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Phil West  says:

2011 Honda CBR600F to cost just £7055!

In one of the most refreshing and exciting bits of new bike pricing news for ages, Honda UK has just revealed that its imminent CBR600F will cost a seemingly very reasonable £7055. That makes the new sports all-rounder over £1500 less than Honda’s own CBR600RR supersports. The CBR250R, meanwhile, is set to cost £3688 (£500 less than its closest rival, Kawasaki’s Ninja...

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  • Posted 4 years ago (21 February 2011 17:01)

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Mar 09

Posts: 742

bikerbit says:

HA no Thanks

Or buy the old cbr600f for alot cheaper with a faster engine and a damn site better lookin. sorry honda wouldn't give you the £55 never mind the other 7 grand

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Jan 10

Posts: 426

rlf3 says:

Hornet + fairing

It's so obviously a faired Hornet, pity that ABS isn't an option.


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Dec 09

Posts: 164

eltomo says:

good deal

as a package, it looks very good deal, good engine - tired and tested loads of parts in stock too, good brakes, good suspension and a decent frame with honda build quaulity / paint job, nice road riding ergos and it looks quite cool!! i say for 7k, Bargain! im happy with my bandit 12 but its still tempting, i bet you could ride it like you stole it alright too

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Nov 03

Posts: 470

kl595 says:

£7055 in todays market seems a good price but it doesn't shout CBR600. It looks more like Honda's answer to Yamaha's XJ6 Diversion. Honda fans are about to type like mad in defence!

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Nov 10

Posts: 25

dkbunny says:

I am still not keen on the styling especially the headlight i think it could have been better designed but thats just my opinion.The price however i cannot complain about it should appeal to new bikers and tempt a few old ones as well good one Honda. At least Honda seem to a bit more in touch with their prices than the likes of Yamaha who must think we have all won the lottery a bit more of realistic pricing please.

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Jul 10

Posts: 5

havadingdong says:

"will cost a seemingly reasonable £7055" What does this mean?; Seemingly as defined is something which appears to be something, but in fact is not so and is therefore inaccurate - 'in appearance but not necessarily in actuality' So in actuality is the bike reasonable. Personally I think the UK Motorcyclist needs to have a good long look in the mirror. How many bikes have increased £1K... £1.5K.... £3K... in the last few years. LOADS. Is a CBR600F worth £7K? Is this reasonable. Personally I say we are being stuffed.

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Jul 04

Posts: 20

yamahayzr500 says:

1981 Brand new X7 £625 and Brand new LC350 £1,050

Sorry, I got to say what a joke the cost of a new bike is, crazy to me. Perhaps it's because I am old but hold on, I bought a brand new X7 in 1981 cost be £625 on the road. It didn't last long before I wrote it off, so I got a brand new LC350 that was only £1,050. At the time a basic Ford Fiesta was around £2,500. so my X7 was 4 x less than the basic Ford, but a hell of a lot faster. So fast forward to today and I just googled the cost of a brand new Ford KA and yep only cost £7,595. So an old sporty bike like an X7 is sort of equivalent to todays CBR600 ??my maths aren't too good, but in my book a CBR should therefore be around £1,900 New bikes are a very very expensive in comparison to other similar goods made with metal and have tyres. I would love a Ducati Multistrada but at £16,000 I will stick to my FJR1300 thanks. Also a KTM or Yamaha 250 MX bike for £7,000 wow it's a shocking. Sorry for the rant, but who do the bike manufactures think they are kidding. Can anybody see where I am coming from or is it just me ?

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Apr 10

Posts: 245

Andyvfr1 says:

In the good old days

Bikes used to be made of cheap materials and were very simple compared to a modern bike.

A modern ford KA might only cost 7k but its not a considerable improvement over an old fiesta, a new bike however is light years ahead of a bike from the 80's, not to mention the fact materials are considerably more expensive, it costs alot to develope a new bike.

Basically we pay alot for things because of our own greed, your not being scammed or ripped off, we have no one to blame for the prices of things but ourselves.

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Dec 05

Posts: 46

jamesg75 says:

here here

I agree with yamahayzr500.  Also the development costs of a car are huge compared to a motorcycle a car has to fulfil a wider range of criteria than a  motorcycle. I also believe that the things that the manufacturers are giving us are against what we actually want 170bhp at 12500+ is very exciting but some of these bike are hugely thirsty and have tiny tank range questionable stability on any thing but smooth roads have you looked at our roads lately they are crap. I have a mitsubishi colt 1.5 turbo dragging around a ton of metal and it easily does 35mpg does 350miles on a tank and still has 150bhp. I would gladly trade 4000rpm for better mpg better tank range on my zx12.    

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Sep 06

Posts: 297

gixercarl says:

yzr500 man

hey sounds like you where a man of 1981 like me, got an LC250/350 when i was 17 those where the days

yes price increases will not sell high units of superbikes thats for sure

rising cost of materials are part of the problem, plus the value of the euro

however in 1994 a fireblade was 9k so for 15years we have all had i good as import bikes kept prices low

the jap factories also have other massive  markets now to serve , in india for example

think seconds hands will beth way to go for the future let the rich scrub off the vat

is the cbr cheap  yes compared to an RR now but not, but expensive compared to an RR price of 2yrs ago

just a sign of the times

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