now

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kawate kid


Jul 07

Posts: 2

kawate kid says:

I understand the main problem bikers are those Mancunians trying to make an escape to God's Own Country? Besides there are plenty of idiots on bikes and cars who like to race around the roads - if they're that good why don't they go to tracks?

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Sep 10

Posts: 829

CBR11X says:

Chain Lube and Dirt

On some days, like most of you blokes, I feel like fanging it a bit. I notice that on those days, when I spray lube my chain, I inexplicably spray a film of sticky grease over my number plate. I then find myself accidently taking a few handfuls of dirt and  place the dirt on abovementioned film of grease. What I find is that I can no longer see my number plate. When stopped by officer plod, I thank him for bringing the anomaly to my attention and then proceed to clean the plate with a rag.

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Feb 11

Posts: 87

draper12807 says:

Why Moaning?

Why is everyone complaining?? Most people come from the macclesfield side, where you can hardly average 50mph around most of the bends and only 2 or 3 places where you can open it up. Plus do what i just do, blast it up from macclesfield and then stop at the inn like everyone does.

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Mar 08

Posts: 45

Charro says:

The Democratic Loop – Where is it?

taz_of_tazmania has hit the nail directly on the head here. Be in no doubt hypothecation and other sneaky ways of funding the road safety partnerships (RSP) are back.

This is really nothing to do with road safety more about preserving jobs at the RSP’s which have become little thiefdoms for ‘retired police officers’ enjoying a boost for their nice little final salary pensions.

Then of course there’s the “contracts” which RSP’s love to let often to, surprise surprised, “consultants” who happen to be err ex police officers.

I simple wonder where are our elected Councillors are in all this, where’s our voice. Not to mention the BMF and MAG who are apparently “stakeholders” in the Cheshire Safer Roads Partnership.

As an insider I can understand the difficult in facing down motorcycle deaths, but the cost to the public purse of the Cat cameras now over £1 million and subsidised by the Department for Transport too.

Its simple running out of control!!

Some essential reading:-

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Jan 09

Posts: 158


I've had a look at the CRSP website, but there is no obvious no reference to BMF or MAG. There is, however a picture of James Toseland, who they enthuse about being working with them. I agree with the "keep away from the place" comments, but would offer a few observations which might be helpful. 

The speedos on all cars and bikes are not allowed to under-read, so manufacturers play safe by having them over-read, usually by around 10%. You can check yours against a sat-nav , which is much more accurate.  My ST1050 is about +3 at 30mph, same as my Mazda car. The error rises with speed. At an indicated 50 you are probably doing about 46 - and holding up the sat-navvers!

Buy a bike with an "average speed indicator". The ST is fitted with one and I can tell you its pretty difficult to keep up an average of an indicated 55 on this road!

Cheshire East Council is up for election in May.............................

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