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Dan Aspel  says:

Avoiding idiots: readers’ videos

Last week we showed you a highlight video of Dublin’s worst drivers and asked MCN readers to submit their own footage. Thanks to everyone who contributed, and we hope you enjoy six of the best that we’ve included below. From the dangerous to the controversial, they highlight some of the hazards faced by motorcyclists every day on Britain’s roads and beyond.

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  • Posted 4 years ago (23 February 2011 16:37)

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Feb 11

Posts: 1

Calum1986 says:

Idoit Drivers!

What a bunch of d**ks these people are!

Why would you stop in the middle of the road and just reverse? i think i would have been locked up if he did that to me it really pisses me off!

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Oct 09

Posts: 103

BarbaricCub says:

Helmet camera's

Looks like I should make the investment in one, iv had plenty of close shaves with idiotic drivers like this, luckily none have gone from bad to worse, but if one should in future, video evidence like that seems like a great idea. I'd just have to delete/edit for anonymity all the video's of any "spirited" riding :D

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Mar 08

Posts: 129

tman39a says:


Some close calls allright but the video of the biker filtering brought most of that on himself....whilst its not illegal to filter it has to be done with due care and don't have any right of way and if someone ahead chooses to change lane there is every chance your in there blinds spot at some point....that guy just bombed along sounding his horn at anyone whilst he weaved about. But all in all it shows how bad the regular standard of driving is nowadays.

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Dec 09

Posts: 164

eltomo says:

second to last video: POOR RIDING

Second to last video: poor riding, bad planning, too fast to be safe What do you think?

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Dec 10

Posts: 239

blue200tdi says:

Bad bikers

I'm sorry but what was wrong with what the lorry did? It was a narrow country road, with trees/bushes on either side on a bend, the lorry had to take that line to get the back wheel round the corner rather than dragging its rear end through the trees!

The second video was bad though and typical of drivers today.

The third one was just silly, would you rather get knocked off than let a car out of a junction? Yes they were in the wrong but you could clearly see he was coming out. Curtesy works both ways.

The bike filtering was just damn right dangerous, and ILLEGAL, that would get you taken to court for careless driving. Filtering through moving traffic is just stupid, and doing it at night too? Mad, and you complain about the car drivers! Geez!

As for the van driver, that was also careless driving, my god, imagine if that had been a child crossing behind him!

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Feb 11

Posts: 46

lewi103 says:

Call that filtering?!

I was taught to filter at no more than 5mph more than the traffic is moving...that guys doing at least double that! I'm not excusing the drivers action in that clip as clearly the bike was visible to him but he's clearly not riding responsibly for the conditions. I hold the same opinion of his riding for the second clip where the traffic is flowing reasonably and thus he is no longer filtering merely straddling lanes, undertaking and riding between two cars - putting himself in a ridiculous situation in the first place (again the driver was stupid as well but no need to be in that situation). As for the third clip, regardless of the drivers blind lane maneuver it's pitch black and said rider guns it off a roundabout onto a dual carriage way with a filter lane to the left...anyone with two brain cells can tell that's a potentially dangerous situation!...Or is it just me?

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Nov 05

Posts: 4

gusmacneil says:


I'd call it ramming not filtering. When I make coffee I wait and let the water trickle through. He is putting filter coffee straight into the cup and adding hot water! They may both be made with filter coffee but one is going to taste very gritty (asphalt) and I know the one I prefer!

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Feb 11

Posts: 46

lewi103 says:


Wow!! I completely agree with you, and the way you applied it in such a gripping manor was delightful! 10 points to the man with the hilariously brilliant metaphor please!

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Jan 10

Posts: 264

chriscg says:

My view

Vid 1) Lorry driver had a lapse of cencentration, maybe eating his bacon buttie? I reckon he didnt need to swing out for that corner. Bad driving.

Vid 2) Just bad aggressive driving. Good anger management by the rider for not going after him! Would have been tempting.

Vid 3) Was bikers right of wat but, agree with previous post,would have been best to give way.

Vid 4) Allways glance about even when lights are green to go,impatient drivers about.

Vid 5) Just plain bad and mad filtering, I see it all the time in Plymouth.

Vid 6) Not much the bike could do, very bad driving,fast,mad stupid reversing.Nearly happened to me once too

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Oct 10

Posts: 8

cokedealer says:

filtering (video 5)

in regards to the filtering video (vid 5), two words: blind spot. if those drivers did blind spot checks before every manoeuvre like theyre supposed to there wouldnt be any issues. end of.

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