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Steve Farrell  says:

Six-month suspended sentence for 149mph speeder

A motorcyclist has been given a six-month suspended jail sentence for pulling a wheelie and speeding at 149mph on the M2 in Kent. Danny Bleach, 37, was filmed from an unmarked police motorcycle as he wheelied and reached over double the limit on the M2 bridge between Strood and Chatham. Bleach, from Belvedere, was ordered to do 200 hours’ unpaid work, banned...

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  • Posted 4 years ago (09 March 2011 10:57)

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Aug 02

Posts: 2319

Hedgehog5 says:

P.S. of course avoiding an accident while wheelying (he's overtaking a car in the slow lane which could have moved over a lane without looking) isn't so easy & would probably form the basis of a Dangerous charge (in my book)... though of course he'd have come out far worse off & would still only be partly to blame.

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Feb 09

Posts: 35

Z1100R says:

Good Comment

Well said newstu!

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Mar 09

Posts: 739

bikerbit says:

honestly thought he would have got worse than that

honestly never seen the wheelie so couldn't comment on that but 148-149 is a fair cop nothing really can be said maybe if it was a short blast at those speeds would be more understanding but guy had no intention of doing less than that and there was traffic on the road if it was a deserted motorway at like 3am then again would be more understanding but have to admit amazed he never got worse than he did

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Dec 08

Posts: 64

topcat2002 says:

looks like he thought he was in a race with another bike,but hes still a n&bhead............ one day these entrapment bikes will cum a cropper one day,,,,,,,,was the entrapment bike a hayabusa????????????

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Nov 07

Posts: 179

Mr.Number says:


Oooooh what a surprise to see people focusing on what the officer did. NEVER FUCKIN MIND what the officer did, hes doing his job, gathering evidence of someone breaking the speed limit, and I would be confused if the officer didnt 'FEEL COMFORTABLE' doing those speeds because they are trained to do so. As for the officer ENCOURAGING the biker, NEVER FUCKIN MIND the officer.....are you telling me this rider wouldnt have done those speeds if another bike wasnt behind him ????? He had an open road for fuck sake and was taking advantage of it, as we all have. Im also not convinced the rider was in control as has been mentioned. Take a look at 1:45/46 when he hits the throttle. He makes no compensation for the initial torque and scews it wide left towards lane 2. Not what I would class as good riding. The ban may have done the lad a favour keeping him off the roads for a while. Now if youv finished reading you can put your head back in the sand.

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Nov 07

Posts: 179

Mr.Number says:


Its actually 1:42 when the car pulls into lane 2 from 3, that he takes the opportunity to hit the throttle. After doing so leading up to 1:45/46 the bike runs him wide. Anyone guessing what he on, ducati ?

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Mar 11

Posts: 6

newstu says:

heres a thought

To those of you who  feel that th ecopper was equally culpable by virtue of his speed may want to consider this scenario. Some scrote who can't keep his hands to himself decides to help himself to your pride and joy. Mr Plod spots your bike and decides to give chase, said scrote then gives it the beans and, as they reach 70 mph, Plod backs off and watches as the offender pootles of into the sunset and the next you see of your bike is in bits on ebay. Or here is another scenario - you or one of your loved ones has a serious accident and require blood, or are gravely ill and need an organ transplant. The organ is in Brum and you are in London and the harvest time is a couple of hours - shame about that 70mph rule or it could be biked down in time to save a life. I know that these are extreme examples but they highlight a few of the lesser considered reasons that Police riders are trained to do the speeds they do as 'safely' as they can. None of us like covert police but they are there for a reason - to catch people speeding. Its the old phrase of not doing the crime if you cant do the time. As for the distanced travelled before pulling the guy over, simple maths, if you are travelling at that speed you are going to cover a longer distance quickly

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Sep 06

Posts: 297

gixercarl says:


why are bikers treated like we are axe murders

thats a fast bit of road,  i know it well

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Jul 08

Posts: 13

sam_h says:

iam sorry but that was good riding, he didnt put anyones life at risk... and for every one who's gunna slag that comment off, u put ur life at risk every time you get on a bike...the police are nobs. i see the all the time on the m4 and a48 doing over a tune.... and lets face it 100mph ant fast.

the bike is the new R1, look good to;)

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Mar 06

Posts: 253

stu_sp2 says:


Bet the fuckin world drops out of his arse when those flashin lights come on at the end,  choose your moment...and for me, the motorway isn't the place, just too damn fricken easy to get why bother??

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