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Matthew Birt  says:

Casey Stoner against extended Qatar MotoGP weekend

Casey Stoner says he is against the new format for the season opening night race in Qatar, with the schedule extended to four days for 2011.Five pratice sessions will take place on Thursday night including two for the 125 and Moto2 classes and one for MotoGP.MotoGP will then have its second and third practice sessions run over 45-minutes on Friday...

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  • Posted 4 years ago (08 March 2011 17:31)

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Jun 09

Posts: 887

aquarius says:

OK, Wosi ...

What are you doing next week? Maybe we could meet for a few drinks then go to a darkroom and see what develops. Hah har ... Seriously, Wosi - people just don't read- through or take in or assimilate and process information properly. They are too busy looking to be offended or seeking some sort of scrap that isn't usually directly connected with the thread under discussion. Some quite deliberately choose to misunderstand or completely fail to grasp the point ( sorry - not connected with the drinks & darkroom gag, OK? I remain unhappily married, like most and am ferociously heterosexual - not that I don't have some funny mates too ) ) It really is most tiresome and makes one cranky !. I am really glad & grateful that there are some that not only take my point ( a bit oblique at times - I know) but actually " get it "...

As I repeatedly assert, I think Valantino Rossi is a fabulous talent ( not that you would guess from the selective ravings of idiots ) but that doesn't  " blind " me with love and solus devotion - especially not to the exclusion of and negativity regarding all others - read my post here this arvo regarding Ben Spies and the fact that I posted just yesterday where I said I feel Jorge Lorenzo has to start favourite for 2011 ... I also have gone to bat for and said how unlucky Dani Pedrosa has been - which doesn't alter the fact that I feel he has underperformed at Honda in MotoGP - especially with his almost dramatic advantage in acceleration, braking and tyre wear with his fly-weight. You can lead a horse to water, Wosi. You can draw pictures and write " how to " horse-drinking user manuals. But, by Christ - there is no way you can make that horse drink - if he's not of a mind to. Same same with many of our posters here on MCN. As Oscar Wilde infamously said, " Women are strange cattle " - whatever that was supposed to mean. Cheers

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Mar 09

Posts: 5148

Nostrodamus says:


You're not alone with that perspective. I should imagine there's quite a few of us.

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Minty Fresh


Mar 08

Posts: 763

Minty Fresh says:

I can't see any moaning here....

It looks to me that Stoner is just voicing his views on the safety issue surrounding the times at which the racing will happen... I dont think he is alone in this as i have read other riders voice the same concerns.. Who would'nt be concerned about track conditions while you are charging round on two wheel rockets!!?? I think people are just bashing him at any given opportunity even if it is not warranted!!! I am not his biggest fan (mainly because of his fans nowadays) but i do get sick of people just jumping on him every time he opens his mouth!!

With regards to the extra testing... I am all for this from a fans point of view! I am sure some of the other riders that were further down the time sheets in the last test are well up for more testing aswell..... Stoner probably does'nt want them to have extra track time for testing as they will no doubt close the gap between them and him and he wont just be able to clear off.... Again, from a fans point of view, I want them all to be close for better racing so extra testing is great!!

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Nov 04

Posts: 265

texas_rp says:

Well at least

it will give the riders more time on track conditions that are very bad, cold and unpredictable.  Could help when they come to PI at the end of the racing year.  Wasn't someone saying that track is unpredictable? 

With the fewer testing times, the extra time on track, any track, may be beneficial to some of the riders and teams.

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Oct 07

Posts: 1302

hugelean says:

Honestly some of you guys are just trying to take the fun out of it with your 'look at me look how serious I am'. Fucking prawn sandwich brigade... the riders don't thank you for not having a favourite.. and just enjoying the racing.. Funny you should say that Aquarius, I used that exact analogy to describe Caseys results at the end of the last couple of seasons.... Let's hope Casey comes over to the PI too cold camp also with safety being the priority and all that as it may tip the balance, although from previous posters comments I doubt it's that simple.. Every rider has an agender, only a fool thinks otherwise... Casey owns Qatar, extra testing is not what he would want for the other riders... who can blame him??

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Mar 04

Posts: 202

v2kiwi says:

Spades a Spade

Stoner as most people down here talk, in a matter of fact sort of way that sometimes is to straight forward and honest for others to take in at times. Being Blunt is nt rude , it,s just honesty hurts . Now how the fuck can that clown Ezpeleta come up with some Brainless idea to run a race meeting over 4 days. If the conditions don,t suit don,t run it there. I doubt very much if an airline pilot  goes into work does all the preflight checks then goes home only to come in the next day pull the plane out and fly the thing. How can this circuit be homoligated if this is the case. I don,t know enough about whats going on with other middle eastern track offers but hey this is supposed to be the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP which should hold races in as many contries as possible. NZ could never afford it. It,s all been covered before about how many in Spain & Italy but hey if you have ever been to a race there i can understand why . The ATMOSHERE is electric unlike the crowd that turn,s up for Qatar ,makes it seem like a glorified club day.. of which judging by the passion displayed below it is not. Anyway not long now . I don,t give a rats who wins but for christ sakes lets see a race not a presession.

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Apr 10

Posts: 12

tntyliss says:


Show some respect for ALL those guys. They are the best riders in the world. Who can question rossi's or stoner's or any of motogp racers talent? So please don't call moaner a top level RACER for saying what he is thinking.

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Mar 09

Posts: 5148

Nostrodamus says:

I think some are confused here

There is no extra track time for Qatar. They are merely moving what would normally be a morning session into the evening in order that the riders might have some consistency of conditions throughout practice and racing. The rules for MotoGP this year are consistent; 3 x 45 min practices, 1 x 1 hour qualifying.

As for the glass house dwellers on here that throw black kettles out. Was it not Rossi who initially expressed concern last year at late evening track conditions in Qatar?

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Jun 08

Posts: 410


The above article is probably a very small part of the total interview and viewed in isolation can give an unbalanced viewpoint. Casey invariably does the least amount of laps in most Gp's as he is normally fastest out of the gate come race week. Vale is struggling so far on the mighty Red machine so will undoubtedly gain from the extra track time or at least one would expect so. I personally would like the race to be held earlier in the day but then I do not count so the status quo will continue after all we have rarely counted in the plans of Carmela and the Dorna mafiosa. Judging by some of the highly emotive posts here we are in for a long season and if the intensity of the 2011 season mirrors such posts then it will be anything but dull. Ciao

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Nov 10

Posts: 1156

Elbowz11 says:

He is not moaning.

All he is doing is voicing his opinion.

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