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Dan Aspel  says:

The home service clubs that could save you hundreds

A new type of servicing is on the rise, and it could save you hundreds on maintenance bills. Free "workshop days" - organised by online forum users - are becoming increasingly popular in the UK, where instruction and support are shared between members. Getting technical tips from fellow bike club members is nothing new, but these events are the first model specific...

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  • Posted 4 years ago (03 March 2011 11:45)

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Aug 02

Posts: 28

What a Great Idea.. I can see this taking off as well as for motor cars one step towards putting an end to "RIP OFF BRITAIN"

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Feb 09

Posts: 41

Fantastic idea! Well done to those guys willing to share their knowledge.

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Mar 11

Posts: 1

MrsJ says:

As a member and regional rep for a nationwide all ladies bike club lots of our members, fairly or not, sometimes feel as though they will be derided for a lack of knowledge or be ripped off by mechanics who they feel know more than them. I am happy to say that this type of attitude from dealers and mechanics is becoming more difficult to find but it does still exist out there. In response to this some of the dealers in areas local to more active regions have opened their workshops to us in this way and have even provided us with a mechanic to show us how to do basic maintenance tasks and checks which we all know we should be doing but have never been shown what we should actually be looking for. For us ladies it is a safe environment to ask questions without the derision which our questions can meet from other halves and some forums. The dealers also benefit from this, most people are happier buying from people they know and trust and by spending 3 hours with a group of 6 ladies a dealer may find themselves with 3 or 4 new customers who wouldn't have spent money there previously but most importantly they gain valuable word of mouth advertising as we talk to one another about our experiences. So a huge thank you to the dealers who are making themselves available for this kind of afternoon (Transit in York and Rober Dunn in Dumfries stand out)and to those who haven't considered it before speak to local bike clubs and local reps of brand forums and see if it makes a difference to your business.

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Aug 02

Posts: 441

snave says:


Could this model not also be applied to running the Country? Then we could get rid of the sponging, whinging, spineless, self-serving tossers who think they are in charge and the faceless, nameless self-serving spineless tossers who serve them... Millions saved! Common sense restored as `policy`. Then all we need to do is bomb the EU maggots and motorcycling is returned to its position as one of the true solutions to global warming, poverty, famine and World Peace. :)

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Mar 11

Posts: 1

tonydevil says:

the TDM owners group ( have been doing 'fettle & cake' days for years

someone provides a venue (plus normally tools and expertise)
people list up the jobs they want help with

then others who know about that job will turn up to help/laugh

the general cost of these days is whatever your favourite cakes are (although bacon butties are a reasonable alternative) lol


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Jan 06

Posts: 10

itdcmy says:

Beware the EU

Thats all very well, but the European Union has made a proposal yet again to bring in anti-tampering in a big way. They are trying to put a stop to any home mechanics working on their bikes or cars if it goes through. This affects tyres, wheels, chains, sprockets, gearboxes, engines and parts thereof, filters, engine management electronics, exhausts and probably more. In short anything to do with the drive train is a candidate for this legislation, so anything you can touch which "might" affect performance in any way is being targetted.

Time has arrived to start lobbying your MEPs to resist this. Join a riders rights organisation and shout there as well so that as much pressure can be brought to bear to resist this.

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Jul 09

Posts: 19

Dan09 says:

Yes please

Yes please - more of this, and preferably where I live, or thereabouts. Anyone in the southwest up for this?

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Nov 10

Posts: 183

Ovski says:

Fantastic idea

Im useless at mechanics but strangely really enjoy it! Ive learnt oil and filter changes and other simple bits n bobs from my dad and its a great feeling doing stuff to your own bike/car that otherwise you would have to pay someone else for.

Had something like this been available near to me when i started riding then maybe by now i would have been a bit less 'cack-handed'!

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Jan 11

Posts: 115

luckyskua says:

The EU Primitives

The EU proposals are not about safety or job security but being protectionist of trade. There have already been concerns voiced about this from the Bank of England committee. If a non Euro manufacturer wants to import a machine then there will be 101 type approvals to be met and it will not be economic. Its the same for the 'safety warning' systems, not safety but protectionism again. There is no way American foreign policy will put up with this, a company like Harley or Dodge will lose out in a big way and the EU was not envisaged for this type of tampering trade agreement.

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Aug 07

Posts: 32

norton1 says:

start now

I just had a quote of £550 for a 24k service, so im all for it.

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