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Feb 11

Posts: 2

swaz17 says:

Mod Two Test :The fine line

Ive just come back after failing my mod 2 at the first attempt and im gutted. My ride was perfect with no minors , but the examiner asked me to do angled start so i pulled infront of the car he told me to , which was parked on a speed bump,i did all my observations front side and rear and front again when i looked a black mondeo had pulled in to the street and was approx 75mts away so i pulled out around the car and rode off approx 25 mtrs before the car passed me ,the car travelled down the road and made the examiner stop and he failed me for making the car stop , he was stopping for the speed bump.After the examiner told me he found it hard to fail me and that i should of waited for the car too pass, which would have taken approx 30 secs, and i told him if i had, he would of done me for being too hesitant!So anyone taking their test do so with this in mind, as there is a fine line betweeen making progress and hesitating My test is on the 9th March now so i hope i get the same examiner.So i can say i told you so. hope this helps, stay safe, Phill.

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  • Posted 4 years ago (23 February 2011 16:54)

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Jan 11

Posts: 163

robertohare says:


Better luck next time mate.

get it booked again, what you gota remeber the examiner is looking for a reason to fail you, no matter what anyone says, a pass is a pass, a fail is because you done somthin wrong.

you gota remeber if he has been doing it a while he must have seen some good and some bad drivers, and if he has said to you that he didnt want to fail you then you mustent be a bad driver .

get it booked

stay calm, relax :D

Good luck !

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Aug 02

Posts: 2730

spondonste says:

Sorry rob but I don't agree with you about the DSA

Robertohare, you have more faith in the DSA exminers than I do. I took a car driving test a few years ago and failed for not checking my mirror in an emergency stop (person walked onto the road about 3 yards (ie less than 10 feet in a 30mph zone) in front of me. If I had checked my mirrors prior to this EMERGENCY stop I would absolutely 100% have hit the pedestrian). My next door neighbour passed her test recently but mounted the curb at one point. Passing a driving test nowdays appear to be pot luck and enetirely down to wheter the examiner is in a good mood or having one of those days.


The DSA may try to convince themselves that they are doing a worthwhile job but the number of new driver accidents proove this is wholly inaccurate. Everyone knows you really learn to drive after you've passed your test. The driving test appears to just be pandering to a group of egotistical know it all as much as ensuring new drivers are safe.

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Jan 11

Posts: 206


i thought that manouver was for buses p.s.v licence??????

i have bike car bus hgv and the only time i have ever had to make a angle start is when taking psv test strange... even on all my lessons on all my licence types never had to do enything of a angle start only on psv. the reason for this is  bus stop and you need to pull out.... i could be rong... but i dont think i am.. but thats  psv stuff that... he,s had you off there im sure...  i dont know ask if some one on here is a rider instructer im sure they would know but angle start on a motorcycle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:shock:

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Mar 10

Posts: 30

spearhand says:

Mod 2

test requires an angle start, which can be up to 4 depending how many times the instructor asks you to pull over in a safe place. You have to position yourself about one and a half bike lengths behind a parked car and set off with all the necessary checks.



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Mar 09

Posts: 4548

smoto5 says:

The examiner may not have explained himself

very well, if you had caused the car to slow down at all, or to change course, never mind stopping, that is something that is stated in the highway code that you must not do, so he would have to take note of it. :upset:

To put that into perspective though, every single day of the week hundreds of car drivers and other drivers will be forcing oncoming drivers to slow or pass them, from what I see more and more, I mean of course the increasing tendency for people to look up the road, see you coming and still pull out, making the assumption that you will let them out :mad: It seems to be happening more and more, I regularly am travelling up to sixty mph on roads to have someone pull out and then only accelerate moderately up to 40/45 mph, maybe quarter of a mile up the road they might have got to 50 if you are lucky! :lol: and I'm not always meaning I'm on the bike, frequently in a large pick up truck, that's going to make a big dent in their car!!

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Jan 11

Posts: 204

frazmataz says:


Well done for not giving up and booking you're test again. You are right with you point about being 'too hesitant' if you did wait. I think it all depends on which examiner you get, some might of passed you some might have given you a minor.

All the best for the next test!

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Jan 11

Posts: 206


never got mentioned once angle start while having my lessons or mod 2 test maybe i just got lucky... who knows but like i said my driving licence is full what ever you can have on your driving licence i have passed test and only ever had to or been mentioned was an angle start was with my psv. thats the only time... the but hey!!!! never mind... just grit your teeth and go for it never give up!!!! cos biking is cool.. i will never go back to car:sunglasses:

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Sep 09

Posts: 1766

beaconsman says:

both ways!

Well, I am a petrol head with four and two wheels, but just delved into the murky world of tdi tuning, got 200bhp so far out of my volvo v70 (99) 2.5 tdi,..lights up the front tyres, but the look on boy racers..PRICELESS!

Need a new rear tyre for the ol zzr, going for a conti motion..

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Jul 09

Posts: 388

BIGMat says:

Good mood / Bad mood

I reckon it depends on thier mood too, and numbers of course.

I failed one for missing a change of speed limit from a 30 to a 60. The sign was covered in moss and algie, hardly noticeable when really looking for it in fact. I heard later, that the examiners take people on that route if they want/need to fail someone. Apparently it happens every time (sneaky buggers!)

Still, carry on fella. The life of a biker is a joyous one indeed!!!

Have fun.

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Dec 07

Posts: 384

londonangel says:


Why would an examiner want or need to fail someone???

My guess is what you heard was pretty much 'hearsay' and came from those who had failed....because they did something wrong.

A member of my family is a DSA examiner and believe me, there are no fail 'quotas', like some would be led to believe!!, you fail because you did something wrong, and they are obliged to tell you why you failed so there is no comeback.

you noticed there was a sign there even if it was covered in moss etc, common sense would tell you it was a change of speed limit!!


I had 3 angle starts on my Mod 2, I passed first time tho! :winkie:


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