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Dan Aspel  says:

The home service clubs that could save you hundreds

A new type of servicing is on the rise, and it could save you hundreds on maintenance bills. Free "workshop days" - organised by online forum users - are becoming increasingly popular in the UK, where instruction and support are shared between members. Getting technical tips from fellow bike club members is nothing new, but these events are the first model specific...

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  • Posted 4 years ago (03 March 2011 11:45)

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Nov 08

Posts: 53

Ralinoco says:

Make the most of it now

Because the EU ( you know, those meddling little dogs-doings miles away that want control but with little common sense to support it) want to stop it all: They are proposing anti-tampering laws that would see the end of home servicing and non-approved after-market goodies by the Year 2013 Yes that's only 2 years away boys and girls.  Google: Visordown for some info or contact MAG.

What can we do? Well you can join MAG (Motorcycle Action Group) who fight for our rights politically. and become "active" so that at least we can say we stood up and fought back.

Or you can be a "good doggie" , roll over and let them tickle our tummies then boot us out to the kennel for the night.

There is a saying "You may not be interested in politics but politics sure is interested in you"

It's up to you...............


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Sep 09

Posts: 391


Do it ! Learn how to maintain your own bike.

Basic dealer bike service = £300 to change the oil and filter and check a few nuts and bolts. Yeah right.

I dont trust dealers near any of my bikes and never will. They work to a set price and make the job fit, I take my time and do it spot-on in the comfort of my own garage.

But you have got to know what you are doing !

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Jan 06

Posts: 10

itdcmy says:

EU spoilsports

Surprised Steve Farrell isn't all over the EU aspect of the anti-tampering like a rash, given how he lkes to stir us up!. Don't be shy on this one lads and lasses - If you love maintaining your own, or would like to, then now is the time to start lobbying those with the power on this issue.

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Feb 03

Posts: 47

mjf65 says:

I've always done my own servicing as I learnt my trade in the 80's after siezing up my X7 and laterly my LC350! Both car and bike dealers are very keen to put people off but if you have some mechanical aptitude, a proper manual, enough tools and take your time to plan ahead even jobs like removing cams and shimming valves are within scope, go on start with a simple oil and filter change and work up to the more technical bits.

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Nov 10

Posts: 2

swlabr says:

Home Servicing

What a brilliant idea, I went to my local college who were running a basic 10wk repair course but they  cut  it because of lack of interest, so what is a numpty to do, so please bring to the south east of england.

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Mar 11

Posts: 1

susiebanshi says:

Insurance and liability

one question though is what would happen if someone gave incorrect advise or failed to do up a part and it then caused the owner of the bike to have an accident?. I know garages etc have to have liability insurance for this. Private individuals wouldnt. I know someone who got a "friend" who was supposed to know what he was doing and he stripped his sump plug causing the owner £100's of damage and he had no comeback

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Jun 09

Posts: 9

ajacko says:

The way I read it the owners do the work themselves, so no one is liable, I think it's a great idea..

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Jan 10

Posts: 123

home servicing

Apart from very simple maintenance I think its a really bad idea. There are no regulations, to many bodgers around who think they know more than they acutally do but probably mean well. Pay a professional to do the job, two wheels are different to 4 wheels somethings goes wrong on a bike when you are riding you will be in serious trouble. Is your life worth saving a few quid on? If you cant afford an expert to look after your pride and joy, get a car.

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Dec 07

Posts: 5

JOKWAK says:

home service

As it says on the tin,encouraged to do the work themselves,without getting it wrong. A good idea,and the owner of the bike would know a lot more about the workings of his/her motorcycle. Now where's my laptop!

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Mar 11

Posts: 2

hedges says:


knowing tony well, i can assure you there is no bodging going on lol - his skills would embarrass most dealers. you get owners with bent valves coming for help after honda techs timed their bikes 180 degrees out! i'm sure you all know someone who has paid top money for duff service from a main dealer or backstreet garage. there's guys changing their own camchain tensioners, doing shims (saving £300), clutch plates, upgrading brakes, fork seals, balancing carbs, you name it, and it also saves them buying any special tools they might need. respect to tony for hosting these events and also amcq for the northern days... but - picture #2 "where does this go?" :D

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